Difference Between Cisco MSE and Cisco CMX

Difference Between Cisco MSE and Cisco CMX

As mobility continues to grow exponentially, Cisco is leading the way by offering both Cisco MSE and CMX solutions. Cisco Connected Mobile Experience provides a mobile data center for the cloud and Cisco Mobility service engine solution in Cisco Mobile Services Engine.

The primary difference between these two products is that Cisco MSE is a web-based platform that provides enterprise-level security and management across all mobile devices, while CMX is an on-premise solution.

Both engines are platform agnostic and versatile, which means they can be deployed on any solution – for example, mobile network operator or service provider.

Both engines are platform agnostic and versatile, which means they can be deployed on any solution – for example, mobile network operator or service provider

Cisco MSE Vs. Cisco CMX

Cisco MSE is a software engine that is built for the mobile network. It is an evolution of Cisco’s previous software engine called Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences Engine.

Cisco CMX, on the other side, can be considered as a new product in Cisco’s portfolio that has been created to help with the digital transformation of mobile networks using software-defined solutions.

A lot of people get confused between Cisco MSE and Cisco CMX. While they both are very similar, the main difference is that the MSE is for enterprise customers, and CMX is for individual consumers with a mobile device that is powered by Cisco’s IOS.

Cisco MSE, Cisco Mobility Service Engine, can be best understood as an extension of BYOD services. It provides five important security features that provide protection to its IoT devices, most importantly its mobile phone. It also provides an integrated mobility service engine along with a cellular modem with embedded WWAN/Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes it easy to use voice-over LTE (VoLTE) technology with this hardware.

Cisco MSE and Cisco CMX are two different software products. Cisco MSE is a mobility service engine powered by Cisco DNA, which is a cloud-based platform designed for the new mobile world. It has been developed to provide customers with an open and flexible platform for building customized solutions for their mobile enterprise. On the other side, Cisco CMX is a networking application that provides secure, reliable access from anywhere on any device.

The difference between these two software products is that while Cisco CMX helps to connect people with data networks, connects devices to networks, and provides security services, Cisco MSE offers a comprehensive solution that also includes device management and security services.

What is Cisco MSE?

Cisco MSE is a modular service engine that can be used to provide SD-WAN capabilities in Cisco’s ASR 9000 Series routers.

It is highly scalable and comes with the ability to update its application software without any human intervention.

Cisco Mobility Service Engine (MSE) is a packet processing engine, which is optimized to provide onboard services for Cisco’s wireless networks.

The MSE solution on the router reduces the number of router hops and latency between the client and server. This leads to better voice quality and less time waiting for web pages to load. Cisco MSE is a software that provides an enterprise mobility management platform to enterprises. It offers an on-premises solution for enterprises to manage mobile devices, apps, and data while providing security and compliance.

Cisco MSE is not an out-of-the-box solution. Cisco works with the client’s team to help them customize the solution based on their requirements.

What is Cisco CMX?

Cisco CMX, or the Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences, is a software product that helps deliver a personalized and seamless experience across all devices and platforms. They provide contextual information and synchronicity to help you stay connected with your digital life.

Cisco CMX is an application that enables developers to transform the application into a multi-device experience. With it, work on one device can be synced to another device, so you are never lost in your work again.

Cisco CMX is a solution designed to help enterprises engage with their customers on the mobile device level. It is Cisco’s response to the new digital age, where customers are more connected than ever before.

In the new digital, it has become possible for people to be connected at all times of day and night or on any day of the year. This constant connectivity has become a problem for companies because their customers demand instant access to information and services that they can find elsewhere.

Difference Between Cisco MSE and Cisco CMX

  • Cisco MSE is a hardware solution for tracking devices, while Cisco CMX is a software solution for locating devices and providing in-depth information.
  • Cisco MSE is Hardware while Cisco CMX is a Software.
  • Cisco MSE tracks physical location Cisco CMX uses location to provide further information.
  • Cisco MSE is used for detecting Cisco CMX is used for detecting, connecting, and engaging.
  • Cisco MSE is a content-aware service. Cisco CMX delivers relevant content.


This conclusion section will compare and contrast the Cisco Mobility service engine with the Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences.

Cisco MSE, also known as Cisco Connected Mobile Experience, is a solution that is based on the complete lifecycle of the device. It synchronizes all of the data from these devices so that it can be used for various applications such as IoT and healthcare.

Cisco CMX, also known as Mobility Service Engine, is a solution that focuses on delivering mobile services to employees in any location. The platform offers contextual information through apps and desktops, delivers rich telephony services to desktops, provides secure access to corporate resources with VPNs, integrates with conferencing systems for audio/video conferencing, supports employee workflows by integrating with Active Directory or LDAP