Difference Between Corona Extra and Corona Light

Difference Between Corona Extra and Corona Light

The history of Corona Extra or Corona Light doesn’t have to be complicated. They are both started by the Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico in the year 1925. Corona  Light and Corona Extra are the brewery’s first alcoholic drinks. They both originate from the same place and look the same, yet they taste different and some other factors make them quite different.

Corona Extra Vs. Corona Light

The main difference between Corona Light and Corona Extra is that both beers have different appearances and tastes. Since Corona Extra is a more full-bodied beer, it has a much bitter taste. Light is a less full-bodied beer and has a less bitter taste. The color of Corona Extra is straw-like and a golden yellow color. Corona Light has a light yellow color.

The Corona Extra is a Mexican and European style of beer created in 1925 by the Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico. Corona Extra has a straw-like color and strong yellow coloration largely based on the ingredients. Moreover, the actual flavor of Corona Extra is much more bitter than any other alcoholic drink.

Corona Light is an alcoholic beverage with an American light lager style that was invented by Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico in the year 1925. Corona Light is has a slightly more yellowish color than most other beers on the market. It also tastes a little less bitter than the original flavor of other alcoholic drinks of its type.

What is Corona Extra?

Corona Extra is a light, flavorful, sweet beer. It was created by Cerveceria Modelo in 1925 and is popular throughout Europe and Mexico. It has a thin, straw-like color that goes great with a nice spicy dish or a thin-crust pizza. Additionally, there are over 170 calories per bottle.

Corona Extra contains a dry, clean taste with no pronounced bitter aftertaste. We find it to carry a sweet flavor that’s balanced by the added lime juice. Adding another slice of lemon creates a delicious and refreshing tasting Corona Extra too.

The Extra is a successful beer mainly because of the aroma, color, excellent fizziness, higher alcohol content, and authentic taste. In order to give you a clear picture of Corona’s taste, the Extra is often served with lemon or lime for enhanced flavor. An “extra” version of the original, contains 148 calories and 0 gms of fat but is 4.6 percent alcohol.

What is the Corona Light?

The Corona Light is a light and flavorful beer brewed in Mexico. It’s been around since 1925 and is perfect for all seasons. It’s crisp, refreshing, and satisfies your thirst easily Its flavor is unique and is one of a kind amongst other beers on the market. Because of this, people these days are buying it up in larger quantities than ever before.

Light is among one of the best beverages, with an amazingly refreshing taste, that is relatively inexpensive to buy. Corona Light is one of the popular light beers. It has a very attractive fruity and refreshing aroma, as well as a nice and ordinary taste that satisfies even the pickiest of drinkers. Corona Light contains a less bitter taste, making it perfect for pairing with citrus-infused & spicy dishes.

The Corona Light beer is mostly recognized for its zero-calorie content, delightful flavor, and beautiful yellow color. Corona Light also contains a slightly lesser amount of alcohol by proportion than a regular Corona beer.

Difference Between Corona Extra and Corona Light

  • Corona Extra is a European and Mexican style of alcoholic beer that was brilliantly produced in 1925 by the Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico. Light is the American Style Light Lager beer that was brilliantly made in 1925 by Cerveceria Modelo.
  • Corona Extra is a beautiful golden yellow appearance even before it is opened. Once you open the bottle, the straw-like Corona Light will appear.
  • Corona Extra has more calories compared to Corona Light.
  • Show less information Usually when making a batch of Corona, they use the same recipe, however they change the ingredients to make two different types. The “actual” taste is that of Extra and is much bitter. Compared to other less-bitter beers, Corona Light has less of a bitter taste and makes for a nice addition to your night.
  • Corona Extra contains a higher alcohol content than Corona Light.
  • Corona is able to offer a wide range of prices, allowing consumers to find the one that best fits their alcohol budget


The simple and unique history of Corona is a vivid reminder of how beer can be made with support from a single, visionary brewer. Furthermore, Corona became the world’s top-selling imported beer in 1993! In less than five years, the alcoholic beer’s production capacity was estimated to reach fifty million liters every year. The use and popularity of this type of beer are on the rise. Extra was Corona Brewery’s first beer exported and imported to the USA. Corona Light was originally an experiment by Modelo, which traces back to the 1960s. Corona-style lagers have been replicated in the U.S and elsewhere since then, but Corona Light is best known for its light-body and easy drinkability. By 1950, the beer had originally been introduced on the market of America as a light version of Corona, which is why it’s called that by some people.

Corona Light and Corona Extra are pros that provide a lot of popularity in the market. There is nothing too complicated about them, but they also make for a delightfully refreshing beer just as their name suggests. They are affordable, widely available, and have a delicious taste with the lemon slice added to them.

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