Difference Between American and Indian Culture

Difference Between American and Indian Culture

There are many distinct ways of life in each nation, as well as a wide range of faiths and beliefs, dress styles, and moral standards. As a result, we can clearly distinguish between American and Indian civilizations based on these factors. You can’t ignore the significant disparities between the two.

India gained independence in 1947, whereas the United States gained freedom in 1776. Because of this, the cultures of these two nations are very different. We might also remark that since the United States is a developed country and India is still in its infancy, there are cultural distinctions between the two countries.

American Vs. Indian Culture

When it comes to clothing, marriage, and even habits, American society is more forgiving than Indian culture. Drinking, for example, is considered ‘normal’ in the United States. It is a felony in Indian society to drink.

Intercourse before to marriage is prevalent in many cultures throughout the world, yet in Indian society it is regarded ‘impure’.

What do you mean by the term “American Culture”?

The United States of America adheres to the American Cultural Traditions. Variations in living, attire, family structure and morality are just a few examples of the many ways individuals live. There’s also a better understanding of American history and culture. All around the globe, the American way of life has had a profound effect on the rest of the world

Since its declaration of independence in 1776, the United States of America has built a reputation as a nation with a forward-looking attitude and a rich cultural heritage. There is a strong focus on achieving one’s professional goals. More emphasis is placed on the importance of the individual and the importance of freedom. It’s a typical American way of life.

What is the culture of India?

Southeast Asia’s largest and wealthiest country, India is a model for the region as a whole. Traditions and cultural values are well-known throughout the nation. The Indian people’s cultural values are what we refer to as the Indian culture. Indian cultural values are quite distinct and distinct from those of the rest of the world.

Many religious traditions may be found across the nation because of the country’s diversity. As a result of the nation’s long history, the country possesses a rich cultural heritage. There are many things that make up Indian culture that are distinct, from the family structure to the cuisine to the dress.

The cultural differences between the United States and India

  • The most significant cultural distinction between Indian and American society is the age at which marriage is permitted. At 16, Indian women are being married, while Indian men are getting married at 21. When contrasted to the American society, women get married at the age of 24 and men at the age of 26, on average, in the Philippines.
  • Indians consume a lot of veggies, and their diets are mostly plant-based. Indian cuisine is a kaleidoscope of flavors thanks to a wide range of spices, fruits, and vegetables. The food in the United States is mostly meat-based and lacks numerous spices when compared to the cuisine in other countries.
  • Indian culture places a greater emphasis on large families, where the elderly take the lead in making choices. Relationships amongst Indians are mostly based on mutual respect. Many customs are also practiced. There is a strong emphasis on individual relationships in American society, and the notion of family as a whole is not often accepted.
  • There are many other types of festivals celebrated in India, including Baisakhi, Holi, Diwali, and a slew of others. In the United States, Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the most popular celebrations.
  • Compared to the American marriage system, Indian marriage is a quite different experience. When it comes to marriage in the United States, you may be married in a church or any other location of your choice, however in the Indian marriage system, you must get married in front of your elders and adhere to a number of customs and traditions.
  • Fashion trends in these nations are very different from one another. Males in India wear kurtas, while women wear saris. Fashion in the United States is unconstrained by convention and instead is free and easy.


To put it simply, the Indian and American cultures are very different. Both of these nations have a strong toric heritage, which influences their cultural traditions. India and the United States have a lot in common culturally, despite the fact that the two nations are located on opposite sides of the world.

In reality, the present circumstance shows that cultural differences have no effect on the relationship between the two people. For example, residents of both nations may frequently be observed sharing cultural ideas and supporting the other’s.

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