Difference Between Chickpea and Green Pea

Difference Between Chickpea and Green Pea

Green vegetables, lentils, and legumes are important for our body to build other cells and for maintaining our body’s optimum functioning. Therefore, our body needs several vegetables to provide us with different types of nutrients

Chickpeas are one type of dry grain called a “legume” that helps us to get protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. They’re also referred to as “black-eyed beans.” We can eat them (cooked or raw) without worrying about any health problems.

Chickpea Vs. Green Pea

Green pea and chickpea belong to the same family, but there is a difference between the two. Chickpea is yellow-colored, whereas green pea is usually green. They both have a lifecycle of 1 year.

Chickpeas are a kind of pulse, they are angular or spherical in shape and are available in different colors like yellow, red, black, green, etc. They become soft very easily. Chickpeas are often fed to animals, especially cows and horses in order to increase their weight. It is known as the “gram” in many Asian regions.

Green peas are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat and they also come from legume families. However, they don’t have all the features other members of that family do. Their pods are not folded as is the case with beans and lentils.

Comparison Table Between Chickpea and Green Pea

Parameter of Comparison The Chickpea The Green Pea
Definition Chickpeas are a yellowish bean-like food that can have either a spherical or an angular shape. The green pea is one of the few spherical-shaped legumes that are available. They’re a good source of protein.
Family Fabaceae or the Leguminosae family. Fabaceae or the Leguminosae family.
Colors  pale yellow, black, etc. Light or dark green.
The Nutritional Values 1.Fat= 14 percent

2. Carbohydrates= 65 percent

3. Protein= 21 percent

4. Linoleic acid= 1.113grams

1. Fat= 5 percent

2. Carbohydrates= 69 percent

3. Protein= 26percent

4. Linoleic acid= 0.152grams

Kingdom Plantae. Plantae.
The Scientific name Cicer arietinum. Pisum sativum.
Tastes Apparently no taste. Sweet or neutral.

What is Chickpea?

Chickpeas are a legume belonging to the legume family, also called grams in many Asian countries. They have a nutrient value less than the green peas. The widely seen chana masala of Asia has chickpeas as its major ingredient. Chickpeas are one of the main ingredients in many cuisines around the world. They’re also known as garbanzo beans, Ceci beans, desi dumplings, hummus, and hummus. They’re technically a kind of bean, but they’re usually referred to as a legume.

Chickpeas are a healthy food. They are considered to be one of the best sources of plant-based protein. They are often used as a meat substitute in vegetarian dishes and as a thickening agent in salads and sauces.

Chickpeas origin is in Turkey. Chickpea plants are up to 40 centimeters tall and come under the grains or pulses. Chickpeas are mostly grown in India and exported to many other countries.

What is the Green Pea?

These are a type of bean and are very high in protein. Because of their lesser fat content, they are recommended while somebody is on diet. They are bright green in color and have a spherical shape. The average life expectancy of this type of plant is three years.

Green peas can be eaten raw or cooked, and are scientifically classified as Pisum sativum. They can weigh up to 0.3 grams and can be large or small. Their taste can range from sweet to bland.

Green peas are grown mainly during winters as it needs a cooler temperature for successful cultivation.

Difference Between the Chickpea and Green Pea

  • Chickpeas belong to the family of legumes, which includes beans, peas, and lentils. They are yellowish-orange in color and have a sphere-like shape. Green peas belong to a different family. They look like green beans but with a different shape.
  • There are many ways to grow green peas. Some are sweet, and some are not. And, most of the time, the peas grown have no flavor whatsoever.
  • Green peas have a bright, fresh flavor, while chickpeas have a rich, meaty flavor. Green peas have a smooth texture, whereas chickpeas are often a little crunchy.
  • The nutrients in green peas are much higher than those in chickpeas. Legumes are one of the superfoods that help keep you healthy.


Nutrients are important for our health. That’s why doctors always tell us to have our greens and eat plenty of dry foods. But because of the convenience and availability of supplements in the market today, many people depend on them as a primary source of nutrition. This is a bad idea. Unless you get your nutrients from a natural, healthy, and unprocessed form, you can very easily end up with a deficiency disease or some other form of nutritional problem.

Chickpeas and Green peas are very nutritious. They are members of the family of legumes. Chickpeas are generally round, yellow, and have a smooth texture. Green peas are green and are found inside the pod. Green peas are more nutritious than Chickpeas.

The edible kind of Green peas is preferred over the non-edible kind while making food items. However, while making several types of food items, chickpeas are usually preferred over green peas.

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