Difference Between Armani and Armani Exchange

Difference Between Armani and Armani Exchange

The Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani founded the world-renowned luxury brand in 1975. The company has been widely recognized for the prestigious title and expertise that it holds within this industry, especially coming from an individual as skilled as they are who had been designing clothes since before most people could walk or talk!

The year 2001 saw the rise of two fashion designers who would leave an indelible mark on history. Italian Giorgio Armani was celebrated for his luxurious suits and red carpet gowns. Armani is much more than a fashion house; it also produces watches, glasses, and other accessories.

Armani Vs. Armani Exchange

Armani and Armani Exchange have different goals. The contrast between Armani and the sub-brand, ‘Exchange,’ is that while one offers luxury clothing for those with money to burn; the other caters more towards accessibility.

Armani doesn’t just have one brand, but a variety of different brands that are all under the same parent company. These include Armani Exchange for clothes; Emporium and Collezione to buy luxury goods with affordable prices in mind (think department stores); Jeans 501 which connects fashion designers directly to customers through their website so you can customize your own pair!

Comparison Table Between Armani and Armani Exchange

Parameters of Comparison Armani Armani Exchange
Brand The mother brand was established by Giorgio Armani. Armani Exchange is a sub-brand. It’s under the Armani umbrella that caters to those who love luxury.
Fashion Style Armani is the name of an Italian fashion house that specializes in designing high-end clothing. They have red carpet gowns, stylish suits, and streetwear for everyone’s needs! It is a company that specializes in trendy and casual clothes, which can be used regularly.
Target Audience Celebrities and luxurious people. General people who can’t afford expensive products.
Year of Foundation 1975. 1991.
Price Much expensive In the range of pretty much everyone.

What is Armani?

Armani is a high-end clothing brand that was started in 1975. The company has grown tremendously over time, expanding to other countries and continuing its expansion with them too!

Alongside clothing, Armani also makes leather products. They own at least seven luxury hotels and three vacation resorts which are all strategically located internationally to accommodate those who want a taste of Italy without actually living there or traveling too far for their liking- just in case you’re pressed for time!

In addition, they dabble in floral arrangements and have their own line called “Armani/Fiori.” They also founded a confectionery called Armanidolci which was released back in 2002! Not only do these lines tarnish the image of luxury but offer products with great taste as well.

Armani has been a leader in the fashion world since its inception. They have expanded their brands and added new businesses under their umbrella to maintain their prestige on the market today!

What is Armani Exchange?

Armani Exchange is a sub-brand in the Armani group, but it was first started on American soil. Unlike their other labels that were created by an Italian designer with global taste and sensibility for design; this one was specifically fashioned to make sense of what life looks like globally – from clothes all the way down to how you carry yourself when wearing them!

The Armani Exchange is a more affordable line of clothing that has been inspired by street-chic and new trends. The other sub-brands are usually high end but this one isn’t, it’s made for everyone who wants to look good in their clothes without breaking the bank!

The founders of Armani Exchange were not interested in creating a flashy, edgy brand. They wanted to create high-quality products that would satisfy the needs and desires their customers had been yearning for years without fail, but it was time to expand into other markets where these wants could be met as well!

For a time, only celebrities and rich people could afford the high-fashion wear from brands like Armani. But that all changed when designer clothes were made available for everyone with Exchange’s price range!

Difference Between Armani and Armani Exchange

  • Armani is the mother brand, while the ‘exchange’ is the sub brand of Armani.
  • Armani was founded in the 1970s, and Armani Exchange opened its doors for business over 20 years later.
  • The clothes of Armani are worn by celebrities. Armani Exchange was created to support men who are fashion conscious, while Women’s Wearhouse carries clothing for everyday use.
  • Armani Exchange is a more youthful and affordable spin-off of the original brand, designed to appeal to younger consumers with money they can’t spend.
  • The clothes and accessories made by Armani that you find in any department store are more expensive than the ones sold on Armani exchange.
  • Armani began with the goal of designing and making clothes for those who can afford it. They were founded in Italy, but then later expanded their business into America where they have created a line called Armani Exchange.


The Armani brand has been around for ages and is still considered one of the best. This company’s principles have always included quality, which they maintain by standing behind their standards no matter what happens in today’s marketplace.

Some celebrities like Megan Fox and David Beckham have worn Armani to red carpet events, but more teenagers listen in on the conversations of their favorite style bloggers who rave about how great it is to dress up a little.

Armani was born in Italy and has now spread around the world. They have outlets all over major cities of countries, but their main selling point is online on the Armani Exchange website where they provide nothing but the best fashion apparel to customers who want it delivered straight to your doorsteps without wasting precious time.

For those who have a discerning eye, Armani is an exquisite brand. The garments are made with the best fabrics and ingenious craftsmanship that can be found in any store, but at different price points to accommodate every purse or pocketbook imaginable -Armani’s prices remain firm on quality!

The two brands, Armani and Armani Exchange are both founded by Giorgio. It was founded in Milan, Italy as a luxury label. However, its popularity has allowed it to expand into several sub-brands – some of which can be considered more affordable than the original brand itself!