Difference between Chi and Ultra Chi

Difference between Chi and Ultra Chi

You might think that you do not need a flat iron, but there are a lot of benefits to getting one. One of them would be even heat distribution on your hair to minimize heat and damage to your hair. Some of the most popular flat irons are the Chi and the Ultra Chi iron, which the Chi flat iron company produced. The company was established way back in 2002. It is an online company that sells flat irons online. They are best known for the professional quality of their iron, which is also why they attract a lot of customers worldwide.

Chi vs. Ultra Chi

The main difference between the Chi and the Ultra Chi would be their features. The Ultra Chi flat iron is said to have a flash heating feature that the Chi flat iron does not have. Ultra Chi iron is said to heat up quicker than the chi iron. The Chi company ensures that all irons are delivered without any additional shipping costs and up to 60% of discounts.

The Chi iron is known best for its ability to tame the frizziest of hairs and straighten them. It produces and conducts heat efficiently and instantly to easily be straightened using an iron. Using it, you get straight hair for an extended period of time. It helps you manage your hair, style it, and enjoy it without worrying about the damage that it might cause.

On the other hand, the Ultra chi iron is made of plastic, and it heats up way quicker than the regular Chi iron. It also gives results in a shorter amount of time and remains very effective. You want to make sure that you get a flat iron suitable for your needs, and any of these two would help you achieve the hair you want and need for any occasion.

What is Chi?

Irons help up with heating objects, and flat irons are made to help with styling your hair. The flat iron helps retain the moisture of your hair, locking it in, and styling your hair in the same place for an extended period of time. When using a flat iron, you get to have shiny and hydrated hair. It also gives you a lustrous, voluminous, and smooth look to your hair. This is why stylists of artists often use it to keep their hair looking as fresh as possible.

The best thing about the Chi flat iron is that it comes with a guarantee, and you can be sure that they are comparatively affordable among other brands. Thus, you can relax as you will not get broke buying it. You might have to consider that it is quite fragile given that its body is made up of ceramic, but they do work for at least two to three years which should be a good time to get your money’s worth. The good news is despite their ceramic body; they are light in weight and quite portable.

The Chi flat iron is good for travel and is extremely safe for your hair so that you can use it without incurring damage to your hair. It is also designed to help you use up small amounts of energy, so you save on electricity. You might also want to consider that it has a 360-degree swivel cord which means you would not get your wires tangled up. The ceramic body helps maintain the temperature of the iron for a longer time.

What is Ultra Chi?

The Ultra Chi has amazing five heat settings that go from 330 degrees to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a one-inch gold ceramic plate that would touch your hair to make it shiny and smooth. With just two passes to your hair, you get it straightened immediately. An additional feature is that the surroundings of the plate are slightly raised so that your hair would not get stuck on the surroundings of the iron.

With an adjustable heat setting option, you would be able to find which temperature would be most comfortable for you. After all, every hair differs from one person to another, so what might be comfortable for you might not be for others, and an adjustable temperature option is certainly a very useful thing to have. It also comes in a lot of colors, but the red one is said to be more expensive than the others.

This iron helps you to style your hair and tame it well. It heats up within 30 seconds and does amazing things to your hair that you will be able to enjoy.

Difference between Chi and Ultra Chi

  • Chi iron has a fixed temperature, while the Ultra Chi has five temperature settings on different ranges, so you can choose from it.
  • Chi iron has a ceramic body, while the Ultra chi iron has a plastic body.
  • Chi iron does not have a flash heating feature, and it is only available in the Ultra chi iron.
  • Chi iron is cheaper than ultra chi iron.


With state-of-the-art technology on things that you use every day is certainly something very useful and effective. While both the Chi and the Ultra Chi are good irons, it would be best to consider what you need before you decide to buy. You can trust Chi would certainly work out for you, but it would be good to know which of the two is more suitable for the things that you plan on using your flat iron with or the number of occurrences you will be styling your hair per week.

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