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Difference Between BrowserStack and Sauce Labs

Difference Between BrowserStack and Sauce Labs

Testing platforms provide guidance and support during the development of applications for users of the real world. This includes providing yourselves with test platforms, providing supporting views for test inputs, and maintaining analysis tools. Some platforms are available for a small price, and they usually provide good value for the money. This platform can be used for a variety of purposes, including; testing the applications in several modes to ensure its viability as a platform.

Sauce Labs is a research company that focuses on the development of interactive software agents (Bots). BrowserStack is a toolchain for developing first-party web applications.

BrowserStack Vs. Sauce Labs

BrowserStack is a software development platform that is recognized to be the choice of individual authors. Sauce Labs is a software development platform used by company admins. People are choosing the Browserstack over the Sauce labs because they have additional features that aren’t needed by them. Additionally, the cost of Sauce Labs is much higher than the price of a browser stack. You can see why people may be choosing it over Mansion.

BrowserStack is widely used to test web and mobile applications before they are launched for the people. You can use BrowserStack to examine the mobile and web applications before they are released to the world. They offer a range of real browsers of desktop, as well as browsers of mobile, for testing. Their virtual machines are able to test multiple browser stack applicability too.

Sauce lab is a platform for testing that is integrated with an automated platform of testing. This means that you can have all the features of both platforms working together in one simple application. They offer a wide variety of Operating systems with mobile emulators and simulators. Their solutions are designed to be useful for users who need to experience various operating system configurations on their devices.

Comparison Table Between BrowserStack and Sauce Labs

Parameters of Comparison The BrowserStack The Sauce Labs
The Platform It’s a hardware-based virtual world that you can use without any kind of virtual machine. You don’t need to install any software or services in order to use it. The virtual machines used by the service are cloud-based and use virtualization technology.
Main Features The application is unique, as it runs on the machine of the real world. This application operates on the virtual platform, which means it doesn’t use any machines of the real world.
Testing Style The BrowserStack does not require you to submit any requirements before testing the application. This makes it easier and faster for you to quickly test the app for all its necessary aspects. Requirements-based testing is a popular method of testing because it can help companies achieve their desired outcome as quickly and as accurately as possible. Sauce Labs is the boss in this area, thanks to their expertise.
Browsers Real browsers Uses Virtual browsers
Cost Not that Expensive Very much costly

What is BrowserStack?

The BrowserStack is used to test websites and mobile applications. This is a testing service used to examine the developed applications. These can be mobile apps or websites. They are testing the applications on ‘On demand’ Operating systems or browsers to test the error factors and feasibility. This is what’s happening in browsers and mobile devices, as well as on the computer.

BrowserStack has a range of products that are:

  1. Automate
  2. App-Live
  3. App Automate
  4. Products-Live

BrowserStack is a service that is subscription-based and mainly benefits individual developers. The features offered by BrowserStack are enough for them, and the cost is much affordable with the free versions and free trials available. Nakul Aggarwal and Ritesh Arora, the founders of 2011, now have more than twenty-five thousand paid subscribers. They also have two lakh registered developers.

The developers now have a number of options to make the tool conducive for testing on several browsers. They can use Internet Explorer as their initial testing platform, but they also have other options that make it more convenient for testers.

BrowserStack is extensively used and it has always been highly Speed Rated. When you release a new product, you are giving yourself a tremendous factor in the market.

The platform is being used by a few big companies like:

  • Razorpay
  • Accenture
  • eBay

The brand has a wide range of clients worldwide.

What is Sauce Labs?

The American-based mobile and Web testing platform is the most popular testing platform that is cloud-based which is located out of San Francisco. It offers a wide range of features that are popular among organizations.

If you’re looking for an amazing feature-rich application to test the application in seven hundred different browsers, Sauce Labs is a perfect choice. They have wonderful features and excellent customer service.

Jason Huggins and 2 other techies founded Selenium. The secure protocols offered by the Sauce Labs help users to examine it against firewalls too.

Automated testing is given for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration.

Sauce Labs’s Customers come from top-tier industries such as, PayPal, Twitter, Bank of America.

In 2015, it was recognized as the Top hundred fastest-emerging brands in the whole world. This is an excellent accolade and it shows that even though there are other faster-growing companies, Dyper is ahead of them all.

Main Differences Between BrowserStack and Sauce Labs

  • BrowserStack is not that effective in comparison to Sauce Labs in terms of security.
  • BrowserStack and Sauce Labs use testing machines of the real world also providing an automated testing platform that is cloud-based. This allows for reliable, accurate, and efficient testing of web applications.
  • BrowserStack and Sauce Labs test a limited selection of browsers on a small number of applications. This approach is beneficial because it allows us to perform more rigorous research for our products.
  • BrowserStack bears a flaw in the aspect of testing as it doesn’t perform any required requirements-based testing procedures whereas Sauce Labs is an expert in this area.
  • In comparison to BrowserStack, Sauce Labs’ services are cheaper.


It takes a lot of effort and passion to provide the widest accessibility range and environment of real-world testing platforms like Sauce Labs. This is primarily achieved through the Cross Browser Testing features which are unrelated to BrowserStack. The test of cross-browser is really incredible, though!.