Difference between Camping coffee percolator and French press

Difference between Camping coffee percolator and French press

Some people cannot start their day without coffee, and without a doubt, the art of making coffee has been quite popular these days. Gone were the days when you had no choice but to go to a coffee shop to grab a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee because, with the advancement in technology, there are now different ways to make coffee. However, the classic ways of making coffee are certainly not dead.

The only difference is that you can enjoy these classic methods at the luxury of your house these days. There are a lot of different machines that give you a hassle-free experience in making coffee while letting you enjoy the process itself, and two of them would be the camping coffee percolator and the French press.

Camping coffee percolator Vs. French press

The main difference between the camping coffee percolator and the French Press would be that the coffee percolator uses steam to brew the coffee. At the same time, French Press relies on the immersion of coffee in the water and the pressure that comes with the extraction of the brew.

A camping coffee percolator is good for outdoor use, and it is the type used for repeated boiling and stirring of the coffee near the ground until the coffee gets to the consistency that you desire. It is used mostly for outdoor use, but you can also use it for indoor purposes, especially when making coffee in batches.

On the other side, the French press, better known as cafetière, is often found in coffee shops because it is known to give the coffee a very rich and aromatic flavor. It is used in the brewing process of coffee. It also has other purposes such as filtration, tomato juice separation, and more. The main concept of the French Press is that it uses pressure to make the liquid inside it tastier and have a richer flavor.

What is a Camping coffee percolator?

A camping coffee percolator is a machine used for making coffee, and its main purpose is for outdoor use, but it can also be used on indoor events. It was patented by James Nason Franklin of Massachusetts, dating back to 1865. The company Russell Hobbs invented the first electric percolator way back in 1952, and that has been the start of a new age for the coffee percolator. Its availability since then has been one of the best inventions in the world of coffee.

It is a great way to make coffee, and the best part is that it is hassle-free to use. You get to enjoy making coffee without having to fuss over it a lot. The entire process is easy, yet the resulting coffee is delicious and has a scrumptious flavor with refined texture.

The coffee percolator has certainly evolved over the years, and it has helped a lot of people to enjoy the way they take their coffee. Large coffee percolators are often used in big events such as gatherings, festivities, and the like where there is a need for a large amount of coffee.

The popularity of the coffee percolator had decreased when the drip coffee makers became popular, but it is still used for different occasions over the world.

What is a French press?

The French Press is a coffee-making machine that has been quite famous and has been used dating back to 1923. It uses the concept of filtration of the coffee and then accelerating it through pressure to give a coffee with refined taste. It can also be used for many different purposes, such as brewing tea, filtration, separating tomato liquid, and broth straining.

The first patent of the French press was done by a Milanese designer named Atilio Calimani way back in 1929. There has been a couple of changes with the French press since that time. It has been claimed that the machine has been made specifically for tea but later on was found to be good for making coffee.

The process goes where coarse ground coffee is brewed in a container, and then when it reaches a certain temperature, water is then added to it. After that, the French press filters it, and then it is served. The modern French press now looks like a cylindrical beaker which consists of a filter, a plunger, and a lid.

There are a lot of different names that the French press go by, one of them is the coffee press, while in the UK, it is mostly known as cafetière.

Difference between Camping coffee percolator and French press

  • Both the camping coffee percolator and the French press are used in making coffee, but they both have different techniques in doing so. The French press makes use of filtration and pressure where the coffee percolator uses heat and stirring
  • The coffee percolator is used solely for making coffee, but the French press can make tea, strain broth, and filter tomato juices.
  • The brewing method of both machines needs high concentration and experience, but the coffee percolator is way easier to use than the French press.
  • Camping coffee percolator can work and make coffee by itself, while a French press needs other machinery such as one for boiling.
  • The French Press gives you more control about how to make your coffee and how it is going to taste like.
  • The camping coffee percolator is able to make coffee in big batches while the French Press does not.


Probably more than half the world uses coffee machines versus having to make their coffee manually. Both the French Press and the Camping Coffee Percolators are good machines to make coffee despite taking more time. The one that you should choose is the one that you think would work out better for your purpose.

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