Difference Between Canon EOS 1500D and 200D

Difference Between Canon EOS 1500D and 200D

One of the main benefits of choosing a camera body with an affordable price point is that it allows for a reduced screen modes list. For example, The EOS 1500D has only six screen modes while The 200D version offers 23 different modes. Despite this lack of manual control over functions and settings being offered by the camera body, though not limited to just these two models-the distinctions between them is that they come with differing degrees of sophistication which make all but impossible for any comparison or standardization due primarily on their differences in cost alone.

Canon EOS 1500D Vs. 200D

The contrast between the 1500D and the EOS 200D model is that the 1500D has less mode of the screen, whereas the latter model has a lot of modes of the screen for its users. Kids mode, Group Photo mode, and also the mode of Candlelight are some of the modes that are included. The interface of EOS 1500D does not include these exclusive screen modes.

Comparison Table Between Canon EOS 1500D and 200D

Parameter of Comparison The EOS 1500D The EOS 200D
Screen Mode Fewer. Several exclusive modes.
Price Less expensive. More expensive.
Display Resolutions 920000 dot. 1040000 dot.
Launching year 2018. 2017.
Processor DIGIC 4+. DIGIC 7.
Bluetooth connectivity Absent. Offered.
Formats of Audio Recording Format of Linear PCM. AAC format
Megapixel Capacity 24.1 MegaPixel. 24.2 MegaPixel
Weight 475grams. 453grams.
Touchscreen Not available. Available.
Battery Lifespan Till 500 shots. 650 shots.
Frames Per Sec. 3 fps (frames per second). 5 fps (frames per second).

What is the Canon EOS 1500D?

The EOS 1500D model is the successor to the EOS 1200D that was launched in 2017. It has a lower price tag than its predecessor and offers similar performance. The 1500D includes a 3” display monitor and is an excellent choice for any budget-minded customer who needs a reliable digital camera.

The EOS 1500D DSLR offers the user 24.1MP. It is a high-powered camera, which can be used by the novice photographer to capture some of his/her best work.

This model has an optical viewfinder that makes it easier for new users to operate. It includes a GPS and WiFi feature that lets you easily download maps, receive news updates and keep connected to friends and family. The lack of a touchscreen is the only notable negative feature of this model.

What is the Canon EOS 200D?

The EOS 200D is a very advanced DSLR. It has a number of sophisticated modes of the screen, and it is one of the most popular expensive cameras available.

One of the most advanced compact digital cameras on the market is the EOS 200D. It has a shutter of focal-plane that is electronically controlled, a touch screen interface, a High Dynamic Range mode, a DIGIC 7 processor, and many more specifications.

This is a great gift for any hunter or someone who loves to shoot sporting clays. It’s a powerful, long-lasting battery that will operate up to 650 shots. The EOS 200D is a digital camera that has the sound of AAC card and Bluetooth wireless connectivity which makes it unique among digital cameras. This camera is a great choice for anyone looking for a first-class consumer digital camera that delivers superb image quality and features at an affordable price. It’s also a safe choice for anyone who is new to digital photography because it comes with plenty of easy-to-understand features and very friendly technology.

Difference Between the Canon EOS 1500D and 200D

These two digital cameras are designed for different types of photographers. The more affordable model (EOS 1500D) is best for beginners or for photographers who don’t have a lot of money to spend on photography equipment. The more expensive model (EOS 200D) is better for advanced photographers who want or need the highest quality photos possible.

The most noticeable difference between the 200D and 1500Dmodels is the fact the former lacks some of the advanced features the latter is equipped with. Like HDR, Group Photos, and other screen modes.

Each of the two EOS DSLRs offers a different frame rate. The EOS-1Ds (1500D) offer 3 fps, the EOS-1Ds Mark II (200D) offer 5 frames per second.

The EOS 200D was the first camera to feature an Intelligent D-Lighting system, and the most recent model, the EOS 1500D, continues to use that same technology.

All of the models of DSLR from Canon use different processors. The EOS 200D uses the processor of DIGIC 7, whereas the EOS 1500D has a processor of DIGIC 4+.

The pixel resolution of the EOS 1500D is 920000, while the pixel resolution of the EOS 200D is 1040000.

The EOS 200D version has a built-in screen to assist the photographer in making the perfect shot. It also has a touchscreen interface, which isn’t there in the EOS 1500D version.

The EOS 200D model has a longer-lasting battery than the EOS 1500D version. It has a battery life of up to 650 shots, whereas the latter model can sustain without charging for 500 shots.

The connectivity of Bluetooth is provided by the EOS 200D, which is not found in the EOS 1500D.

The EOS-1500 is much heavier than the EOS-200. It weighs 476 grams, as opposed to the lighter model’s weight of 453 grams.

Both of these digital cameras record audio in different formats for audio recording. The EOS 1500D model has the format of linear PCM, whereas the 200D uses the format of AAC.


The EOS 1500D model and the EOS 200D model are very similar cameras in terms of their specifications and feature sets. Although both cameras have some excellent qualities, the latter has secured an edge over the former due to its superior feature set and its unmatched picture quality.

The EOS 200D version boasts a larger and enhanced image sensor than the competition. It’s equipped with a more powerful power supply, which ensures it can fire off more frames per second than its competitors.

Canon’s EOS 1200D is a very popular camera for beginners in photography. If you want an inexpensive DSLR that has fast charging capabilities and standard features, then the EOS 1500D model might be a better-suited option.