Difference Between Baroque Art and Renaissance

Difference Between Baroque Art and Renaissance

Discussions on art in history classes are often lively and thought-provoking. An art class provides pupils with an outlet for expressing themselves and displaying their abilities. In addition to this, it illustrates the dates and methods used by some of history’s greatest painters to create works of art that have remained almost untouched for generations of art lovers and scholars.

Baroque Art Vs. Renaissance Art

Ornate embellishments are characteristic of Baroque art, whereas the merger of Christianity and science in Renaissance art results in a more realistic portrayal of the world.

Two separate eras in human history, the Baroque and the Renaissance, stand out the most when discussing art and its great masters. Initially, these works of art seemed to be identical, but upon closer inspection, they were vastly different, each having its own unique style and approach.

There have been several arguments throughout the years over which era produced the best works of art. There are those who believe that one era of art is superior than another for a variety of reasons.

What does “Baroque” mean in the context of art?

To get the term Baroque, you first need to know the Portuguese word barocco, which describes a blemished pearl. Baroque art was created between the end of the 16th and the middle of the 18th century. In the wake of the development and production of Renaissance art, it grew in popularity. Intricate embellishments adorned the Baroque paintings.

A frequent theme in the art of the era was a focus on dramatic lighting and strong emotions. The Baroque art era was not accurately shown in this piece, despite the fact that it has an aesthetic sensationalism to it. The influence of Baroque architecture on the development of colonades, domes, and other decorative elements is also worth noting in these works of art.

The Baroque style has four distinct qualities that are worth noting. Realism, light, nature, time and lines are some of them. In baroque painting, there was only one source of light: tenebrism.

What is Renaissance Art?

The Italian word “renaissance” is the root of the English term “renaissance.” The Renaissance art style places greater emphasis on education than other periods. During the Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci was widely recognized as one of the most talented and influential painters of his time. In Europe, this time period occurred during the 14th and 17th centuries. Perception was the most crucial aspect of Renaissance art.

It’s a sketching technique that gives a two-dimensional image the appearance of three dimensions. Artists prefer to use the same vanishing point for their structures in these paintings. An further hallmark of Renaissance art is the use of Sfumato, which is a method that allows painters to create contrast between bright and dark areas of their works.

The painting ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most well-known examples of this style in Renaissance art. The Renaissance era painters used this method to create an illusion that makes an item seem smaller than it really is.

Difference between Baroque art and the Renaissance art

  1. The late 16th-century emergence of Baroque art in Europe contrasts with the 14th-century emergence of Renaissance art in the same continent.
  2. From the late 16th century until the middle of the 18th century, Baroque art was created, whereas Renaissance art was created between the 14th and 17th centuries.
  3. Colors are used more dramatically in Baroque art, whereas in Renaissance art they are used less dramatically.
  4. Key to Baroque art are the elaborate decorations and the emphasis on human emotions; this contrasts with that of Renaissance art, which is more realistic due to its blends of science and Christianity.
  5. While Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo are well-known Renaissance painters, Bernini and Caravaggio are lesser-known Baroque masters.


In Europe, both Baroque and Renaissance art developed. Baroque art was produced after Renaissance art. In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, Baroque art was born, whereas Renaissance art was born during the late 14th and early 17th centuries.

The Renaissance era painters used a technique known as perceptual art in their works. Exaggerated lighting and powerful emotions were popular artistic techniques throughout the Baroque period. Renaissance art was more symmetrical and less striking in its use of color than baroque art was.

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