Difference Between Badger and Wolverine

Difference Between Badger and Wolverine

Badger and Wolverine are unquestionably iconic due of their prominence in popular culture. As a cartoon character, Badger swept the internet. Wolverine is a member of the X-Men, and he’s known for it. Additionally, they are more than just a component of pop culture.

Although they are both Mustelidae, Wolverine and Badger are not visually similar. Wolverines and badgers are black, cold-weather creatures. Each of their foot has five toes, and they are hairy. The scent of musk serves as an emblem of their territory, a defense mechanism, and a mate-attracting tool.

Badger Vs. Wolverine

The Wolverine’s physical look sets it apart from the Badger. The Wolverine dwarfs the Badger in size. Because of its resemblance to a bear, it is sometimes referred to as such. In contrast, Badgers are rather little creatures. Not nearly half of Wolverine’s bulk is contained in these two.


The Mustelidae family includes badgers. A 16-28-inch-long, 9-26-pound-weight range characterizes these fluffy, small, and fatty animals. These creatures have long, thick paws and claws. They have coarse hair that may range in color from black, brown, or even white.

There has always been a debate over whether creatures should be considered Badgers. Badgers include the Asian hog badger, the European badger, and the North American badger. Since the Honey Badger is distinct from other badgers, it has been debated whether or not they should be included in the badger list.

Badgers have a wide range of abilities. They like to live on grasslands that are open. It’s possible to find some of them living on the moorland, the sea cliffs, or in the forests. It is common to see badgers in the United Kingdom, Northern Scandinavia, North America and China.

Badgers are nocturnal creatures. At night, they do sports and sleep throughout the day. Having piercing claws, these creatures are able to excavate tunnels and burrows. Additionally, it aids them in scavenging for food and building their houses. They like to live in groups since they enjoy socializing with others.

Both meat and vegetation are consumed by badgers. Earthworms are their primary source of food. Fruit, bird eggs, small animals, and other such things are also eaten by them.


In terms of Mustelidae family size, Wolverines are the biggest. It seems that these creatures are a cross between a bear and a dog. They range in length from 24 to 36 inches and weigh between 11 and 18 kg. Their long hair may be brown or black, and it is usually brown in hue.

Unlike wolves, wolverines have snouts that are longer than their legs.

Wolverines are omnivorous, meaning they consume both meat and vegetables. They feed on rodents, squirrels, and rabbits to stay alive. Mountain goats and moose are common ingredients in their traditional cuisine. They can cover a distance of twenty-four kilometers to get food, and they are resourceful while doing so. They consume their prey’s teeth and bones because their teeth and jaws are so strong. Smell is a very powerful sense for them.

Wolverines like frigid climates and create their dens and food storage facilities out of snow. Primarily in the far north, such as Alaska, Canada’s arctic tundra, Scandinavia’s fjords, and Siberia, they are found. They need a large area to wander and are solitary animals. The scent of musk is used by these animals to denote the boundaries of their home ranges. Male wolverines inhabit around 920 square miles, while females occupy about 390 square miles.

Difference Between Badger and Wolverine

  1. Wolverines defend their home ranges by attacking and killing other wolverines. Instead of engaging in territorial battles, badgers tend to live in loose bands that sometimes cross paths with each other’s territories.
  2. Wolverine’s coat may go from blond to brown or even black, but the coat of a Badger can be anything from grey to red or brown depending on its genetics and environment.
  3. Both species of animal have different life spans. Compared to Badgers, Wolverines have an average lifetime of seventeen years.
  4. In comparison, Wolverines weigh between 18 and 46 pounds, while Badgers weigh between 9 and 26 pounds.
  5. Wolverines are much larger than Badgers, although Badgers are just a fraction of the Wolverine’s size and weight.


Despite the fact that Wolverines and Badgers are members of the same family, they seem quite different from each other. Badgers and Wolverines may be distinguished by their fur, but how? There are two types of Wolverines: bear-like and fluffier and shorter in stature.

Similarities between the two include the use of smell to identify their area, protect themselves, or attract mates. The habitats of the two species vary greatly. Furthermore, Wolverines prefer solitude versus Badgers’ need for companionship.

Both have a different expected lifespan. Wolves are more likely to survive than Badgers.

It’s safe to say that neither Badgers nor Wolverines are in jeopardy. Because of the usage of their fur, which is their most valuable portion, they are regarded as endangered in certain locations.

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