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Difference Between Bosch 500 re and 10 re

Difference Between Bosch 500 re and 10 re

The difference between Bosch 500 re-box and Bosch 10 re-box is a notable one. The compact drill, user manual, and other components are included in both packages. In contrast to this inclusion though, there is an exclusion with a weight that exists between these two products: “The seminal difference” which produces a significant decline of body mass when it comes to overall load-bearing capability due solely to carrying different tools for each product package.

Bosch 500 re Vs. 10 re

Bosch 10 re and 500 re are both powerful compact drills, but the former version comes with a part of a power kit. It also has other assorted accessories added to it, whereas the latter version doesn’t have such items.

Comparison Table Between Bosch 500 re and 10 re

Parameters of Comparison The Bosch 500 re The Bosch 10 re 
Components Included Bosch’s new 500 re box includes a range of impact drill accessories, such as a claw hammer and pliers. Bosch 10 re package includes one chuck key, a compact drill, and a user manual.
The Weight Bosch 500 re box includes an assortment of accessories. It weighs about 4 kg 530gm, significantly much heavier than the variant of 10 are due to these extra attributes. Bosch 10 re has been redesigned to be significantly compact and lighter than 500 re series. It weighs about 1.92 kilograms on average, which is much less weight compared with previous models of Bosch 10-re line up!
Dimensions 42 x 12 x 33 cm 26.42 x 25.4 x 7.37 cm
The Chuck Capacity The Bosch 500 re machine’s capacity of chuck is within the range of 1.5 to10mm. Bosch 10 re model has a ten-millimeters chuck capacity.
Price The model is more expensive because it comes with additional accessories that the standard model does not include. The model is effective, and what’s more: the price it costs.
Launch Year In the year 2014. In the year 2017.

What is the Bosch 500 re?

Bosch 500 re toolset is a compact drill with good power and speed. The model comes equipped with a variety of accessories, some standard for other models and some special for this one specifically. Launched in the year 2014, this product operates on an output of 500 Watts at 41,600 BPM.

a 500W compact drill includes a range of components, like 4 mental and 5 masonry drill bits, 10 screwdriver bits, and a hammer. The best part is that this tool is convenient for home repairs and other tasks including installing lights or shelves.

500 re model is a 10mm drill, with the exception of its higher point of price and bulkier design. Other drawbacks are not necessarily drawbacks for those willing to pay more or who have limited storage space in their garage/workshop.

What is the Bosch 10 re?

This is an improved version of the variant 500 re that was launched in the year 2017. It features nearly identical specifications, operating on a power capacity of 500W and boasting a 41,600 BPM impact rate.

There are many benefits to this model that make it worth the investment. The lighter weight is one of them, which makes it a powerful tool for those who need tools with agility and speed. It has been improved by design so as to be perfect for beginners or professionals, making this version popular among drill users all over the world!

However, the toolset is missing some accessories that are included in the real packaging. The drill comes along with a chuck key and user manual packaged inside of it. It may be a negation point for many other potential customers who are unsure about what this product includes or does not include before purchase.

Difference Between Bosch 500 re and 10 re

Bosch 10 re and 500 re impact machines of drilling have many similarities, such as the included accessories. However, they also vary in some regards – the 5re has an assorted set of accessories designed to simplify tasks for its user whereas the 10re comes with a manual (manuals are typically made up of instructions that provide assistance on how to use something) and a chuck key.

The Bosch 500 re variant is considerably heavier than the 10 re variant, weighing about 4 kilograms and 530 grams. The latter weighs approximately 1.92 kilograms.

The 500 re model is an earlier version of the 10 re variant. Bosch 500 Re was launched in the year 2014, whereas 10 re variant was released in the year 2017.

500 re model’s dimensions are 42 x 12 x 33 cm. While 10 re-model dimensions are 26.42 x 25.4x 7.37 cm and thus much more compact than the former, which are all in inches (inches).

The capacity of the chuck in each Bosch model is different. Chuck range for the Bosch 500 re model goes from 1.5 to 10mm, whereas the 10 re variant has a maximum chuck size of 10 mm with its nominal range ranging from 0-10mm.

The tool kit of Bosch 500 re is the more expensive option in this price range, and it’s not as cost-effective as some of the other tools. The 10 re variant from Bosch is a viable choice for those on a budget.


Bosch 10 re and 500 re variants are compact, powerful drills that can simplify the user’s tasks. They have nearly identical drilling capabilities but they share a few features in common as well. The standout difference between these models is the BPM rate of each model: whereas one has a slow BPM rate, another has an increased speed to accommodate quick workflows with greater efficiency.

There is a significant difference between the Bosch 500-re model and the 10 re-drill. The former comes with an extensive range of accessories, whereas the latter doesn’t include any additional components.

The 500 re variant is a heavier type of power drill. Its weight makes it difficult to carry and maneuver, but the 10 re variant has an increased level of mobility due to its compact design that allows for easier navigation inside tight spaces. The newer 10 re variant has come with several refinements in terms of design that have greatly eased the process by which you operate it- features like softer triggers as well as a more ergonomic handle make this tool user friendly from both sides (the left side specifically).

If you want a lightweight drill and operating under budgetary restrictions, then 10 re-drill is your best option. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive toolbox along with many options such as accessories that include power tools and more, then the 500 re variant will be best for you.