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Difference Between Bose 600 and 650

Difference Between Bose 600 and 650

Bose is a company that manufactures audio equipment, including home entertainment systems. One of the many products they have created is a lifestyle system called Bose 650 and 600 Series. These are designed for people all over the world who want to enjoy movies, music, series, and sports more than the regular.

Bose 600 Vs. Bose 650

Bose 650 and 600 are two different products. Bose 600 has the speakers of the jewel cube, the best option for smaller gatherings, whereas the Bose 650 version comes with speakers of Omni jewel which are suitable for big gatherings. Both consist of center channels that help in good dialogue delivery; the difference lies in their designs: the design on Bose 6×0 is sleek while that on BOSE 600 version comes with a horizontal fabric instead.

Bose launched a new product in October 2016. It is called the Bose 600 Home Entertainment System and consists of five speakers of jewel cubes that are much lighter, yet powerful as well. This system has Bluetooth, Wifi enabled along with NFC capabilities which makes it one-of-a-kind for its design and sound quality.

The Bose 650 Home Entertainment System is the successor to the 600 system. It consists of five omnidirectional, jewel speaker enclosures that make it a beautiful product with two colors available – white and black. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled device also has NFC capabilities.

Comparison Table Between Bose 600 and 650

Parameters of Comparison The Bose 600 The Bose 650
Definition Bose, a company known for its top-notch technology, launched the Bose lifestyle 600 in 2016. The Bose lifestyle 650 is an affordable entertainment system for home that delivers a great sound and can be interchanged with ease.
Version Former version The later version.
Centre channel Horizontal design. Sleek design.
The Speakers The Jewel cube The Omni jewel.
Use It is ideal for large numbers of people, small private gatherings, and individuals. It is perfect for large events or parties in general.

What is the Bose 600?

Bose is a manufacturer of audio equipment, and the company was established by Amar Bose in the year 1964. Its most recent product launch includes the Bose lifestyle 600 system for home entertainment.

The Bose 600 sound system is a wireless entertainment system with five speakers that are beautifully designed and much lighter, has Bluetooth and wifi enabled with NFC. It also can be used for listening to music on your mobile device using the SoundTouch app.

If you are looking for a system that makes it easy and enjoyable to binge-watch your favorite series or movies, then this product is perfect! It has a wonderful design with powerful speakers. This product meets the expectations of all customers from various countries worldwide!

With the entertainment system of Bose 600, you’ll get a rich audio experience and an exquisite design. The center channel not only provides precise dialogue delivery for movies but also has a wonderful horizontal design.

It is a combination of technology and beauty. It gives you the best quality sound experience that wireless headphones can offer. It features an acoustic module to produce resounding bass performance. The best combination of tech and design! For people who love listening to music, this is a must-have for your gym bag or backpack!

What is the Bose 650?

Bose launched a new entertainment system model of Bose lifestyle 600 called the Bose lifestyle 650. It comes in white and black colors, has an improved sound quality, and is more affordable than its predecessor.

This product is aesthetically beautiful and has become a worldwide standard for big gatherings. It consists of five speakers of Omni jewel that enable this product to produce clear and powerful sound. This speaker creates sounds better than any previous version, making it suitable for entertaining people all around the world!

The entertainment system of Bose 650 comes with a beautiful and sleek design. It is also known to have better sound performance than the previous center speakers that are available in the market today.

One of the key features in this home entertainment system is its wireless Acoustimass module – a piece of wireless tool that enables it. It also has Bluetooth, WiFi connectivities, and many other useful features like 4K video compatibility and Apple AirPlay compatibility!

Difference Between Bose 600 and 650

The Bose 600 consists of five speakers of jewel cube. Bose 650 has 5 speakers of Omni jewel and is about twice as powerful as the 600 sets.

Bose 650 boasts better sound clarity and quality than Bose 600.

Bose lifestyle 600 comes with a horizontal design. Bose lifestyle 650 has a beautiful and sleek design with curved side and back surfaces to optimize sound reflection, resulting in better home theatre surround quality.

In India, both the Bose 600 and 650 will be available in October 2016. The latter is a newer version of the former.

If you’re looking for an entertainment system for home to use with small gatherings or at home, the Bose 600 is an ideal choice. However, if you want one that can accommodate large crowds or those who live in bigger houses, the Bose 650 is your best option.


Bose is a brand of equipment that helps to produce a cinema hall experience at home, including various different types of equipment. This product has been very popular among customers since it was launched in October 2016.

Bose lifestyle 600 is a centerpiece of home entertainment. It includes speakers of jewel cube that are very powerful and light, as well as a center channel speaker that provides clear dialogue delivery for the movies you watch. They also have a wireless acoustic module to experience accurate bass performance in every room.

The Bose lifestyle 650 is a new model from the 600. With this device, people can enjoy having at least five Omni-directional speakers to produce a sound that’s powerful and clear. The unit also has some useful features like 4K video compatibility and Apple AirPlay capabilities – making it perfect for big gatherings!

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