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Difference Between Bosch GBM-350 and GSB-550

Difference Between Bosch GBM 350 and GSB 550

Among the most significant procedures in manufacturing is drilling, which makes a hole from the materials given. The definition for this process is that it’s subtractive- meaning you remove an aspect of something to come up with something else. There are a variety of types and uses for drilling. Drilling is generally done to make holes or marks in different surfaces, often by using various tools: spot drills, micro-drilling (or milling), deep hole drills, center drills, and vibration drillings, etc.

The Drilling is typically done on solid objects, such as wood and metal. There are a lot of different pieces of equipment and products available to fulfill this requirement for the market including small holes or large holes that need to be bored through. Drilling is also an important part of renovations or any alterations happening around your home.

It is still possible to drill with a hand-held portable drilling gun. Many manufacturers have started producing them and they are easy to obtain and use. Portable drilling guns deliver the intentional task in the finest possible manner because it’s not only easy but also accessible!

Out of many other brands, Bosch has a wide selection. Its most famous products are its drill guns that are electric which have been designed for multi-functional usage. The GSB 550 and the GBM 350 are some of Robert Bosch’s latest models that have been released. They have a number of highly user-friendly features which make them perfect for those looking for smart drill guns to own.

Bosch GSB-550 vs GBM-350

GSB 550 and GBM 350 have some differences, but the prime difference is that GSB’s impact drilling capabilities are not available in the former. This means it can only drill into harder surfaces like concrete and steel, whereas GBM can also drill into wood or stainless steel. The latter would be enough for smaller projects such as small repairs or small works, etc., while the first might require you to use a different tool entirely if working on larger pieces of work with more robust materials.

Comparison Table Between the Bosch GSB-550 and Bosch GBM- 350

Parameters of Comparison GBM-350 GSB-550
Power Input Rate (Watts) 350 550
No-load speed, first gear (rpm) 0 – 2800 0 – 2800
Drilling Capacity-Steel (mm) 10 10
Drilling Capacity-Wood (mm) 20 25
Weight (kg) 1.2 1.8
The capacity of Chuck (mm) 1 – 10 1.5 – 13
Power Output (watts) 160 270
Drilling Capacity-Concrete (mm) Not Available 13
Tool length (mm) 240 262
Tool Height (mm) 190 253
Tool Width (mm) 70 65.5
Impact Drilling Not available Available

What is the Bosch GBM-350?

GBM 350 is the rotary drill for tradesmen. It’s suitable to use the drill to drive holes in wood and steel, among other materials. This machine comes in a compact design that makes it easy to use. This machine is designed for use with hexagon-style drill bits. The chuck key allows you to remove and fix them on the right type of keyed drill chucks. It contains a directional switch that is rotational and can adjust the direction of its rotation from clockwise to anti-clockwise or vice versa.

GBM 350 is a powerful tool that has an output of 160 watts and comes equipped with a powerful electric motor. It is 240 mm in length, which translates to being 30 cm in length ruler less – its compact size makes for easy maneuvering every time. This power drill gives the user more freedom when using it because it isn’t as heavy and cumbersome as other drills on the market.

The motor on this drill is capped at 2800 RPM. It can operate in wood and steel, but not concrete because it was not intended for impact drilling. The chuck has the highest capacity of 10 mm which limits the bits that it will accept as well as its overall use to light-duty purposes only, making it affordable for certain tasks.

The power switch is a lock-on button, ensuring more safety while using this tool. It also has a gripping surface that is insulated and better comfort for the user when handling it. The Portable Machine executes well in operating its intended role – making it ideal for use among professionals or beginners!

What is the Bosch GSB-550?

Bosch’s GSB 550 is a more powerful machine for electric drilling, as it has been designed for operations that are harder. This improved version also comes with additional features that can be used to do the job faster and easier than before, which enables you to save a lot of time. The GSB 550 is a drill with the ability to drill on the surface of the concrete that its predecessor, the GBM 350 cannot do. All of Bosch’s features are possessed by this new model as well – like their lock-on button for turning it on/off and their directional rotating switch.

The dynamic electric motor delivers a 1.5 Nm rated torque and it weighs just over 2 kilograms. GSB 550 is provided with the technology of impact drilling to provide the forward thrust also providing the force of rotation, which is why this drill can be used for numerous applications including construction, maintenance, and repair work.

Impact drilling is extremely useful for driving long screws into hard surfaces like wood, metal, and concrete. The chuck on the Bosch GSB 550 can maintain drill bits not crossing 13 mm. In addition, it includes an extra handle with extreme maneuverability and grip to increase productivity.

Difference Between the GBM-350 and the GSB-550

  • The GBM 350 is an electric hand drill machine while GSB 550 is a hand impact drill machine.
  • GBM 350 has a smaller chuck capacity than the GSB 550, which allows the latter to drill slightly bigger holes.
  • GSB 550 is suitable to drill in the surface of the concrete which isn’t an integrated capability of the GBM 350.
  • GBM 350 is lightweight, but GSB 550 can be equipped with a powerful motor that takes up more power than GBM.
  • Though GSB 550 has a longer height and shorter width, the other tools in its series have greater tool height/length as opposed to the GBM-350.


The GBM-350 and the GSB 550 are not the same, but they both offer the best performance in their respective class. The GBM 350 is more energy-efficient than its counterpart, as it intakes less power while weighing less than GSB 550. Whereas one product is designed for comparatively light works like drilling holes or milling edges on metal surfaces, the other can do various tasks because of the feature of impact drilling that allows it to deal with heavier work.

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