Difference Between Android and Cyborg

Difference Between Android and Cyborg

Technology is changing the world and we are only now starting to see its effects. A lot of people have become dependent on machines for their jobs, but these same technologies can be both boons as well bane depending on how they’re used.

A robot is a machine that can be built to replace humans and animals. They come in the shape of both human beings and animals too! A humanoid is a robot built in the form of a human, but it’s not an actual person. There are several types of robots like 6-Axis, Delta, Cartesian, Cylindrical, etc.

Robots come in all shapes and sizes, but not every type of robot is the same. An industrial robots’ duty may be to perform specific tasks like picking up objects or moving them around with ease- one could even say they have human-like hands!

Android Vs. Cyborg

A human-like Android versus a cyborg is like the difference between man and machine. Cyborgs can have some robotic or mechanical parts that extend their capabilities, but Androids are built for humans with emotions programmed in them to make life easier – just as you would expect from any other Homo Sapien!

Android looks and feels like a human, but a robot. They are made of flesh-like material to resemble their real-life counterparts with high quality that makes it difficult to distinguish between the two when they’re walking around!

A cyborg is a hybrid of humans and technology. Unlike the Android, they can be built with any form: animal or robot-like machine for example; but also wholly artificial machines like robots that are part biological inside too!

Comparison Table Between Android and Cyborg

Parameters of Comparison



Definition A man-made robot that is programmed by humans to perform specific tasks. A living organism with robotic parts that have been implanted in its body.
Removable parts It is a versatile device that can be easily updated and altered to suit any task. A cyborg’s parts are inside the human body and cannot easily be removed.
Reactivation An Android can be reassembled, reactivated, repaired easily. cannot be reassembled or


Resemblance Android has the form and features of a human. The Cyborg, unlike the android which is an artificial human it’s living but not man-made because of which its appearance can’t be altered.
Examples Aldebaran Robotics’ Nao, Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot, etc.  Kevin Warwick, Neil Harbisson, Jesse Sullivan, Nigel Ackland,

Jens Naumann, etc.

What is Android?

You may have heard of the Artificial Intelligence known as Android. It’s a being created by humans to make life easier, for us! This Android is made to look like a human being. It has flesh-like material for its body, and eyes that pop out of their sockets in an eerie stare – just as if they were alive!

In the world of robotics, there have always been robots that could take on human characteristics. Science fiction became a reality as these machines evolved into real-life counterparts with more functionality and design like their counterparts in movies or television shows.

The word “robot” is said to have been coined in the 1921 play by Czech writer Karel Capek, named Rossum’s Universal Robots. The character they called Josef performs various tasks throughout and at one point says he wants to become a “perfect human machine.” If you want to create an android, the first thing that comes to mind is how human-like they look. These robots often have some kind of personality and can even learn new skills!

Eric G. Wilson distinguishes between three types of androids:

  • Mummy Type- These androids are made from dead or natural materials like mummies. They can be found in various shapes and sizes to suit any occasion!
  • The Golem Type- androids are carved out of organic materials that are flexible.
  • The Automation Type – These are made out of a mixture of the dead, alive, or otherwise. These robots come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs!

What is Cyborg?

A cyborg refers only to those living organisms that have additional components specifically designed and installed by science so they may use these technologies for the betterment of life/wellbeing; it does not refer to just about anyone regardless if there’s something added onto themselves Like having robotic limbs from accidents.

Cyborgs have appeared in many science fiction movies, television, and other media. They can be found across the world from Star Trek to Ghost In The Shell as well as Doctor Who! A cyborg is defined as having some mechanical or robotic parts that may look like humans but not vice versa.

Cybernetic organisms are a step beyond human beings. Cybernetics can be seen in the form of cyborgs, which have strengths and capabilities that go far beyond what is possible for natural humans to achieve alone.

An example of a Cyborg is the perfect blend between human and machine. It has an artificial exterior that can be used for likes on social media, yet still retains its humanity in other aspects like sharing posts with friends or family members when appropriate.

Difference Between Android and Cyborg

  • Cyborgs have a natural flow to them, but Android is made artificial.
  • An Android is not alive, but a Cyborg on the other hand is not just a machine, it lives.
  • Androids appear like a human, on the contrary, Cyborgs can be both humans and animals.
  • An Android is a machine, while on the other hand, Cyborgs are usually part-man androids.
  • Androids can be reassembled and reactivated but cyborgs cannot.


Despite their similarities, an Android and a Cyborg are very different creatures. For starters, the most notable difference between these robotic brothers is that one has mechanical abilities while others can only perform specific tasks assigned to them by humans but not much else in terms of variety or capabilities; whereas cyborgs have been programmed with more than just human programming – it includes adding bits from other AI’s into themselves so they may grow stronger over time. An Android is a machine that has been built to assist the human race, whereas on the other hand; Cyborgs are living beings with robotic capabilities.

The cyborg has always been a part of science fiction and now it’s coming to life. The robotic parts in an Android can be easily removed, but the same is not true for Cyborgs which are man made robots that cannot have their parts replaced or updated by manufacturers with ease. The reason that the parts of a cyborg cannot be removed easily is that they are artificial. Whereas Android’s chemicals can change with ease, robotics in this case would have robotic materials or metal components attached to it so as not to remove them without damaging either device itself.

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