Difference Between Bose SoundSport and Bose SoundSport Free

Difference Between Bose SoundSport and Bose SoundSport Free

In the previous decade, Bose has been a pioneer in developing some of the greatest Bluetooth audio systems. As more individuals become concerned about their health and fitness, Bose released the Soundsport in 2017. Bluetooth is supported by these earbuds. These Bluetooth earbuds are often regarded as among the most comfortable on the market. The StayHear ear tips on the headphones are to thank for this.

Bose Soundsport

Bose released a unique line of exercise-specific earphones with a lot of promise. This pair of earphones was wired to the others. Because the buds may be easily protected, this is a benefit.

Special hardware keeps it from dropping out of the ear canal. The StayHear+ ear tips are a kind of hardware that tends to become stuck in the ear canal grooves. Most of the ear tip is silicon, which makes up the bulk of the earbud. In addition to improving the sound quality, this method forms a seal. The noise-canceling effect of this seal is achieved via a rubber gasket.

The Bose Soundsport is set up and paired via the Bose app. Voice-activated controls make it easy to follow the instructions.

There is a button station on the connecting wire. There are numerous playback controls on this station. In addition to that, it has a microphone built-in. Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa may be summoned by pressing the stop button.

Soundport from Bose It’s well-known that earphones provide a clear, even sound, especially in the treble range. In addition, the sound of the earphones alters as a result of the app’s settings. It offers a reasonable six-hour battery life. Bose claims that these earbuds can be charged for 15 minutes and provide an hour’s worth of battery life.

Workout and jogging headphones that can be used wirelessly and with Bluetooth are now available from Bose.

Bose Soundsport Free

Because they don’t come with a neckband like the Soundsport, these earphones are referred to as “truly wireless.” At this pricing point, these earbuds fall into a higher tier of wireless earphones. The glossy texture on the earphones’ surface lends a contemporary appeal. It is also waterproof thanks to the iPx4 hardware. Additionally, it’s easy to link with a phone or tablet using the Bose app or Bluetooth. Isn’t capable of using NFC to connect to a device.

With the StayHear+ tip, you can be certain that the earphones will stay put. In comparison to other Bluetooth headphones like the QC 35 II, the noise-canceling isn’t quite as strong with these.

There are several buttons on the right earbud. The sound and playback are controlled by two buttons. To pause the audio, press the center button. The Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa may also be accessed by pressing the button.

The earbuds are recharged via a docking station. The dock has a magnet to hold the earphone and can keep two full charges.

Several ailments affect this earbud. There are a few issues with this particular earbud. It has a maximum battery life of five hours. To top it all off, a full charge takes around two hours. In addition, both earbuds are unable to connect to a smartphone. Many consumers have complained that the left or right speaker does not play music constantly, which is understandable.

Another concern is that it isn’t as sweat-proof as the maker says it is. There is an increased risk of the earbud falling out of the ear.

However, the sound quality on these earbuds is far superior. For a set of earbuds this little, the bass is pretty noticeable.

Difference Between Bose SoundSport and Bose SoundSport Free

  • The two earphones of the Bose Soundsport are connected via a neckband. A fully wireless speaker is the Bose Soundsport Free.
  • Through a USB charger, the Soundsport connects to a power source. The Soundsport Free is powered by a docking station.
  • It is possible to charge the Soundsport free while it is in the charging station or cradle. This has two fully charged batteries. With a Soundsport pair, this is not feasible.
  • Access to buttons is more difficult with Soundport Free. Soundsport is not like this.
  • NFC is included in Soundsport, but not in Soundsport Free.


Bose has done a fantastic job with these new additions to the Bluetooth earphone market. As a result, we recommend the Bose Soundsport, as it is more dependable. Because of Soundport Free’s disconnect issue, Bose will continue to lose the favor of consumers. The charging station on the Soundsport Free, on the other hand, makes it much more practical. In addition, the sound quality is improved.