Difference between Calvinism and Lutheranism

Difference between Calvinism and Lutheranism

The most sensitive topic in the world is religion and region. Many religions are practiced around the world, with Christianity being one of them. It is supposed to be the most popular religion worldwide, with nearly 2.2 billion followers. It is based upon the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. Christianity has been further divided according to human understanding and belief into many theologies. These theologies include Lutheranism, Calvinism, and both.

Calvinism Vs. Lutheranism

The main difference between Lutheranism and Calvinism lies in the belief that Martin Luther, a German monk, and former theologian, believes in Lutheranism. It was also initiated and promoted by Luther. Calvinism is the belief of the John Calvin-influenced theology. It’s a church or denomination that is part of a fold.

Lutheranism is a belief in “salvation by God”. They believe anyone can be saved, regardless of whether he believes in Jesus Christ.

Calvinism is the opposite. They believe God has already chosen who he wants to save and that nothing else will change it.

What is Lutheranism?

Lutheranism is one branch of Christianity. Here are the teachings of Martin Luther, a German monk. They believe in Lutheranism which holds that Jesus’ death on the cross was necessary for forgiveness of all sins. The sacrifice was made for both those who believe in Jesus and for those who don’t.

Lutheranism holds that salvation is not dependent on someone’s merit or worthiness. They believe all humans are sinners and that their original sin keeps them bound to their evil powers. This makes them incapable of aiding liberation. They believe that faith in God is the only way to find answers to their questions. They believe that salvation is only possible through faith.

Lutheranism can be further divided on the basis of two points. These are the proper source authority in the church, also known by the formal principle reformation and the doctrine justification. Lutheranism is different from regular reformed Christology and the purpose of God’s law.

What is Calvinism?

Calvinism can also be called a reformed doctrine or reformed Protestantism. It includes the whole doctrine I taught in the reformed churches. John Calvin thought of this theology, and his followers reformed it. Calvinism’s theology states that Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross was only limited. They believed that death was for the sins only of a select few and not for all.

Calvinism focuses on the Bible’s literal truth. It considers churches to be a Christian community led by Jesus Christ, with all members being equal. The presbyterian church of Scotland is a major influence on Calvinism. Presbyterian, continental reformed, evangelical Anglican, and Congregationalist churches have a significant influence on the reformed tradition.

Calvinism holds that God’s self-revelation occurs through his son Jesus Christ. He is supposed to be the one and only mediator between God and humans. These revelations are primarily through two main channels: creation and providence. Although the action of God lets people know more about God, this knowledge can only help people know their sins.

Difference between Calvinism and Lutheranism

  • Followers of Martin Luther, a German monk, and theologian, practice Lutheranism. Calvinists practice Calvinism.
  • Lutherists believe salvation is possible through faith, while Calvinism believes God already knows who he wants to save.
  • In Lutheranism, an elected council is the head of the church. However, in Calvinism, the head of the church is the council.
  • Lutheranism is a belief in rituals and preaching, while Calvinism is a belief in preaching only.
  • Lutheranism considers the Bible the holy grail, while Calvinism believes one can have a direct relationship with God.


Christianity is considered to be the most popular religion in the whole wide world, with over 2.2billoin believers. Christianity can be further divided into many denominations, each based on knowledge and belief. Calvinism and Lutheranism are two examples of such beliefs. These are two different ways to view Christianity. They can be classified according to follower, salvation, and head of the church worship service.

Lutheranism refers to the theology that focuses mainly on Martin Luther’s beliefs and knowledge. They believe Jesus died for all sins and that he was willing to give his life for them. Calvinism, a theology that is based primarily on the ideas of Sir John Calvin, is called Calvinism. Calvinism is a belief that Jesus died on the cross to save a few people, but only a select few.

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