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Difference between Cisco CML and VIRL

Difference between Cisco CML and VIRL

Students can study about computer networking and Cisco products at the Cisco Networking Academy, which is part of the Cisco Learning Network. Cisco CML and VIRL is a lab environment where students and users may test and learn about Cisco networking technologies and products. However, there is a distinction to be made, which is as follows.

Cisco CML Vs. VIRL

The distinction between Cisco CML and VIRL is that they are designed for two distinct audiences. Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) is a tool that allows network managers to test network configurations in a virtual environment. Virtual Internet Routing Labs, or VIRL for short, is a Cisco application that allows users to configure labs using a real router.

Cisco Modeling Lab is a tool for developing and testing networking models. Engineers and students learning about networking who want to experiment with designing and testing scenarios frequently utilise it. It’s utilized to create complicated network systems that aid data collection and installation.

Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) is an acronym for Virtual Internet Routing Lab. It’s a sophisticated network modelling environment based on Cisco IOS. It can be used to supplement standard network labs while also providing a more cost-effective and flexible alternative. VIRL can be used to model and prepare for certification and training, as well as troubleshoot and test network designs and setups.

What is Cisco CML?

Cisco Modeling Lab is an online tool that allows network engineers to simulate Cisco router, switch, and access point behaviour. Network engineers can obtain expertise with network devices without needing to buy the hardware by using this simulation software. They can create virtual lab topologies using the same gadgets they’ll use in their regular professions! Cisco Modeling Lab is an excellent resource for honing networking skills.

You can concentrate on understanding networking topics instead of worrying about setting up equipment or dealing with network outages when you use the Cisco Modeling Lab. If you’re looking to improve your networking skills, the Cisco Modeling Lab is a great place to start.

The Cisco Modeling Lab (CML) is a network modelling tool with enhanced capabilities. It’s the only advanced simulation platform that offers end-to-end data centre services, such as servers, storage, virtual machines, and fully virtualized data centre services, as well as network services. CML makes modelling, configuring, and analyzing today’s big, virtualized network systems more easier.

The Cisco Modeling and Best Practices (CMBP) Workflow, which is a solution for testing and certifying real-world network designs and configurations, is one of the characters in the model. This approach can be used with a range of apps and devices to monitor and validate logical and physical setups.

What is VIRL?

VIRL is a virtual lab that includes Cisco and Juniper network devices as well as a variety of IOS images. It can aid network modelling by creating a virtual environment in which network designs can be carried out without disrupting the live network. Cisco networking students can use the Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) to practice, test, and run commands on Cisco routers and switches.

It is a set of courseware, simulators, and emulators meant to help engineers and technologists improve their abilities in the networking and communication business. VIRL is a fun and engaging tool for students and educators to practice and enhance their networking skills before implementing the technology in the real world.

The three sorts of characters in this courseware are virtual network devices, virtual lab devices, and virtual lab support devices. The key difference between the two is that CML is designed for enterprise clients and requires more memory and CPU to install, whereas VIRL is designed for everyone, including students. In addition, VIRL is less expensive than CML.

Difference between Cisco CML and VIRL

  • Cisco CML is a VIRL network segment, implying that the VIRL network is substantially larger than CML. CML-P stands for Cisco Modeling Lab Personal, it is the new name for VIRL networks.
  • Cisco CML requires more memory and CPU to install and run, whereas VIRL does not.
  • When the CCNP Data Center certification was first introduced, it was known as CML, and when Cisco relaunched it, they came up with the VIRL.
  • IOS customisation is not possible with Cisco CML. It’s tethered to Cisco’s IOS basis. VIRL, on the other hand, is a tool that provides for a considerable deal of customisation, allowing the user to add anything from Cisco’s IOSs or to supply whatever IOS they want.
  • Cisco CML is more expensive than VIRL.


Cisco CML and Cisco VIRL can be combined to provide a virtual lab for planning and testing large-scale network deployments. Cisco Modeling Labs (Cisco CML) allows users to construct virtual network topologies. Cisco VIRL is a standalone application that makes use of Cisco CML. Both programmes are used to simulate networks.

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