Difference Between BMP and JPG

Difference Between BMP and JPG

Bitmap images are resolution-independent, meaning that they can be displayed at any resolution without quality loss. JPG files, on the other side, are resolution-dependent; a JPG image displayed at a different resolution than it was created will appear blurry or pixelated.

JPG is a file format that supports both lossy and lossless compression. Bitmaps are always lossy because they discard information in order to save space. JPG is most often used for compressing photographs, since it can reduce the file size by up to 95% while still retaining most of the image’s detail.”

BMP files (.bmp) are bitmap images that store pixel information in uncompressed. This means that BMP files are very large in size and are not good for images that contain a lot of colors.

JPG files (.jpg) are compressed bitmap images. This means that JPG files take up less disk space than BMP files, but they also lose some image quality. JPG is the most common file format for storing digital photos.

What is BMP?

BMPs are widely used for storing bitmap images, which means they have black-and -white pixel data. They can also be pronounced as “bump” or ‘bit maps’.

This format has been around since before Windows platforms came into play and was first introduced on computer screens both Macs & PCs but primarily at home with IBM styled computers XT/ girlfriends had more storage space than ever so that users didn’t need to swap disks frequently because it took up too much room within your house!

BMP files are used in the medical imaging field to produce images for radiologists and other workers who need detailed scans of images that show body parts, organs, etc. These formats can also be used to create high-quality screenshots of video games or any other application where they need to take a good picture.

This is because the saved information recorded in these formats does not lose detail even when you want to increase the size of your graphics bigger than how it was recorded. However, this format has many disadvantages due to its large file size even though it retains all original image details while recording them.

What is JPG?

JPG is a raster file format that is mainly used on the web. One of JPG’s disadvantages is that it decreases the image’s quality as it removes the digital information through compression so that the image size can be small.

It becomes a disadvantage while using JPG for high-quality print as the image will not be sharpened, and the kit will be less defined.

JPEG is mainly used for images that have a lot of colors and are low in resolution. Some of the most common file extensions using JPEG are .jpg, .jpeg, and .jpe. It is a lossy format which means that the image data is thrown away as it compresses the file.

JPG files can be used for online purposes such as on websites or in e-mails since they don’t take up a lot of space. They are also commonly used for digital cameras whereas RAW files are used with DSLRs.

JPEG’s compression is achieved by identifying areas that don’t have enough differences to allow a large difference in the new image, which would be saved afterwards. The algorithm will determine these areas and decrease their quality so they can be saved at a smaller size.

Since JPG is lossy it can’t be used for high resolution graphics that will be printed, but it can be used on low resolution images that will not print or that are meant to be viewed online. There are also two different types of JPEG compression: Baseline (simple) and Progressive (complex).

Baseline compression is the most common and is used for normal images. Progressive compression is used for images that may be viewed on a low-resolution device, such as a phone, and it will start out with a low quality image and then improve the image as it loads.

Difference Between BMP and JPG

  • Both BMP and JPG are image format styles.
  • BMP format has a higher resolution as compared to JPG format which does not provide a higher resolution.
  • The BMP format gives a higher quality of images as compared to the JPG format does not provide a higher quality of images as compared to BMP.
  • BMP provides larger sizes of images as compared to the JPG format which does not provide a larger size of images.


JPGs are usually smaller and more versatile than BMP files. They work well for printing, but can take longer to download if you’re not on a high speed connection or your computer isn’t that fast at reading images from websites with large file sizes!