Difference Between Climalite and ClimaCool

Difference Between Climalite and ClimaCool

Climalite is one of Adidas’s leading products. It is known for its ability to keep the body cool and dry throughout the day. It has many features that enable it to do this, like its breathable mesh fabric and close-knit materials.

ClimaCool is also a popular product from Adidas. This product has been designed to oftentimes be used in hotter climates, such as in Asia or Africa, where there are high levels of humidity.

Adidas’s ClimaCool technology was created with the intention of being more breathable than Climalite because of the higher levels of humidity these regions.

Climalite Vs. ClimaCool

Climalite is more breathable and moisture-wicking than ClimaCool, which is more focused on keeping the wearer dry.

A quick look at the difference between Climalite and ClimaCool reveals that Climalite is a lightweight material with a mesh-like design that is not only designed to keep the wearer dry but also breathable and moisture-wicking.

Both Climalite and ClimaCool are Adidas technologies for wicking sweat and keeping the wearer dry and cool. Climalite is designed for sports with frequent or heavy sweating, such as basketball or football. ClimaCool is made to keep the wearer dry and fresh in leisure time. The materials used in these technologies are different as well:

Climalite uses a compound of Polyester and Polyurethane

ClimaCool uses a material called DryCell, which absorbs sweat from the surface of the skin

Climalite is a new fabric developed by Adidas that is specifically designed to keep the body cool and dry during intense physical activity.

ClimaCool is Adidas’ latest fabric technology that is supposed to help regulate temperature for athletes.

Climalite’s fibers are hydrophilic, meaning they react to moisture by absorbing it and releasing it when body heat dries them out. Climalite’s fibers are also hydrophobic, which means they repel water. This combination of properties creates a two-way water cycle in the fabric, which allows the wearer to stay dry even in intense physical activity. Climalite uses mesh on the inside instead of woven fabrics that tend to hold sweat on the outside of clothes where it can’t evaporate easily.

Adidas has two main lines of sportswear. The Climalite line is designed for warmer weather, and the ClimaCool line is designed for cooler weather.

The Climalite line has a more breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin, while the ClimaCool line is made with a mesh fabric that provides ventilation to keep you cool.

Adidas is a big company that is known for its sports products. It also produces clothing and shoes for various types of sports. These two technologies from Adidas are used in its products to make them more comfortable and functional.

What is Climalite?

Climalite is a technology that is used to make clothes and other textiles more breathable.

The Climalite® technology was invented by Adidas and has been integrated into its products for over 20 years.

Adidas works with different textile companies to integrate the Climalite® technology into their products. It is also available as a service for other brands and retailers, who can either purchase it or license it from Adidas. The Climalite® technology is used in all kinds of Adidas garments, including the iconic Superstar sneakers.

What is ClimaCool?

ClimaCool is a high-performance fabric that was developed by Adidas to keep the athletes dry, cool, and comfortable during their exertion. It is now an essential part of Adidas clothing range.

It is a specially designed fabric that is made of breathable material. It is lightweight, durable and it helps in maintaining constant body temperature.

The ClimaCool technology is an innovative, patented approach to cooling that uses a multi-layer fabric that reflects heat, channels air to reduce sweat build-up, and works in tandem with its advanced ventilation system to keep you cool and dry.

ClimaCool has been designed to keep athletes performing at their best by regulating body temperature during intense physical activity. The Merino wool in ClimaCool wicks moisture away from the skin, while the unique fabric construction provides superior cooling performance.

Difference Between Climalite and ClimaCool

  • Climalite removes sweat from the body and cools it. At the same time, ClimaCool provides the body with ventilation and moisture.
  • Cotton is used on the outer layer of Climalite, and the synthetic fabric is used underneath, while ClimaCool is made from engineering materials.
  • Climalite removes sweat from the body by moving it away from the skin. While ClimaCool, through the fabric, regulates both sweat and heat from the body.
  • The Climalite fabric is synthetic and feels cool to the touch. In contrast, the ClimaCool fabric has micropores to allow for ventilation.
  • The sweat pulling mechanism is the primary mechanism by which Climalite works. In comparison, ClimaCool’s main mechanism of operation is micro-ventilation.
  • Climalite clothing absorbs sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable. At the same time, ClimaCool clothing has a tendency to stick to the body, which can be uncomfortable.


Climalite is a moisture-wicking technology. It drags the sweat away from your skin and pushes it to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates quickly and allows your skin to stay cool and dry.

The ClimaCool technology is a cooling technology that uses mesh panels on the upper part of the shirt or pants that cover all of your back so you can feel cooler when exercising, even on warm days.

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