Difference Between Assertive and Aggressive

Difference Between Assertive and Aggressive

In order to keep a good connection going, it’s important to remain polite. The way we communicate to people is the only way to show respect for them.

In the professional as well as personal life, communication is a means through which a person’s conduct is comprehended. Communication that does not disappoint either party is seen as mature and highly respected.

There are a few sorts of communication pattern which is accidentally or deliberately gets included in day-to-day life. Two of which are most vital to comprehend, one is Assertive and the other is Aggressive.

People use assertive and aggressive communication styles all the time, and it’s easy to see them. It’s not clear how or even whether it should be utilized at all in this situation.

Assertive Vs. Aggressive

The difference between Assertive and Aggressive individuals is that Assertive people shout out their thoughts in such a manner that it does not insult others, whereas Aggressive people declare their opinions by letting others down in the debate, they attack others with words to favor their victory.

What is Assertive?

The skill of sticking up for oneself or other’s rights calmly and cheerfully is termed Assertive. Assertiveness is a talent one needs to cultivate to build effective social conduct. Being aggressive must not injure others when pressing the message in the group. How it is portrayed must not offend others and also the self.

Assertiveness is the talent of helping people realize a certain point or a circumstance without harming their views or emotions. Indeed, it does not influence the personal self too. Assertive conduct is all about respecting others and oneself. It is the respect provided to other emotions, beliefs, belief systems and perspectives and also the same for oneself.

Assertiveness is a very crucial interpersonal trait one needs to cultivate. It helps people act in improper ways in a group. Assertive personalities are considered as confident and pleasant. It is also an art of listening and watching extensively before expressing out their ideas on the same.

Assertiveness invites others to speak as well. There is no occurrence of interruption or humiliating conduct happening in the course of activity. The well-mannered activity of speaking out admiration to others comes via forceful conduct. It is a beautiful gesture of being appreciative for others’ thoughts too.

The most modest element of a person may be brought to light via assertiveness. People that are self-assured are not afraid to admit when they’ve made a mistake and to apologize for it.

What Does it Mean to Be Aggressive?

Aggressive conduct is the approach to shout out ideas and thoughts without even considering other’s emotions and thoughts. Aggressive conduct causes a loss of self-esteem to the recipient.

Aggressive conduct is known to damage others violently at times. How it is portrayed is also not acceptable by others, nevertheless abide by it for the power the person wields. One component of one’s personality that might need improvement is aggressive conduct. It does not demonstrate excellent conduct among peers.

Aggressive conduct disrespects people to the core. It just casts down people for lack of performing anything that is required. Aggressive persons are regarded arrogant and impolite. The aggressive individuals just won’t listen to others, it is regularly noted that they interrupt others when they want to make a point.

Compassion is missing from the aggressive conduct of those who engage in it. They don’t give others an opportunity to speak throughout a discussion. Aggressive conduct is frequently one way, the directive is given and it is expected to be obeyed. There is no possibility for others to talk or shout out any viewpoint, then where is the sense of appreciating.

Aggressive individuals do not admit their faults. Instead, they focus on the flaws of others in order to obscure their own. The word Sorry is never present in their lexicon. I noticed them suggesting that it would be additional sarcasm.

Difference Between Assertive and Aggressive

The major difference between Assertive and Aggressive is, Assertiveness is the skill of delivering the facts to arrive at an agreeable solution preserving the self-respect of others and own self intact. Aggressive conduct, on the other hand, conveys information in such a way that other people’s views and opinions are completely ignored in the process.

  • Assertive conduct develops the act of valuing self and others equally whilst Aggressive behavior values just self and not others.
  • Assertive conduct never harms anybody. In the act, however, aggressive conduct does harm to others.
  • Assertive persons are spotted contributing in the group during any topic. Aggressive persons rule the group and have the tendency of only talking.
  • Speaking in a conversational vs a controlling tone, the assertive person will use a lower voice to convey confidence while the aggressive person would use a louder one.


The way you conduct yourself matters a great deal in both your personal and professional life. It is noticed, being bold gives a lot of accolades. Right from being labeled confident to being sensitive in understanding the sentiments of others, being assertive is the talent to be practiced.

On the other side, look out for times when we are aggressive. Observing the act and eliminating it one by one would do a lot of good for anybody. It is not nice to attack people in the course of speaking to get a job done.

The strive to greatness starts with right conduct.

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