Difference Between Adidas Superstars 1 and 2

Difference Between Adidas Superstars 1 and 2

There are many opportunities to find the perfect pair of shoes for you. There’s no need to spend a lot of money, as there is an endless array of sneakers available at affordable prices that will have any sneakerhead going gaga over them!

Adidas is a great example of how big companies have started to create series for their lines. They did this by royally screwing up the single product model, instead opting for something more like an evolving and modifying system with some characteristics that are still present at its core – just think of the awesome Superstars sneakers!

Adidas is well recognized for its top-notch sportswear and also collaborates with renowned names outside the world of sports. They have brought forth some highly appreciated, tremendously sought-after items in this category like shoes or clothing lines that are not related to running at all!

Adidas Superstars 1 vs 2

The Adidas Superstar 1 is the original model of this iconic design. The second version, which has been updated with more colors and materials such as full-grain leather for a bolder look.

What is Adidas Superstars 1?

Superstars 1 was the first shoe to be released in Adidas’ famous product line. It became an instant hit because it managed to gain interest from celebrities back then, around 1969when this version of “Superstar” was launched!

The exposure of this show to the general people and famous personalities has made it very much noticed. Especially those players from the NBA and NCAA.

This shoe was worn by both stars alike, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a basketball player, who had this pair featured heavily. This shoe so quickly became associated with sportspersons and celebrities that it eventually found itself on streets where many would wear them proudly as well!

When this model of the shoe had its way into the hip hop and rap community, it was noticeable that RUN-D.M.C went by their stage name of “RUN D.M.C”. The rebel attitude that had set them apart from other artists in their niche market made them stand out even more so than before. In fact, one of these concerts occurred back then which is what led Adidas employees earliest outbreak cases once saw them – seeing such individuality amongst those wearing clothes would make a perfect marketing opportunity!

The Superstars 1 shoe was made entirely of leather and had limited colorways. It sported a thin rubber toe, tongue with thick stitching around it for durability in the ankles area as well as an upper with “Superstar” branding on each side which is why we all know this style so fondly!

The original Superstars were by far among the finest shoes to come out during that time. They lacked some features and comforts, but it still deserves recognition as an important milestone for Adidas.

What is Adidas Superstars 2?

The Superstars 2 model is the next generation of shoes that brought elegance, style, and comfort to this iconic series. There are several new features for this version including an improved fit which will make them more comfortable than their predecessors! It also brought a bolder and louder design to the table, which was rooted in their original idea about streetwear.

Adidas released the Superstar 2, again giving it an appealing name. But this time around there was no need for marketing-speak; by simply calling their latest shoe “the superstar,” Adidas made sure that all eyes would turn towards its successor in order to see what makes these sneakers so special- which is exactly why they’re such big sellers!

This model was a massive hit and sportspeople, celebrities, and even musicians couldn’t get enough of them.

Adidas’s 2005 collaboration with hip hop musicians was a huge success. They created an exclusive line of shoes that were more tailored towards musicians, specifically those who are often on the street or coming from ‘hoods – but this time around it wasn’t just about getting people’s money; they wanted their loyalty too!

Superstars 2 features all of the great qualities from its predecessor, but with an even higher level. It provides more padding and a thicker tongue for added protection against wear-and-tear on your boots or shoes while also being made with silk lining which keeps them feeling soft at times when needed most!

Difference Between Adidas Superstars 1 and 2

  1. The prime contrast between Superstars 1 and Superstars 2 is- the new version added more durability but kept all of its signature features such as comfort.
  2. Superstars 1 had a color pattern that was much lighter than Superstars 2.
  3. The padding of Superstars 1 is thinner compared to that of superstars 2.
  4. The word ‘Superstars’ is written on the sides of the 1st model, but was later removed.
  5. Superstars 1 had no silk lining, whereas, Superstars 2 had it.


People who enjoy the shoe industry and the general market for shoes will be excited to know that these lines have a long history.

Shoes are an essential part of one’s wardrobe that can change the mood and feel for any occasion. Some people might think they know what shoe is “right” but oftentimes it just depends on your personal style, comfort level, or even budget!

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