Difference Between Anglican and Methodist

Difference Between Anglican and Methodist

Methodist and Anglican churches trace their roots back to England. When the British Empire was at its height, Christianity had spread to every corner of this vast world. By the end of World War II, when Europe was in ruins and beset by devastation from both manmade disasters like atom bombs as well natural ones such as plagues that wiped out half its population, Anglican Christianity still existed. This is why those churches established their own national church for each country they occupied – which then became known collectively today as “Anglicanism.”

Anglican Vs. Methodist

Anglican Church is a Christian tradition that developed through rituals of the church. Charles Wesley and John were both Anglican priests throughout their entire life, with most of these churches located on Africa’s continent.

Methodist churches are all about life. The Methodists developed their faith through active practices and rituals, which is why they have such an emphasis on community in addition to religion.

Anglican is a religion that was created in England, with its major followers being known as Anglicans. Anglicans can be found all over the English-speaking world and they belong to various churches which have been organized into different national or regional bodies under an international organization called “the communion.”

John was a devoted Anglican throughout his entire life. After he died Methodism took over where it left off. The Church had been around even during the British rule of India so that means there’s no need to change now!

Methodists are a group of people who follow Christianity. Methodist persecution during the 17th and 18th centuries led to many schisms that created different branches within Methodism, each with its own beliefs and practices; however all differing from one another in some way as well by using slightly varying methods for worshiping God or Jesus Christ (or both).

Comparison Table Between Anglican and Methodist

Parameters of Comparison Methodist Anglican
Definition People with the belief of methodical ways. People with the belief of gospels and scriptures.
Founder John Wesley Joseph Of Arimathea
Follow Methodism Anglicanism
Worship Covenant of Wesleyan theology The Anglican theology
Begin Time Eighteenth-century. Roots date back to the 4th century

What is Anglican?

The Episcopal Church is a Christian denomination that was founded in the United States of America and around the world. Anglicans are known for their use of creeds, candles symbolizing Christ’s light in this dark time when it seemed like he no longer existed among humans; they also have prayer books that help them worship God more easily. Anglican and Methodist churches were both created by John Wesley, but it was after his demise that Methodism took over.

Anglicans are a Christian denomination that has been around since the time of English colonization. They practice Anglicanism, which was one of many branches in Western Christianity when it first developed but now stands on its own as an independent Church with gospels and scriptures all to itself- unlike other churches who borrow from both scripture collections for their teachings.

Anglicans believe that faith is based on a cohesive set of beliefs, which include scripture from Church Fathers and Holy Scripture. Anglicans are a Western Christian Church that can trace their roots back to the 16th century, during which time they closely resembled Protestantism.

Joseph of the Arimathea founded the Anglican church. The Book of the Common Prayer has been followed for centuries and is the official Anglican service book. Anglican churches in America came to life after the revolution.

Anglicanism is the 3rd largest Christian group in the whole world. Anglicans have churches all over, and if you’re not an Anglican yourself then your faith will most likely be based on the Bible scripture from Church traditions or writings by deceased fathers.

Anglican churches are a different tradition from the Church of England. This church was formed after WWII, but social issues have disappeared or lost their limelight in recent decades. The threefold ministry has been present for many years now.

What is Methodist?

Basically, Methodists are people who believe in following a set of rules to help them be more like God. The first Methodist church was established during the 18th century when England’s empire-building led this movement for Methodism.

Methodist charity makes it easier for the poor and needy to receive assistance, which is why they have such a strong focus on this area. Methodist ideals are turned into Gospel so that the followers can follow the rituals in practice- if we put our faith into action then society becomes better because goodness will grow out of what was wrong before!

Charles Wesley and his elder brother John were the prevalent leaders in a movement that taught Jesus Christ, God’s son who died on earth as a man. This is recognized today as Arminianism or Reformed theology.

Methodists believed that every person was created in the image of God and should be able to freely practice their religion. John and Charles were early Methodists.

Methodists developed rules to obtain religious affairs, such as following certain liturgical seasons and doctrines. The Wesleys brothers were an amazing group of individuals who started teaching people about Christianity. They had 3 essential teachings that they believed defined the faith, and these are what we still use today in our modern-day churches!

Difference Between Anglican and Methodist

  • The people of the Anglican community believe in the power of scripture, and Methodists are more likely to focus on worship.
  • Anglicans are a branch of Christianity that follows Anglicanism whereas Methodists form the other half.
  • John Wesley founded Methodism, but Joseph Arimathea founded Anglican Church.
  • The Anglican Church has been the important culture of Britain for centuries, while Methodist originated after John Wesley passed away.
  • Anglicans follow Anglican theology, while Methodists are more focused on Wesley’s covenant Theology.


In a few of the countries, the Anglicans are recognized as Episcopalians. Anglican Christianity is derived from Western Christianity and dates back to 16thcentury England when it was closely connected to Protestantism, but today’s Anglicanism has evolved into an independent faith entirely unto itself! The founder, Joseph of the Arimathea founded it in honor of Jesus Christ and its Book Of the Common Prayer includes services written by others like him who have used them long before his time or even now after he’s gone which makes all this info so much more interesting!

Anglicans from around the world assembled in America after the great American Revolution. They are now one of the three largest religions here!

Anglicans are Christians who practice Anglicanism. There’s a lot of variety in how people practice this faith, but it was founded by John Wesley and exists throughout national churches as well regional branches that belong to The Episcopal Church (TEC). After his demise Methodism came about because many felt that he could not be replaced so easily after all these years!

Anglican churches have always been present, also after the English left. Methodists are people who follow an extremely rigorous path of Christianity and it started in the 18th century with the Church Of England. All of these originated as due to the movements that rejected ritual practices like candles for Lent or holy water fonts because they were too superstitious.

The Methodists are a faith-based group that places great importance on prayer. They believe in the idea of equality, which is why they set up churches for those with no money or who were criminals and banished from society. The believers would never look down upon anyone because all people deserve God’s love.

Anglicans have had a Book of the Common Prayer since time immemorial. The first copies were written in 12th century England and used for several centuries, but it wasn’t until after the great American Revolution that they got together with other churches in America to form what we know as Anglican Christianity today – or at least how most Episcopalians worship now (there are still some churches which prefer older forms).

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