Difference Between Brand Image and Brand Reputation

Difference Between Brand Image and Brand Reputation

If a company’s product has passed through pros and cons that are favorable to your brand image, this is considered “good” in terms of marketing. If you have received an unfavorable assessment of the qualities your product once had – or currently possesses – it will be looked down upon by consumers as time goes on. This leads us to talk about Brand Reputation: how customers view you when they ask what other people think about the products and services that come out from under your coat-tails.

Brand Reputation Vs. Brand Image

Brand reputation is the evaluation of a brand by its customers. It reflects how satisfied customers are with a given brand, and it can be measured in terms of factors such as satisfaction ratings, positive reviews, and trust scores. brand reputation is the amount of positive feedback a brand has from its customers.

When a product is started by a company, the public will visualize what they expect depending on their previous user experience. This image of the company comes from previous products or services that were provided and brand recognition in general.

The reputation of a particular company is the opinion that it earned because of its quality products. An immediate reaction that comes up in someone’s mind when they recognize the brand name is whether or not their reputation has been earned and sustained for many years, if so then your trust will skyrocket!

Comparison Table Between Brand Reputation and Brand Image

Parameter of Comparison The Brand Image The Brand Reputation
The Characteristics Customers are the ones that give a brand image based on data provided by the company. The quality, guarantee, quantity, and other aspects of it all contribute to what customers think about your business in their eyes. Brands’ reputations make up their long-term view of the companies and are built over time due to the deeds and services they provide for society.
Impact Customers have a short-term view of the brand image in their minds. The value given to a brand is its reputation. The day the brand originates, it begins with an existing value.
Marketing features People find that a company’s branding image is more likely to be attractive if it is advertised in an appealing way. Although a brand’s reputation is determined by customer experience. Any advertising cannot entirely alter the public’s opinion of the said brand.
Type of existence The Brand image can vary from person to person, but it is still superficial. The reputation of a brand is the sum of what that brand’s customers think about it. That means when one customer has an opinion, this will affect many people who use the product or service in question.
 Affecting Factors When socio-economic and cultural changes affect the brand, visualization of the image can see fluctuations. The trust that people have in a brand is difficult to change.

What is the Brand Image?

The perception of people towards any brand is called the Brand image. The brand can alter its image by offering better services to its customers, but this will not be permanent as these perceptions are set up individually and over time.

Marketing techniques like advertising are used by companies in order to enhance the image of their brand and therefore, achieve targets. When more customers believe in a brand, it is able to expand and create sales. The consumer who already trusts the chosen brands never regrets his/her choice, nor do they shift to other similar products from other brands.

Brands establish their image through the impression they leave on consumers. The public is more likely to embrace a brand if it doesn’t disappoint them, which means that consistency of performance is expected by both parties. Exactly how do we measure success? Consistency in product performance and purity are two basic indicators of success when building an image for your company or branding yourself as a professional person.

What is the Brand Reputation?

The respect and disdain that a brand has earned for their products through the quality of those products are referred to as a brand’s reputation. This trust from customers directly correlates with the quality of the product we’re receiving. If this company starts off by selling high-quality goods, then people will value them and recognize them over time which in turn alters how they are viewed.

A company’s brand reputation surely is a valuable asset to have. When a brand’s income increases, it can then focus its efforts on developing new products and expanding services in order to keep up with the competition. Only through a good brand reputation can an organization maintain its value and receive better results in the market for a longer time.

Brand reputation is an important factor in marketing and it affects how trust and business are increased. When a brand has sales in a variety of businesses, the brand name is known throughout those businesses. This creates trust with customers as well as for the company itself- this decreases any possible risk associated with any given product that might be offered at these sales events.

Difference Between Brand Reputation and Brand Image

The brand image actually is what people see when they look at a company or its products. Brand reputation is how customers trust the experience they have with a brand.

Even though it is difficult to vary a brand image, it is important to do so in order to improve the overall reputation of the company.

Brand image is a representation of a company in the short term and it has long-term effects. A brand reputation is extremely variable and most likely will stay that way for a long time.

One way to improve a brand’s reputation is by using an advertisement that creates positive media buzz. However, it’s not easy to alter a brand’s reputation with just one advertisement.

It is important to remember that brand reputation isn’t the same as the opinion of other customers. A brand reputation can be circulated from customer to customer, but it cannot be assumed that everyone who has an opinion about a product or company shares this view.


Even though the brand images can be easily changed, they have a big impact on temporary customers. Brand reputation is more enduring and it affects longer-term customers.

Both customers and brands are also important to a company’s success. A good reputation for a company can make its products more available, which in turn would increase the sales of that business.

The PR team is responsible for enhancing the reputation and image of a company.