Difference Between Best Western and Hampton Inn

Difference Between Best Western and Hampton Inn

When you are traveling in a busy world, booking hotels can be difficult. Even if you want to spend your holiday somewhere nice and relaxing, it can still be tough. Hampton Inn and Best Western are good hotels, which have been in the industry for a long time.

Hampton Inn Vs. Best Western

The contrast between the two chains is that Best Western offers standard rooms with some extras, such as a pool and complimentary breakfast. Holiday Inn goes above and beyond offering suites with their own living room, kitchenette, bedroom suite for guests to stay in all day. Holiday Inn has good food and accommodation, whereas Best Western has only the perfect comfort. Best Western offers a good level of comfort for your stay. But the Hampton Inn offers better hotels for accommodation and food while you are on vacation.

The Best Western hotel is a good hotel for those who want to have a fun-filled vacation. They offer services and amenities like a resort, rooms with a swimming pool, fitness center too! For booking online in advance or getting more information on their facilities contact the customer care number.

Hampton Inn really is a reliable hotel. It offers its guests comfort and convenience when they need it, as well as on-site amenities to ensure you have everything you need at the time of your stay. You can book online for some great offers to save even more money! The expenses will vary, which depends upon what season or where your travel destination is located.

Comparison Table Between Best Western and Hampton Inn

Parameters of Comparison The Best Western The Hampton Inn
Year Founded In the year 1946 In the1984
Headquarters location Phoenix, Arizona, USA Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Founder M.K. Guertin The Promus Hotel Corporation
Famous for Resort and Stay Food and Stay
Number of branches 4000 2500+

What is the Best Western?

Best Western is a family-friendly hotel that offers affordable rates for your vacation needs. It’s suited to both business and leisure travelers with its convenient location near many attractions like the beach, shopping malls, theme parks and more! It has many staff working 24 hours 7 days to take care of you and make sure that everything is taken care of. From food, amenities, room satisfaction- they work hard so that their visitors get what they deserve: a suitable life while staying at this hotel!

This hotel has more than 4,000 hotels situated in 100 countries. They have their headquarters in Phoenix, North America. This is a motel chain that specializes in service and reputation management with its hotel properties across the globe.

They offer a variety of accommodations, which are suitable for any budget. They also have some tremendous resorts and other unique hotels tucked away in different parts of the world to escape from your hectic daily life. If you want to have quality time along with family or friends without traveling too far, this is an ideal place.

What is the Hampton Inn?

Hampton Inn comes under Hilton Group hotel. They are among the most renowned hotels with good quality and reasonable prices. These hotels come under Hilton Resorts which includes over 2500+ properties in 29 countries across the whole world.

They provide all of their hotels’ amenities from the very beginning. They offer you pampering and services, as well as quick response to any queries or problems. They have excellent gym facilities, swimming pool, internet access and food available on request 24/7 through room service. It is a pleasure for them to serve guests in your most comfortable environment.

At the hotel, you can have your meal as a guest. The restaurant has everything in order, and they’re ready to serve you. If you are looking for more options than what is available at their restaurant, then they do offer tours that include some of the surrounding places in addition to having responsive customer support.

Difference Between Hampton Inn and Best Western

Best Western hotel is not only convenient for hotel services. Their resorts are just as great and you can enjoy a fantastic stay there with amazing food too! Whereas, when staying at Hampton Inn you will experience good food and stay .

The number of countries where the best western hotel chain is available is more than 100, while Hampton Inn’s services are limited to 29 nations.

Hampton Inn is a chain of hotels that was founded after Best Western. It has fewer branches than Best Western, but they have many locations throughout the world.

Best Western is a good place to find affordable resort stays with good food, whereas Hampton Inn offers quality and service.

Best Western and Hampton Inn are American companies. Best Western hotel is headquartered in the US while Hampton Inn is located in the US as well.


Hampton Inn and Best Western are both well-known for their services of hospitality. They have a good impression in the industry, which has been around for many years. Best Western provides online booking services as an option to avoid last-minute inconveniences; it is best if you book your stay in advance so that you can fully enjoy your trip.

To make sure you are able to book on the days and times that you want, look up their pricing. You can also check out what discounts they have for which site.