Difference Between BDO and PDC

Difference Between BDO and PDC

Since the British Darts Organization (BDO) divided into the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), there have been various conflicts around the two. Since its inception, PDC has been a household name, even though BDO has been around longer. Because of this, they are both unique in their own way.


BDO was the first and first darts organization to be created, but PDC was formed after BDO was divided into two separate organizations many years later. Over time, the BDO and PDC hosted their own competitions.

The British Darts Organization is known as the BDO. Olly Craft founded this company in 1973 in order to host professional darts tournaments in the United Kingdom. Darts events of all levels were included in the definition. First World Professional Darts Championship was held in 1978 by the BDO as well.

Professional Darts Corporation is known as PDC. In 1992, a group of players came together to start this organization. PDC was formed as a distinct organization after a disagreement between Olly Craft and the BDO’s best players, which resulted in a split in BDO. For a while, PDC stood for the World Darts Council (WDC).

What is BDO?

The British Darts Organization is known as the BDO. Olly Craft created the organization on January 7, 1973. Darts had been governed by the National Darts Association of Great Britain (NDAGB) since 1954, when the BDO was formed to take its place. These regulations were widely accepted by other darts organizations, including PDC, since BDO was the first.

Darts had fallen out of favor by 1984, and as a result, less of the sport was being covered on television. Since several of the game’s major advertisers dropped out, the game’s revenue has decreased significantly. It was being questioned if darts could be a full-time job, even for the world’s best players. When Olly Craft and a group of 19 darts players had a disagreement, they formed the World Darts Council as a result of this disagreement (WDC).

In 1978, the BDO held the first-ever professional World Professional Darts Championship.. For the following 26 years, until 2003, this competition was held. The Lakeside World Professional Darts Championship was established in 2004 and ran until 2019.

It has becoming more difficult for professional darts players to compete in BDO tournaments due to a decline in tournament quality. WDF declared in December 2019 that it will no longer recognize the BDO as the governing organization of darts in Great Britain.

What is PDC?

As its name suggests, PDC is a championship for professional dart players. In 1992, a group of 19 players broke away from the BDO to start a new organization, which became known as the World Darts Organization. Before it was renamed, the World Darts Council (WDC) was the name of the organization they founded.

It was immediately apparent that BDO was inferior to PDC because of the unhealthy and unethical procedures that BDO had been using. Thus, the greatest dart players banded together against BDO and founded PDC, which featured superior players from the start. With the loss of BDO’s popularity, sponsors began to invest in PDC as a viable alternative. Professional dart players were able to make more money because to greater sponsorships. For this reason, every fresh rising star desired to compete in PDC.

The PDC tournaments have become one of the most popular darts events in the world. Broadcasts of Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events were first shown on Sky Sports in 1992. However, since PDC’s popularity grows year after year, it is currently broadcast on several TV stations throughout the globe, including Sky Sports, BBC, and One World Sports, among others. Sky Sports broadcasts six PDC events on its own.

Difference Between BDO and PDC

  1. There were no regulations for professional darts defined by PDC before to 2019, whereas the BDO had been in charge of this until 2019.
  2. Due to a dearth of possibilities for pros, BDO is not quite as popular as PDC.
  3. There is no comparison between BDO players and PDC players in terms of quality. It’s clear that PDC players are superior than BDO players.
  4. There is no live transmission of PDC tournaments on YouTube, however they may be seen on subscription-based TV networks.
  5. As early as the first quarter of 2020, BDO will be liquidated. On the other side, the popularity of PDC is at an all-time high.


Since BDO and PDC were separated, there have been several shows of animosity between the two organizations. People from both PDO and BDO were seen making fun of each other. When BDO was the only company in the country, it was a huge hit with the public.

Unhealthy activities including drinking, smoking, and fighting on national television have transformed it into an unprofessional organization. As a consequence, several of the best players in the world spoke out against similar instances. Sponsors and players alike began to distance themselves from the group.

The separation of BDO was a huge setback for the company. Since the game’s popularity waned over the years, so did the game’s quality. In terms of opportunity, sponsorships, and ethics, PDC was superior. It was a no-brainer for the world’s best darts players to join the PDC. It was an enormous boost for the players, but the viewers were able to attend both BDO and PDC matches at the same time. There were even calls for BDO and PDC champions to play against each other in order to establish a single uncontested world champion.

BDO is now a platform for new players as well as an established one. BDO is the ideal venue for newcomers to show off their skills. Since all the best darts players are in the PDC, BDO provides the newcomers a chance to shine on television.