Difference Between Class I Preservative and Class II Preservative

Difference Between Class I Preservative and Class II Preservative

Preservatives are substances that are used to prevent microbial decomposition in things such as food, drinks, pharmaceutical medications, paints, biological samples, cosmetics, wood, and many other items. They guard against rancidity, mould, and deterioration. They are mostly used for food preservation and can take the form of natural, synthetic, or chemical preservatives.

Salt, nitrate, sugar, vegetable oil, honey, sorbates, sulfites, and benzoates are only a handful of the most regularly used preservatives in the food industry. They are further split into four kinds based on their properties. Class I and class ii preservatives are two types of preservatives that are significantly different from one another.

Preservatives in class I are mostly found in everyday goods like oil, honey, sugar, and salt. Class ii preservatives, often known as chemical preservatives, are mostly chemicals, such as sulfites, benzoates, and nitrites.

Class I Preservative Vs. Class II Preservative

The difference between class I and class ii preservatives is that class I preservatives are naturally occurring and are mostly found in everyday household items; thus, they are not harmful to one’s health; however, class ii preservatives are chemically manufactured and have certain limitations and restrictions for use because they may be harmful to one’s health.

What is Class I Preservative?

A class I preservative is a type of preservative that is typically found in a person’s home. They are widely available in our environment. Items that are regularly seen in nature are classified as class I preservatives. They are very easily available from natural sources, thus they do not require any caution when used for any purpose.

Because they are employed in home-produced foods, class I preservatives are also known as traditional preservatives. In the case of class I preservatives, any authority’s limits or limitations on their use or consumption are normally in place. As a result, it is usually beneficial to choose food products that contain class I preservatives because they are not harmful to one’s health and have no adverse effects or complications after consumption, so one does not need to be cautious when using them.

Salt, vinegar, sugar, vegetable oil, honey, and a variety of other household goods are examples of Class I preservatives. Food preservation methods such as freezing, boiling, and smoking are all considered natural ways.

What is a Class II Preservative?

Chemical preservatives are another name for Class II preservatives. They are unnaturally obtained because they are artificial. Preservatives of class ii are those that are applied to food to extend its shelf life.

Sulphuric acid and salts, thus benzoic acid and salts, sorbic acids, including Na, K, and Ca salts, nitrates or nitrites of Na or K, niacin, sodium and calcium propionates, methyl or propyl parahydroxy-benzoate (parabens), propionic acids, including esters or salts, and Na, K, and Ca salts of lactic acid, and many other preservative

Class II preservatives, which are chemical preservatives or substances, have maximum usage restrictions and should not be utilised in specific products. Excessive use or intake of these goods, which are primarily chemicals, is detrimental to one’s health and may result in difficulties or adverse effects.

FPO (food products order) has set a maximum limit in numerous fruits and vegetables, ranging from 40-2000ppm (SO2), 120-750ppm (benzoic acid), and 50-5000ppm (sorbic acid), depending on the kind and category of the food item.

Difference Between Class I Preservative and Class II Preservative

  • Preservatives of class I are typically found in most homes. They are obtained in a natural way. Class II preservative, on the other hand, is made chemically. They are the result of human activity.
  • There are no such restrictions when using class I preservatives because they are all-natural goods, but there are limitations and restrictions on the use and consumption of class ii preservatives imposed by the various authorities.
  • While there is no risk in consuming class I preservative products, excessive intake of class ii preservative food items may be harmful to one’s health. As a result, it is always advisable to choose class I preservative when purchasing food products.
  • One does not need to be cautious while handling class i preservative as they are daily household items, however in the case of class ii preservative, one needs to be cautious as they are entirely chemicals.
  • Examples of class i preservative are oil, honey, sugar, and salt. And the examples of class ii preservatives are sulfites, benzoates, and nitrites.


Preservatives are chemicals or other substances that are used to keep food fresh or prevent it from microbial decomposition. Natural or synthetic chemical preservatives can be used. Preservatives are divided into four groups based on their characteristics. Class I and class ii preservatives are two of the most popular and widely utilized preservatives.

Natural preservatives are classified as class I. Oil, honey, sugar, and salt are all popular home commodities. They are not hazardous to one’s health because they are natural substances with no restrictions or limitations on their use.

Class ii preservatives, on the other hand, are man-made chemical preservatives such as sulfites, benzoates, and nitrites. Because they are chemicals, there are limits and restrictions on their use, and too much consumption could be harmful to one’s health.

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