Difference between Adata SD700 and SD600Q

Difference between Adata SD700 and SD600Q

The invention of external storage data has helped store and secure crucial data. A memory card will store your data in digital format and is accessible when you use them for better performance. To get the best service out of it, you need to find the right kind. Adata SD700 and SD600Q at first glance may look similar, but they are vital aspects that are totally different from each other. How different are they from each other? Let’s dive in to find out.

Adata SD700 Vs. SD600Q

These two memory cards differ in price, design capacity, among other things. For one, Adata SD700 is world-class in every area when you look at its rating, class speed-a whopping 10, which makes them super-fast. Excellent in performance, and its design was made with class in mind. It is no wonder you have to part away with huge bucks when you wish to acquire it. It is available widely globally, both in an online and offline store.

SD600Q, on the other hand, is also a standardized version to go for; it is super-fast as it has a rating class speed of 4, which is below Adata SD700. It’s finely designed and high quality, it can be found in any store, whether online or offline. It’s a popular choice for its great capacity and slightly lower speed. It’s affordable too.

What is Adata SD700?

Adata SD700 is an external memory storage that offers its users multiple ways of storing data on any device. It is fast, reliable, and most importantly, compatible with Mac OS, Android, and Windows. It works exceptionally well with laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles for that high-quality gaming experience, best videos and pictures, together with document sharing.

The storing cards have SDA3 technology that enables them to transfer documents 10 times faster than the previous SD cards. No other SD card is able to beat the speed of SD700 in the market right this instance. It has been praised for its excellent performance, sleek designs, high capacity, and high speed.

As stated earlier, it has a rating class speed of 10. Did you know SDD cards with a rating of 10 can write at 10MB/s and read at 20MB/s? Yes, they do. They often come with additional perks like shockproof, first-generation USB of 3.2, 3D NAND flash. It’s square in shape and lightweight, which makes it portable.

What is Adata SD600Q?

Like SD700, Adata SD600Q offers excellent performances and has high capacity and speed. It provides room for fine sharing documents and is easy of the eyes design-wise. It’s slightly has a lower speed as its rating class speed is 4.

It offers easy access to documents by providing multiple channels of accessing devices. It is compatible with Mac OS, Android, and also Windows. You can quickly move the device because it’s highly portable and lightweight.

The good thing about this SD card is that it supports plugins. Therefore, it is widely used in laptops, gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets. It has high performance in regards to videos, pictures, and even document sharing. A unique feature that makes them stand out among other SD cards within the current market.

Since it has a rating class of 4, you would think that it provides low speed, but it still provides high speed and capacity. However, it is relatively slower when you compare it with today’s market products. It can write 4MB/s and read at least 6MB/s. It has quadral write and read of 440MB/s. If you are looking to cut down on costs while still looking for a high-quality device, then SD600Q is your best bet. They are incredibly affordable and are found anywhere in the SD market. They are recommended for home computers that don’t need high-speed transfers.

Difference between Adata SD700 and SD600Q

  • Adata SD700 is from the Adata SD700 series model, while Adata SD600Q is from the Adata SD600Q series model.
  • Adata SD700 has a speed class rating of 10, while Adata SD600Q has a speed class rating of 4
  • Adata SD700 is on the high end when it comes to pricing. On the other hand, Adata SD600Q is quite affordable.
  • They both have high capacity and high speed. But when you compare the two, Adata SD700 has a higher capacity and speed than Adata SD600Q.
  • Since Adata SD700 has a higher speed and capacity, you will expect it to have a high data transfer rate than Adata SD600Q.


The devices are high quality and are able to function as external memory cards. You can use both of them on your laptops, gaming consoles, smartphones, and tablets. They have an SDA3 technology that enables them to have speedy file transfers than their previous counterparts. For SD700, its speedy transfer is 10 times that its predecessor.

They come with a lifetime warranty. You can easily replace it when they become defective. Adata SD700 is high priced with high-performance capacity, while SD600Q is affordable and excellent. It really boils down to a personal choice to which to go for as they are all perfect.

Both of these two cards feature different uniqueness. This guide will therefore help you in making the right decision after going through the differences of each card and the benefits associated with both of them.