Difference Between Canon Eos 200D and 200D Mark II

Difference Between Canon Eos 200D and 200D Mark II

The technology used in modern cameras is pretty advanced, allowing the average person to capture and edit their memories and share them with the world. From the camera phones available to the DSLR or SLR cameras for more serious photographers, there are cameras to suit every taste.

With the advent of the digital revolution and the high-speed Internet, photographers are now able to capture all of their photographic moments in one single click and share them instantly with friends and family via social networking sites. With the Canon EOS 200D Mark II, you can snap photos and videos with ease and convenience, while improving your overall photography skills with its intuitive features and its improved design.

200D Mark II Vs. Canon Eos200D

The contrast between the Canon EOS200D and EOS 200D Mark II is not the sensor. It’s actually the processor that controls the camera, and that processor gives the photographer more options when it comes to creative control. However, that doesn’t mean the photographer gets less control over the final product.

Comparison Table Between the Canon Eos 200D and 200D Mark II

Parameter of Comparison The Canon 200D 200D Mark II
Capacity of Battery 650 shots 1070 shots
Image Processor The DIGIC 7 The DIGIC 8
Cost Quite Affordable Comparatively expensive.
Movie Qualities 1920×1080 in 50p 3840×2160 in 25p

What is the Canon EOS200D?

EOS 200D is a very advanced DSLRs. It comes with a number of sophisticated modes of the screen, and it is one of the most popular and expensive cameras available.

One of the most advanced compact digital cameras on the market is the EOS 200D. It has a shutter of focal-plane that is electronically controlled, a touch screen interface, a High Dynamic Range mode, a DIGIC 7 processor, and many more specifications.

This is a great gift for any hunter or someone who loves to shoot sporting clays. It’s a powerful, long-lasting battery that will operate up to 650 shots. The EOS 200D is a digital camera that has a sound AAC card and Bluetooth wireless connectivity which makes it unique among digital cameras. This camera is a great choice for anyone looking for a first-class consumer digital camera that delivers superb image quality and features at an affordable price. It’s also a safe choice for anyone who is new to digital photography because it comes with plenty of easy-to-understand features and very friendly technology.

What is the Canon EOS200D Mark II?

This is the perfect camera for someone who wants to venture into the world of photography. It has a 24.1 MP, a DIGIC8 processor and can shoot in several still formats of image, including RAW, JPEG, RAW+JPEG, C-RAW, and C-RAW+JPEG. Also, the balance of white is immaculate.

The unique feature of the camera is a Smooth Skin mode and also Creative Assist, which lets you take the best selfies. It has a variety of shooting modes, such as Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Candlelight, Close-up, Night Portrait.

The modes of AF in this camera are much more than Eos200D which includes AI Servo, AI Focus, One-shot AF, and Servo AF. The 4K mode of video is available, but it doesn’t really perform that great.

Difference Between the Canon Eos 200D and 200D Mark II

  • While the resolution is much higher in Mark II than EOS 200D, a DIGIC 8 is what makes this camera different. It’s what enables the Mark II to achieve a 24-megapixel resolution, allowing for much better quality images than the 12-megapixel resolution of the EOS200D.
  • The format of image storing is much more elaborate in the Mark II than EOS200D. It’s a significant upgrade, especially if you take a lot of photos.
  • The battery life in the Mark II is longer than that in the Eos. In other words, the battery in the Mark II has greater capacity.
  • The Mark II camera has a higher resolution than the Eos200D.


It depends totally on the customer to choose whichever one they think is best suited for him/her. Both of these digital cameras are very good and will get your job completed. Photography is both an art and a skill, so if you want to do it as your hobby and also as your profession, it will dictate which one you should buy.

Canon marketed the Mark II as the stepping stone in the DSLR world and it’ll be better for 1st-time users. The only differences between the two are that they both provide a smooth experience.

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