Difference between 3G and 3GS

Difference between 3G and 3GS

The iPhone was first released in 2007 and over the last decade, Apple has grown to become one of the largest tech companies in the world. From its initial launch as just one phone to now being able to produce many different models and versions, Apple continues to dominate the smartphone market as it does with computers and other types of digital media players. Apple’s iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. All iPhones run the same operating system and use similar hardware.

Apple iPhones are the status symbol of today’s culture, and many strive to own one. In order to fulfill the needs of various segments of society, the company offers a variety of cellular solutions. Apple’s iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are two different mobile versions. These two are distinguished more by their specifications and attributes than by their appearances.

iPhone 3G vs 3GS

The difference between the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS is that their internal features and characteristics are distinct. The difference in appearance and outward appearance is nearly minor, but when we look closely at the specifications of both devices, we see a lot of differences.

The iPhone 3G was first introduced in 2008. It was the first 3G-enabled device from the business. The purpose of this phone was to enhance customer interest in iPhones. Because of this phone, people were able to discern Apple’s operating system, iPhone OS. This phone laid the foundation for subsequent iPhones to arrive on the market.

The iPhone 3GS, on the other hand, was the successor to the previous model, with the S standing for “Speed.” Apple advertised this phone as having better network speed options. This phone was an update over the iPhone 3G, except for the speed boost. All of the major issues with the iPhone 3G were resolved in the iPhone 3GS.

Comparison Table Between 3G and 3GS

Parameters of Comparison iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS
Release Date 2008 2009
Major USP The 1st Apple’s phone 3G enabled. ‘Speed’ factor is denoted by the S in the name itself.
Generation The 2nd generation. The 3rd generation.
Successor of The original iPhone. The 3G one.
Weight 130 Grams. 135 Grams.
Camera 2 Megapixel camera (no videos recording). 3.15 Megapixel camera with video recording option.
Processor 412 MHz 600 MHz
Storage Max storage : 16 Gigabytes. Up to 32 Gigabytes.

Main features of iPhone 3G

The 3G variant was released in the year 2008. This phone was the follow-up to the first iPhone. It was part of the iPhone’s second generation, and it had a lot of features that weren’t available before. This model was available in 22 different countries.

It had a 3.5-inch touchscreen and weighed 130 grams. On the other hand, the proximity sensor and operational buttons were placed in the same location as on the first iPhone.

It had a 412 MHz processor made by Samsung. Yes, it was not made by Apple. This model’s rear camera was 2 Megapixels, and there was no front camera (i.e., no selfies). Even yet, the technology to record videos was not developed, so it did not allow video recording.

About the storage capacity, the 3G model featured two options, i.e., 16GB and 32GB. There were two color options for the 16 GB model. However, there was no color option for the 32 GB model. The smartphone has some features that distinguish it apart from the previous model. For example, it had 3G technology, the first Apple app store, GPS compatibility, and advanced navigation options.

Main features of iPhone 3GS

This model was released in 2009 as the updated version of the iPhone 3G. It was a third-generation model. As you may have noticed, the extra ‘S’ indicates speed.’ This model was sold in eight countries.

There were two versions of the iPhone 3GS, including 16 GB and 32 GB. However, both versions had a 3.5-inch touchscreen. It resolved all of the significant problems that were present in the iPhone 3G. In addition to fixing the problems, it also introduced new features.

It also introduced voice control, a magnetic compass for navigation, and video recording. More importantly, it had an enhanced camera quality.

Main differences between 3G and 3GS

  1. The iPhone 3G was the first Apple phone with a 3G network capability, advertising this as one of its major USPs. The 3GS was advertised to have better network adapting technology, which is why it may have been more popular outside of the US.
  2. The first iPhone 3G was released in 2008, while the iPhone 3GS was released one year later. The original iPhone 3G had a 2Mp camera, no video recording capabilities and an older version of the iOS. The newer iPhone 3GS featured a revised design for better handling, a faster processor and more powerful graphics.
  3. The original iPhone 3G was only able to store up to 16 GB of information, but the iPhone 3GS was storage-wise upgrades with 32 GB.
  4. The 3G was a basic device compared to today’s iPhones with very limited features. In the 3GS, the company added some extra features like Voice control, Magnetic compass, Video recording option, etc.


The iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS were Apple’s first generation of iPhones. Despite the differences between them, they featured the introduction of the modular design and functionalities that we now associate with an iPhone such as a distinguished operating system, camera quality, and aesthetics.

The phones were discontinued in 2012, but you can still get them from e-retail stores. It might not be a wise decision to purchase one of these phones today, but for those who have owned them in the past they still hold a special place in the heart.

This iPhone 3G was the first of its kind, bringing an era of 3G phones with it. However, some flaws were encountered which hinders network adaptation & reliability while also leading to shortened battery life.

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