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Difference Between Benelli Nova and Supernova

Difference Between Benelli Nova and Supernova

Shotguns are long-barreled firearms. They’re shot from the shoulder and shoot straight-walled shotshells, like a Benelli Nova or Supernova. There is a wide variety of shotguns available to suit every customer!

Supernova Vs. Benelli Nova

Supernova and Benelli Nova are both produced by the Benelli, they are different models of the same gun. The main difference between them is that a more advanced and upgraded variant of Benelli Nova, named Supernova comes with an interesting array of features than its predecessor.

The Benelli Nova is a shotgun with pump-action, that also has interchangeable, detachable barrels. It also features an aluminum buttstock and receiver. This gun’s lightweight design makes it ideal for hunting or tactical use.

The Supernova shotgun features a polymer-coated steel frame that is weather resistant. This gun has an interchangeable stock and single-piece receiver with the shim kit included.

Table of Comparison Between Supernova and Benelli Nova

Parameters of Comparison The Benelli Nova The Supernova
Stock Benelli Nova stocks are narrower in comparison. SuperNova has wider stocks than the other brands.
Trigger Guard In the Benelli Nova, the trigger guard is smaller than other shotguns. Trigger guard, on the other hand, has much more area for your fingers and thumb whereas Supernova’s appendix holds two magazines in its compartments.
Receiver The Supernova receiver is not as ergonomically pleasing. A more ergonomic design is what makes the Supernova receiver so remarkable.
Shim Kits It doesn’t have a shim kit. The product comes with the shim kit to ensure the perfect fit.
Flexibility The receiver and stock of the Benelli Nova are designed to come in 1 piece. This, of course, makes it less flexible than other shotguns. SuperNova is much more flexible and adaptable.

What is the Benelli Nova?

It is a shotgun that has pump-action, has a steel-reinforced heavy-duty polymer buttstock and receiver. It is weatherproof, scratch-resistant, and can be used in inclement conditions.

The gun has a length of between 45.5” and 49.5” long, which makes it suitable for hunting or skeet shooting as well as being smaller in size than the tactical model. The weight of the unloaded gun is approximately 8 pounds after unloading, which gives you more accuracy while shooting with your desired firearm option (between 12 and 20 gauge).

The smoothbore and rifled barrels are obtainable in a wide range of lengths. Which range between 24” to 28”, with the model offering matte finishes and camouflage also. The tactical model offers an 18.5” smoothbore barrel with rifle sights which makes it more functional and effective than the hunting one at long distances due to its inaccuracy when firing shots further than 300 yards away.

It has a feature that includes dual-action bars, which are designed to be used with the locking rotary bolt heads. It also features fiber optic sights for ease of use in any background. The ghost ring is not appropriate for shooting wings from afar and should instead be kept as an option when it comes to close-range hunting or recreational shooting.

What is the Supernova?

The gun Supernova is a great shotgun. It features the interchangeable stock and one-piece receiver, which come with a shim kit to make it weather resistant. The gun also has a steel framing that is polymer-coated so that it’s more resistant to harsh climates.

What’s the weight of this gun? It weighs between 7.2 to 8 pounds, measured in length as 40″ inch to 49.5″. What are these different variations? They’re the ComforTech, Tactical models, and SteadyGrip.

With its 5 choices of chokes and lengths, the ComforTech is known to be the best for purposes of hunting. Its smoothbore or rifled barrel offers alternative configurations to accommodate your needs. It comes with a SteadyGrip stock also that offers steadiness when you take a shot.

The Supernova model comes with a large angular trigger, making it spacious and ideal to be used with gloves. It features an 18” or 14” barrel and is available in either black or silver tactical finish. In contrast, the Tactical model has a 24” barrel for use as a self-protection weapon that’s equipped with a ghost ring sight.

Difference Between Supernova and Benelli Nova

Benelli Nova’s stocks are smaller in size than the ones of SuperNova. whereas, the stocks for SuperNova are larger than those for Benelli Nova.

Benelli Nova’s trigger guard is comparatively smaller. The Supernova’s trigger guard has more space than that of Benelli Nova, in contrast.

The receiver in the Supernova is not as ergonomically pleasing as the receiver of the Supernova. In contrast, the receiver of the Supernova is much more pleasing ergonomically than the one for which it was designed in comparison.

Benelli Nova doesn’t include a shim kit, Supernova includes one. The “shimming” of the gun is done to ensure a perfect fit with no protruding screws or warped surfaces at any point on the weapon.

Benelli Nova is a very solid and fixed receiver. This makes it comparatively less flexible than the SuperNova, which has more flexibility, adaptability, and modularity than Benelli Nova does.


The Supernova and Benelli Nova share similarities, however, the main contrast between them is that Supernova is a variant of the Benelli Nova. Both of them are similar in regarding their trigger receivers, guard, and flexibility. The exception to this rule would be that there aren’t any shim kits included with either shotgun.

The two shotguns have further models with additional features. Every model has a definite purpose to serve and is best for a certain task: Benelli Nova is an excellent choice for close-range combat while the supernova can be used at longer distances.