Difference Between Braun 9 Series and Philips 9000

Difference Between Braun 9 Series and Philips 9000

With the current world economy, it is important for anyone to look good socially. This means looking good both physically and mentally. For example, one must be able to groom themselves properly in order to present a well-groomed appearance on a wide range of social occasions. Grooming tools are a very common and effective way to help improve your appearance. A trimmer is one of the most common grooming tools, and it is perfect for both women and men. It helps shave off any unwanted hair from your face, neck, body, or hair on your head.

The trimmer is an electric device used to cut hair. There are several types of trimmers, such as Braun and Philips. They both have different types of blades that can be used for various feels and looks.

Braun and Philips have different series of electric razors that are meant for different purposes. Braun’s 9 series is a precision-crafted razor designed to handle hair well. Philips’ 9000 range of Razors has a higher price tag, but they are also better quality products.

Philips 9000 Vs. Braun 9 Series

The Philips 9000 and Braun 9series models have different features. The Braun 9series shaver has two vibrating middle trimmers. The Philips 9000 series has 3 separate rotating blades. The model of Philips is much more effective in catching your wild hair, whereas the model of Braun is more useful for outline shaping of your beard.

What is the Braun 9 Series?

Braun 9series, established by German company Braun in the year 2015, is the flagship electric razor. The product was originally called “Braun AG”. Braun was originally founded by a person named Siegmund Haas and is headquartered in Kronberg im Taunus. Its parent company, Gillette, sold it to Procter & Gamble, which still owns the brand today. Braun became part of P&G after acquiring them in 2007 for around 6 billion USD.

Braun, an engineer, started his journey by producing components for radios. He then shifted to producing high-quality audio systems that were not only better in terms of sound quality but also had significant technological advancements. In addition, he produced projectors for film slides as well which became very popular and remains so even today. Although Braun started producing electric shavers in the 1950s, they also made kitchen appliances before that. Other than the audio system and the projector, they are used to produce the kitchen appliances as well!

In 1982, the Gillette group decided that Braun’s operations should be completely integrated into the parent company. This meant that The Gillette Group would assume total control of all its subsidiary’s operations. However, during the future years, Braun and their subsidiary brands eventually became the top appliances in their market, in-home utility.

Braun 9Series has been a much-anticipated razor series manufactured by the brand. There have been minor glitches in these products over time that include some small updates and accessories being price fluctuations, incompatible, etc.

In the year 2015, they released the real trio of 9 Series models: the 9090cc, the 9095cc, and the 9093cc. In 2016 they updated their lineup and emerged with different designs such as the 9260s model.

Braun offers a case for traveling that can be used with all but some of their trimmers. The travel cases are made out of either leather or textile and cannot generally be chosen by the customer.

What is Philips 9000?

Philips, a company founded in Eindhoven, the Netherlands by Gerard Philips and started with an electric appliance called the “Electric Razor”, was originally known for its health-related products. It is now considered one of the top four companies when it comes to global market share in electronics. The headquarters of this company is still situated there since it was established. Their main area of focus remains within the health industry. The company has a number of divisions like technology and home appliances, but its primary focus is on serving the public with helpful information about healthy living.

The company was established by Gerard and his father Frederik. What started out as a light bulb manufacturing company soon became one that focused more on the healthcare industry – hence the need to change its name. In 2013, they decided to remove ‘electronics’ from their name because it didn’t go well with what they were doing now- which is serving in the healthcare industry.

Philips is among the leading producers of hygiene equipment and personal grooming, with a wide range. They are known for manufacturing a number of appliances from toothbrushes to trimmers – even sponsoring famous people like Kanye West!

The 9000Series has three blades in total – the powerhead, a detailer blade, and a trimmer. The powerhead is located on top of the trimmer body with an LED light color-coded from red to blue. It is used for general trimming or outlining that needs versatility as it flexes to adjust its shape according to your face’s contours.

Difference Between Philips9000 and Braun 9Series

  1. Braun 9Series has two foils of the shaver, which can either have 1\2 vibrating trimmers. Philips 9000Series has 3 rotating blades with one head.
  2. When shaving with a Braun, the blade moves vertically up and down. Braun then has two cutting heads which work together to shave in multiple directions. When using a Philips shaver, the head turns around horizontally so that it can catch all parts of your face and neck easily.
  3. Braun and Philips have different replacement periods for their appliances. Parts of Braun are replaced after the use of 24 months, whereas Philips is 18 months.
  4. Philips operates with the head system, while Braun operates with the foil system.
  5. Braun’s lineup of hair tools is simple and minimalistic, while Philips gives a range of additional products.


Personal grooming, in short, is simply something to be chosen by you. You are in charge of it, and no one else can make your decision for you about what or how to do anything related. The variety of products and brands anyone should go for is usually determined by their style, which in turn decides what kind of characteristics the product will tackle. Some brands even tackle certain kinds of characteristics differently than others. In such cases, doing research about those products beforehand can be very helpful in making that decision easier to make.

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