Difference Between Catholic Bible and Pentecostal Bible

Difference Between Catholic Bible and Pentecostal Bible

This holy book of Christianity was first written 2000 years ago. From its ancient version to what we know today, this book has undergone many changes over the course of centuries. The Bible of King James was published in the year 1611 and is still an important part of Christianity today due to its popularity among Christians all around the world.

Catholic Bible Vs. Pentecostal Bible

Catholic Bibles are different from Pentecostal Bibles because Catholic Bible depends on Septuagint whereas the other Bible includes more wisdom books that are not found in a Pentecostal bible. The difference is that there are seven fewer books in a Pentecostal bible than a catholic one.

Catholic Bible contains writings of the Septuagint that are not found in the New Testament. It also incorporates teachings from Roman Magisterium and from the teachings of church as well as writings that were influenced by paganism.

The Christian or the Pentecostal Bible is the supreme guide to life. It alone has the answers to all human questions. It was written by humans, but it is divinely inspired. Through it, humans can achieve salvation. All other books (except the Bible) are just a collection of human ideas and philosophies.

Comparison Table Between the Catholic Bible and Pentecostal Bible

Parameters of Comparison The Catholic Bible The Pentecostal Bible
Beliefs The Catholics believe that the Catholic Church has special religious authority. Pentecostals believe that the Bible is authoritative.
Physical deities They’ve deities and statues in the Church. They do not.
Saints to pray for Ranging from popular saints to unknown ones, they pray innocently. They do not have any such saints.
Afterlife They do believe that putting their belief in God will take them to heaven. Purgation is what they believe.
Free wills They promote Christ’s beliefs. They are responsible for everything that happens in the world, so it’s important that we recognize them as beings who have free will.

What is the Catholic Bible?

Catholicism is not limited to what the Bible teaches. Along with it, there are other sources they refer to for their beliefs and teachings. These include the Roman Magisterium which includes both Pope Francis and all his ministers as well as every sacred scripture that exists just for Catholics alone.

Catholic Bible was created from “Septuagint” and has a number of scriptures and accounts that have been preserved as unique as possible regardless of resistance.

Christian Bible was not considered sacred until it became canonized and preserved those of the first Scripture; however the New Testament went under specific changes in Scriptures considered to be unseemly by other religions.

Catholic Church used seven books written in Greek to make Septuagint, which is an alternate translation of the Bible. The alternate standard of Hebrew was used instead of the one used by the Protestants and Hebrews. The Septuagint was used by early Catholic clerics because they could only read Greek, and thus not Hebrew, causing a lot of discussion among church officials about whether it should be used at all.

What is Pentecostal Bible?

Christian Church followed the Septuagint in keeping and following every book of the Septuagint, but they didn’t follow any of the changes made by Jewish rabbis in the Scriptures of them. The Hebrew form of those books which they translated and published was framed after they eliminated a bunch of Jewish books.

The Bible encourages Christians to be confident. Whatever isn’t in Christian Bible isn’t viewed as the people deserving the confidence because they follow what the Bible says. Christian Bible is all that is needed by a Christian to achieve salvation and heavenliness whenever followed.

In 1546, the Trent Council decided to retain the Septuagint as the bible of the Eastern Catholics. The Septuagint version was called that by them. Attempting to say that multiple times, they set it up with Apocrypha in order to make Anagignoskomena.

Protestant Bible contains about the same number of books as Catholic Bible, but it’s put together in a somewhat surprising way. One example is, the Protestant Bible has a book called “1 Samuel” which is actually made up of two separate books — one called “Samuel 1” and the other called “Samuel 2”. These two books together make up about half of the book called “1 Samuel” in the Protestant Bible.

There are 39 books in Catholic Bible. These include two that you may not know about: Judith, Tobit, the Wisdom of Solomon and Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), the Baruch (including Letters of Jeremiah).

Difference Between Catholic Bible and Pentecostal Bible

According to Christians, Catholics have images or statues of their believed deity in their Churches. But Pentecostals do not have images of statues in their churches.

When we speak of church traditions, sacred scriptures, or the Magisterium, we mean the teachings that the Catholic Church uses for her teachings. The Bible is used as the primary source of authority and beliefs by the Pentecostals.

There are thousands of saints in the Catholic church to pray for different intentions. When you are a Catholic, you have the ability to choose which saint is right for you. The Pentecostal community does not have an official list of people that they can pray with.

While the Catholic Church may believe it’s a personal decision, most Pentecostals feel it’s not. They think the decision to accept Christ is made by the individual for the individual and not by the individual for the Church. The Catholic Church is very clear about what an individual must do in order to become a Christian, and they expect the individual to then go out into the world and be a free-willed agent of his or her own salvation.

The Catholics believe that there will be an intermediate state between death and paradise called limbo. Pentecostals believe that all believers will go directly to paradise without having to endure a place called limbo


The Holy Bible is considered the holiest book of all. It’s the sacred texts of Christianity and Judaism. There are 27 books in the New Testament and 34 in the Old Testament. The Eastern and Catholic orthodox variants refer to specific books or parts of them as “fanciful” by the Protestants — those which they do not recognize as part of their holy scripture.

The Old Testament is the Holy Bible, which contains only the books considered by Christians as the Old Testament. The Romans and Protestant-Catholic standards of their respective faiths are remarkably similar. They both include the same books. The only real difference is that Protestants add “unreached peoples” to their list of the books they consider to be in the Old Testament. However, these unreached peoples are not considered part of the Catholic Bible.

Different versions of the Bible have been created by different authors and each version presents its own interpretation of what a “bible” is. This makes it difficult for people to understand what each bible is really saying and how they should use it in their daily lives.

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