Difference Between Chain Drive and Belt Drive

Difference Between Chain Drive and Belt Drive

Chains and belts are important links in mechanisms. They give power for movement and transfer. The main use is to give power to the movement of objects. Many types of mechanisms use either chains or belts.

Chain Drive Vs. Belt Drive

chain drive is a type of engagement drive while belt drive is a type of friction drive. Chain Drive requires you to move through several connections in order to get the object into the desired position. Belt Drive, on the other hand, does not require any additional movement towards or away from the connection; only forward and backward.

Chain Drive is made from metal, and the designs allow the chain to hold it in one place and direction. Chains are made up of links with a special surface on one side, and etchings on the other side. They allow you to hold something in one place and direction.

A belt drive, also known as a synchronous belt drive, is the best choice for an e-commerce store. It provides easy access to high-speed, low-maintenance operations. In addition, it provides better security than chain drives and does not require frequent lubrication.

Comparison Table Between Chain Drive and Belt Drive

Parameter Of Comparison The Chain Drive The Belt Drive
Main Elements Chain, Sprockets Belt, Pulleys
Slips No-slips Slips may occur
Spaces Moderate Large
Life Moderate Less
Suitability Moderate distances of center Large distances of center
Lubrications Required Not required
Designs Simple Simplest
Cost of Installation Moderate Much Less
Type Engagement Friction
Workroom Temperature Not that affected Affected

What is the Chain Drive?

Chain Drive is a technology used in the industry which is based on the propagation of a chain wrapped around a sprocket. This allows the chain to move continuously without slippage. Therefore, it provides a positive drive as there is no slipping. It produces a constant velocity ratio.

There are 3 types of chains: conveyor, power transmission, and hauling chains. It is used in motorcycles, bicycles, textile machinery, and agricultural machinery, material handling equipment.

A chain drive consists of a silent chain, roller chain, detachable link chain, engineering steel chain, and double pitch chain. There are many different types of load classification. Moderate shock, smooth, and heavy shock load are what they’re called. Chain Drive is more durable than other drive types. It’s easier to change gears when the chain isn’t working.

Chain Drivers are usually used when the distances between the power source and the place of work are large. They are used to transfer long distances of power.

A gear reduction ratio remains constant in chain drive. Sprockets are put on wheels or the axis of rotation. A chain runs around these sprockets. The chain has many teeth and they fit on the sprocket. In Chain Drive, the gears have the same number of teeth, but there are many more between them than there are teeth on the chain.

What is the Belt Drive?

A belt drive is a type of machine that uses two or more pulleys on parallel shafts to change the direction and speed of a rotating object. The main elements are pulleys and a belt. It is looped over pulleys and has twists between pulls.

Shafts don’t have to be parallel; Belt Drive is the most flexible part of the mechanical system. There are 5 kinds of Belt Drive: open, stepped cone pulley, closed/crossed, fast and loose cone pulley, and jockey pulley drive. A negative drive occurs due to creep and slip. You should look for material that has some properties like flexibility, resistance to heat, and durability.

The five kinds of material that are available for the belt are: rubber, leather, fabric or cotton, balata, and plastic. By changing the material and/or the size of the belt you can adjust the resistance. The power transmitted by the system is influenced by several factors, including the velocity of the belt, tension, arc of contact, and other conditions. The simplest design, manufacturing, and complexity is Belt Drive. It does not require any lubrication.

Difference Between Chain Drive and Belt Drive

  • A chain drive is operated by the chain loop, while a belt drive is operated by a belt.
  • In terms of chain drives, metals are commonly used. By contrast, belt drives are often made of synthetic materials.
  • There is no slip in Chain Drive. That’s why it’s better than the belt.
  • Chain drive is more efficient than belt drive and lasts longer.
  • In belt drives, lubrication is required. However, in chain drives, it’s not needed.
  • Belt Drives are best for situations where the distance between the two pulleys is very large. Chain Drives are best for situations where the distance between the two pulleys is moderate.


Chain Drive and Belt Drive are two types of drive. They both allow motion and transfer power within a particular piece of machinery. Chain Drive and Belt Drive are both used in automobiles. When the chain breaks in Chain Drive, the machine and the operation of the system will not be damaged. The belt in Belt Drive can cause damage to the machine or the operation of the system.

The price, installation cost, and torque of Belt Drive are significantly lower than those of Chain Drive. Belt Drive can transmit power only between parallel shafts. Chain Drive can transmit power at various angles in all directions. Workroom temperature affects the performance of the belt drive.

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