Difference Between Animism and Animatism

Difference Between Animism and Animatism

Humans are a complex species with many mysteries within them. The study of humanity is not only interesting but necessary in order to understand oneself and others better, too! The human species is complex and interesting, which makes the study of its mysteries more fascinating.

Anthropology is the study of human behavior. Humans are social creatures, which means that they have patterns in their daily lives and behaviors depending on what culture or society they live within; it’s important for people to understand these various cultures so we know how our own values compare with others around the globe!

Animism Vs. Animatism

Animism and Animatism are two different things that share similar ideas. Animism is the belief that an individual has a spirit that gives them personality traits. Animists believe these spiritual beings are present all around us, in everything from animals and nature to people themselves. Animatism is a theory that holds the belief there’s a universal power residing in every living or dead being which doesn’t have any particular personality of its own and lacks individuality.

Animism is the belief that everything has a soul. You don’t need to be alive or inanimate for it; even rocks can have spirits! Animism is the belief that there’s an animating spirit in everyone, which comes out of different objects.

Animism is a religion centered on the idea that there’s always an invisible spirit in everything we do, be it animate or not. They believe this power can vary depending on what object you use to channel them through and make their presence known- but regardless of who speaks with your soul will have some sort of individual personality traits just like everyone else!

Comparison Table Between Animism and Animatism

Parameters of Comparison Animism Animatism
Definition Animism is the belief that an individual has a spirit that gives them personality traits. Animism is a religion centered on the idea that there’s always an invisible spirit in everything we do.
Presence Presence of the spirit in every object of nature. Presence of the universal supernatural power in us.
Individuality It has individuality. It is universal.
Supernatural It may be or may not be supernatural. It is thought to be a supernatural power.
Personality Personality depends on the respective object.  Lacks any personality.

What is Animism?

Animism is the belief that every object, living being, and the thing has a spirit. These spirits can be found in everything from animals to rocks with different personalities based on who they are hosted by at any given time. Animistic beliefs focus on souls as well; it’s said there may even be an entire animal soul for example!

People worship any number of objects to gain sympathy and help from spirits that may not even be visible. This idea has led many into solitude, as they feel alone against an unseen power threatening them in their lives or homes.

The belief in spirits is stronger for people who have a strong faith and are convinced that the spirit can interact with them on an individual or general level. In order to avoid offending the spirits, people are careful with their jobs and religious rituals.

There are places where people believe that the soul remains after death, which makes them extremely powerful. They tend to offer up offerings in order to satisfy these souls always and forever more.

What is Animatism?

Animatism is the belief that there exists an all-encompassing, universal power in which no personality can be discerned. This godlike force may or may not have been worshiped as divine according to some people’s beliefs – but its influence was present everywhere nonetheless!

This power can be considered as an energy field that exists all around us and influences our every thought. It is called a universal force because it permeates through everything in existence – both good and bad will depend on how you use this source of immense strength.

The animatism philosophy teaches that every living creature shares an identical force of energy in themselves. This power or universal power is considered to be the storehouse for immense strength and might which can be practiced by each being individually through taking up residence inside their own bodies.

Difference Between Animism and Animatism

Animism is the belief that there are innumerable spirits present in every single being. Animatism, on the other hand, holds one source of power which transcends all things and stems from nature itself.

Animism believes that each person has a spirit and these spirits possess different personalities. Animatism, on the other hand, does not believe in any kind of personality for its power since it is universal

Animism is the belief that everything around us has a little bit of something inside it. However, an animatism exists where a single power is manifest within everything around us including people.

In animism, there is no single force that links all spirits together. But in the ideology of Animatism, it becomes clear how these different forces can be seen as a commonality and interconnectedness with one another.

The difference between these two beliefs lies in how they view the spirits. Animists believe that there is individuality among all life, while animatists hold onto a common source of energy that cannot be differentiated by type or kind.


A person’s religious perspective is highlighted through the rituals and beliefs they have in themselves. People can feel more powerful when their faith pushes them forward, giving them an inner strength that no one else has access to!

Animism and animatism are both religions in which people have faith that they’re surrounded by an infinite supply of spiritual beings or universal power. While some may only sense its presence, others will feel it with their bodies as well- even during life hours when there should not be any sign from these unseen forces!

Some people get so into spiritual practices that they feel like it’s an extension of themselves. They have such strong beliefs and rely heavily on them for strength in life. On the other hand, is where rituals come from-it’s just what we do because this world doesn’t always give us enough when dealing with everyday challenges!

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