Difference between Braun IPL 3 and 5

Difference between Braun IPL 3 and 5

An epilator is a device that helps to remove hair by pulling out hair that is similar to waxing but does not remove cells from the epidermis. Regular use of epilators can help reduce the growth of hair or completely stop the growth of hair in a specific area.

Many people have been using epilators to help them control unwanted hair growth in their bodies. One of the famous brands of epilators is Braun. Braun has two popular epilator releases: the Braun IPL 3 and Braun IPL 5.

Braun IPL 3 Vs. Braun IPL 5

The number of flashes that an IPL device offers also translates to its longevity. This means that the higher the number of flashes, the longer the device will last. According to details, this means that the Braun IPL 3 offers a total of 15 years of durability while the Braun IPL 5 offers 22 years. The difference between the models would be their capacity, color trimmings, weight, session durations, and visibility results.

What is Braun IPL 3?

Braun IPL 3 is a device of the popular brand, Braun, and it promises that you will see visible results in terms of hair reduction within just three months. It has intelligent sensors that are made to adapt to the contours of the skin so that optimal hair removal is achieved. Its design sets it apart from all the other competitors with its white body and lilac trim. It has 300,000 flashes and is a good choice if you are trying to save money.

Its ergonomic shape makes it the ideal device to use if you want something easy to hold. It is safe and optimized to help you reduce your hair at unwanted places. It is best suited for people with medium to dark skin tones. It has been clinically tested and has proven to be safe and effective to use. It comes with three intensity levels and two comfort levels to choose from.

What is Braun IPL 5?

The Braun IPL 5 is another device in the premium line of hair removal devices by Braun. It has a modern and sleek look with a white body and a golden trim. It comes with 400,000 flashes which means that it has a longer life than other lower-level devices. It offers ten different intensity levels and three comfort levels. It is said to be very gentle on the skin and is better for people with light skin tones. The extra gentle mode of this device is said to give its users better control over it.

Sessions with the IPL 5 is considerably shorter than the other devices. It can easily be completed in less than 5 minutes. This model provides comfort and efficiency, which is why many users love it. The device also promises to give visible results within 4 weeks, thus why it is comparatively higher in terms of pricing.

Difference between Braun IPL 3 and Braun IPL 5

  • One of the major differences between the Braun IPL 3 and Braun IPL 5 is the number of flashes they have, where the IPL 3 gives off 300,000 while the IPL 5 gives 400,000, which also translates to the latter having longer longevity than the other.
  • Both the Braun IPL 3 and IPL 5 have white bodies, and the only difference is the color of their trims, with the IPL 3 having lilac trims while the IPL 5 has golden trim.
  • In terms of prices, the IPL 3 is considered more cost-effective while the IPL 5 is in the higher range.
  • The IPL 3 is lighter in terms of weight than the IPL 5.
  • Braun IPL 3 is more suited for people with medium to darker skin tones, while the IPL 5 is more suitable for people with light skin tones
  • The Braun IPL 3 has three intensity levels, while the IPL 5 has ten intensity levels. Their comfort levels differ, with the IPL 3 having two while the IPL 5 has three comfort levels.
  • The length of time that the devices need to show visible results differs as the Braun IPL 3 promises results within three months and the Braun IPL 5 promises results within four weeks.
  • The duration of usage per session of the IPL 5 is less than 5 minutes, while the IPL 3 needs at least 9 minutes.


The Braun IPL 3 and IPL 5 are the top epilator devices offered by Braun. They are at different ends of the spectrum regarding prices, but according to their functions, they are both great to use.

Depending on your skin type, you need to choose your device accordingly. Both have UV filters that make hair removal much safer and hassle-free. The IPL 3 is cost-effective with its pricing and features, but if you are looking into more advanced features, the IPL 5 is the right device for you.

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