Difference Between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

Difference Between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

The office of the president of America is arguably the most influential and powerful position in the world. You can’t think about this office and fail to wonder about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. They are both powerful household names in their own right when you think about the presidency of the USA.

They were previously both the president of the USA. When you look at them individually and the lives they lived. You’ll see distinguishing factors about these great individuals.

Abraham Lincoln vs. George Washington

They’ve lived on two sides of the spectrum, which without a doubt makes them different. One definite distinguishing factor about their presidency is that one was the sixteenth president of the US while the other was the first.

Abraham Lincoln was a famous lawyer who was born in Kentucky in 1901. He tried to contest the presidency seat in 1960 and won, making him more famous. He was the sixteenth president of America. He served the people of America diligently, until 1965 when he was brutally assassinated.

On the other hand, George Washington was the first president of the United States. This title made him the founding father of America. He was an influential political figure during his time. He not only graced the presidential chair, but he was also a military general.

Comparison Table between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

Parameters of comparison Abraham Lincoln George Washington
Birth February 12th 1809 in Kentucky February 22 1732 Westmoreland County in Virginia
Education Self-educated and took a keen interest in reading books borrowed from other people Started learning form early age form subjects like mathematics, map making and trigonometric
Early Career Started by standing for Illinois general assembly and served in the military for a shot time Appointed as major general in Virginia military then entered into politics
Presidential Position 16th president of the United States of America 1st president of United States of America
Tenure March 4TH 1961 to April 15th 1865 April 30th 1789 to March 4th 1797
Known For Stopping slavery

Gettysburg address

Being assassinated

Leading Americans to freedom during against British
Cause of Death Assassination Sore throat that worsened and succumbed to it

Who is Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809in Kentucky. He had a humble background. Financial constraints from his humble background made getting an education to seem like an uphill task. But the great Abraham Lincoln did not give up. He used to self-educate and allow other people to teach him. He continued to improve his knowledge until he became a famous lawyer and statesman in Illinois.

He went into politics when he saw the gravity of slavery in the US. Before becoming president, he was an Illinois state legislator, a Whig party leader, and a US congressman. What made Lincoln stand out as a leader was his impactful debates? He served as president for five years until he was assassinated.

Some of his great works include;

  1. He united North and South America. He led the country during the civil war.
  2. He stopped slavery by pronouncing the emancipation proclamation. He also announced the slaves were free people in South America.
  3. Had the most powerful speech to date- the Gettysburg Address 1963

Who is George Washington?

George Washington was born in Westmore County, Virginia, in 1732. He was from a well-to-do family that majored in land cultivation and plantation. With the help of a local church, he was able to finish elementary school. But it was somewhat like homeschooling.

He was a critical player in the French-Indian war, where he was a military general. After retiring from the military, he concentrated on taking care of his land, livestock and learning scientific advancements.

In 1765, he took center stage at resisting the British who had made the Stamp Act of 1765. He took part in resisting them. After that, they say the rest is history, as he continued to participate in small wars against oppressing forces, which gave rise to revolutionary movements.

After America gained its independence, George Washington was elected to serve the people of the United States as their first president. This was made clear with the number of people that voted for me. Everyone who voted during the 1789 election voted for him, making him the only president to have won an election unanimously.

In 1788, George Washington got a sore throat; he worsened and eventually succumbed to it.

Difference between Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

  • Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States, while George Washington was the first.
  • Abraham Lincoln came from a humble background where he had to work two times harder to get into the ranks, while George Washington came from a wealthy background, which enabled him to have access to various facilities while he was still young.
  • Lincoln didn’t go to school. He was self-educated; he borrowed books and allowed people to teach him. School was very expensive, and coming from a humble background, he was unable to get proper education. George, on the other hand, had everything at his disposal. He was able to learn various subjects when he was still young.
  • Abraham was a famous statesman and lawyer; there was a time he served in the military for a short period before becoming president. George wasn’t famous or a public figure; he only served in the military as a military general before he became president.
  • Lincoln became president in 1861, while Washington became president in 1789
  • Lincoln was assassinated while Washington died because of a sore throat.


Though different in their family background, presidential tenure, and education, they are two of the most followed presidents in the United States and worldwide.

Abraham Lincoln came from a humble background and had to work twice as hard to rise in the presidency ranks. He led the country in a civil war during his presidential tenure and brought unity between the north and the south, which was quite difficult. What stood out in his tenure was ending slavery, plus his powerful speeches that left you with something to think about.

George Washington, better known as the founding father, came from a well-to-do family. He led the US to independence by fighting off the British and was the first president of this country. He inspired other countries with his leadership styles and the way he fought colonizers. He reminds people in and outside the US how peculiar freedom is.