Difference Between Behavior and Action

Difference Between Behavior and Action

The word behavior is used as a noun. It can also be used as adjectives. It means how one acts towards the other members of the society. Other similar words include etiquette, deportment, bearing, etc.

Whereas, action is another noun. Even if it is very complex, action is a way or method in which people act or react towards it. If you think about it, every action is a combination of thought and will. Action can also be an interjection. Action is a very important word to study in English because it has many different meanings. It can mean work, move, gesture, act, task, activity, and more.

Action Vs. Behavior

It is very easy to make decisions; it is harder to perform the actions that lead to positive outcomes. The gap between action and behavior may seem small but is actually massive. It affects your life. Behavior is limitless individual performance depending on communal standards. While Action is the process or procedure of performing a task.


  1. His behavior towards his friends is awful.
  2. Her action surprised me.
  3. Her behavior is not acceptable.

Table of Comparison Between Action and Behavior

Parameters of Comparison The Behavior The Action
Meaning The meaning of behavior is the reply or feedback or gestures shown by any person in any situation. The term ‘ ‘Action’’refers to the human functionality, movement, and gestures, towards another individual or any work.
Grammar Class It’s not an interjection. It is an interjection.
Describes Behavior describes visible and noticeable reactions. Action describes the movements, methods, and functioning of any individual.
Synonyms Deportment, Conduct, demeanor, exploits, doings, etc. Battle, reaction, performance, gesture, movement, etc.
Some Examples He had bad and rude behavior. She is facing bank action for not being able to pay the debt.

What is the Behavior?

Behavior is a noun that can act as adjectives are visible and observable reactions from people. The word behavior can be used to indicate many other senses. Behaviors have a broader sense. It’s used in psychology to describe both observable actions and what we think and feel that we may not even realize.

The term Behaviour is derived from the term behavior which is a blend of the word behavior and has. It was used back in medieval times as an ornament of deportment. It’s the behavior of a person towards other people. Habit, act, exploitation, deportment, etc. are included in the definition of behavior.

The following sentences can help you comprehend the appropriate use of the term ‘behavior’:

When used As the noun:

  1. Her behavior changed suddenly.
  2. The teacher had rude behavior towards the students.
  3. He ashamed his parents for his bad behavior.

When used As the adjective:

  1. I will not tolerate his arrogant behavior anymore.
  2. He has forgiven his son’s rude behavior.
  3. We noticed a sudden change in his behaviors.

What is the Action?

Action can be defined as a process of performing some task that depicts our gestures, movement, work, regarding any particular task or individual. The term ‘action’ has its origin in the English of late middle age, which refers to the movement or gesture of someone. Movement, task, activity, performance are some of the terms that share similar meaning with ‘action.

The following examples will help you comprehend the appropriate use of the term “ACTION”:

When used As the noun:

  1. His bad actions were rejected by his teachers.
  2. He is committed to taking necessary legal actions.
  3. The government took action in order to restore peace in the country.

When used As the interjective:

  1. They might take necessary actions.
  2. She complained regarding the rude action.

Difference Between Action and Behavior

The term ‘action’ can be used as both injective and noun. But the term ‘behavior’ can be referred to as nouns only.

While considering pronunciation, strain is on the 2nd syllable while we pronounce ‘action’. On the other hand, in the case of the term ‘ behavior, the stress is on the 3rd syllable.

Behavior when compared to our actions does not have that much impact on our life. Our actions are notably impactful in our lives more than we can comprehend.

If action and behavior are compared, If you think about it, “action” is almost always worse than “behavior”.

Battle, movement, reaction, gesture, activity, etc. are words that have a synonym as the action. Practices, manners, habits, comportment, doings, etc. are the words that have the same meaning as to behavior.


Behavior is how we conduct ourselves. It describes the type of personality we are, also the kind of manners we are bound with. For someone to perform an action for you, they need to have the capability to move the body for you.

The voice, gesture, or attitude are included in the action of a person. A person’s action can have a negative impact on other persons whereas their behavior often doesn’t have a bad influence or negative feelings.

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