Difference Between AI and EPS in Adobe Illustrator

Difference Between AI and EPS in Adobe Illustrator

The Adobe Illustrator, a powerful design tool, can be used for any type of graphic requirement. Its ability to produce vector graphics is essential in today’s digital world. It’s a powerful tool for the design and layout of your logo, poster, or icon. The user can select from tons of different elements to create one cohesive look with ease! In addition, you’ll be able to work on multiple projects at once without having any issues due to their quick load times, also robust features that make designing everything so much easier than before.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for graphic designing, and it has been around since 1985. Since its inception, it has become popular among designers and continues to be a must for regular graphic designing across industries today with millions using it every day.

Encapsulated PostScript known as EPS and Adobe Illustrator(AI), two file formats operated in this program, are both capable of saving work that is being done. With these options available to us we can easily share our designs with others who may want them too!


AI and ESP are not the same. AI is a new AI-optimized format developed by Adobe. It can be used to optimize the portrayal of vector drawings that are saved in EPS or PDF files and maintain an excellent quality from start till end without any loss in detail. With EPS file format you can reopen and edit these graphics without having to start from scratch, which makes it easier than ever before!

Comparison Table Between AI and EPS in Adobe Illustrator

Parameters of Comparison

AI Format

EPS Format

Type of Format The output format is an exclusive one. Source code cannot be accessed by anyone but the developer It can be used for everything from websites to applications. Available source code allows users the ability of customization
Support It supports objects that are more complex types and allows objects to be fully customized with different color variations. EPS format is a very simple and easy-to-use template type of file, but it cannot support all the complex combinations that AI can.
Transparency AI formats are the future of transparency. The EPS format lacks transparency
Graphics AI is not capable of handling bitmap graphics, so it will never be able to replace humans in the graphic designing business. EPS is a vector-based file format that can handle graphics of any type, including both bitmap and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
Use It is used for anything you want to represent your brand or company. The printer is an integral part of the office and home, as it’s utilized for printing images with high-resolution graphics format.
Size These types of files are exponentially smaller. Such EPS files are larger and more complex than AI ones.
File Name The extension ‘.ai’ is used for storing the files. The extension ‘.eps’ is used for storing the files.
Future This format is futuristic and unlike anything you have seen before. It’s the native Illustrator file type in Adobe illustrator. The EPS format is the last one we should use for creating graphics. It’s too old.

What is AI Format?

Adobe Illustrator Artwork known as AI is a uniquely formatted document saved to your hard drive by Adobe Systems. These files can be created in either the PDF or EPS format, depending on what you prefer and they will have an extension of ‘ai’ for easy identification when sending them out as well!

AI graphics will always remain sharp, even at the highest zoom level. These AI files are rich, editable information containers. Print media and Logos represent the preferred graphics file types for designers who create with this format because they can be customized in many ways to fit your needs as a designer or employer.

Files of AI format are similar to EPS but with a more compact and restricted syntax. Illustrator’s vector format is superior to bitmap picture info because it never loses quality when enlarged. The format is formerly known as PGF, which is similar to AI records in design.

AI contains a single page, but this one-page document can hold multiple pieces of artwork. What makes this file format so unique? It’s proprietary and smaller, which means it fits in a lot more places. Bitmap graphics cannot be handled by this type of file. Files of AI format are extremely versatile and can be used in any software, regardless of whether the program’s license is free or not.

What is EPS Format?

EPS is a file format used to create illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. It can be found under “EPS” on your computer, and this type of PostScript records design document structuring convention (DSC) will adjust for any size or color you want with just one click!

The EPS or Encapsulated PostScript format is a type of file that can store various types of information in it. The letter “EPSF” stands for ‘Encapsulated postscript’.

Postscript files are a type of program that can be used to create EPS Records. These documents have the ability and flexibility for modification, which is why Microsoft eliminated support for them in their office programs starting May 2018; however, it remains usable outside these bounds as well with most other types of text editing or layout applications thanks to its embedding capacity (EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript).

An EPS format document can have anything and everything in it – text, designs, or pictures. EPS documents can be used in a variety of applications and devices due to their PostScript format.

EPS is the perfect choice for creating graphics that are both bitmap and vector. This format doesn’t support transparency but its file size on average comes out smaller than AI-formats which often have larger file sizes because they include more colors in their resolution options.

Difference Between AI and EPS Formats in Adobe Illustrator

The source code for AI is proprietary, while the EPS is open-source. This means that you cannot know what went into creating a particular decision process with artificial intelligence without access to its algorithms and inner workings which are protected as intellectual property by law (patent laws).

AI is more advanced than EPS in the recognition and understanding of complex objects.

AI is the future, and it supports transparency. EPS formats do not give any form of transparency or accountability for decisions made within its walls.

AI offers a variety of file formats that are perfect for logos, icons, and print media; EPS is the best option if you need graphics of high-resolution.

AI files are preserved using the extension ‘.ai’ whereas EPS ones have an extra letter at the end – this makes them distinguishable from other kinds of graphics files like jpg or png.

EPS can create either vector or bitmap graphics depending on what you need; AI does not support this flexibility at all!

It’s no surprise that AI will have a better future. EPS is a deprecated vector graphics file that can’t be edited with Adobe Illustrator, while AI is considered the native illustration program in this new era.

AI files are the best alternative to EPS for designers looking to save on their project sizes. AI has a smaller file size, which means it’s efficient compared with EPS.


EPS format is more versatile than the AI one. It can support both vector images as well bitmap ones, which means you are less restricted when using this file type for your project needs – whether it be printed graphics or website designs where some people may not have access to an expensive software package like Adobe Illustrator and would rather pay $300 per license instead of spending that amount again on personal use!

AI format is more efficient. It’s smaller than EPS, which creates limitations for designers who want to work with large files and make complicated illustrations in this older software that only supports vector graphics (think Adobe Illustrator).

The open-source nature of AI has also made it easier on developers since they can use some code from other programs without having them edit every line or feature themselves; as such, most of the design firms prefer using the “AI friendly” native version over its alternatives like Encapsulated PostScript(EPS) when possible because at least then you’ll be able to see what your artwork looks like while editing instead if renaming object instances manually everywhere.

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