Difference Between Corsair Dominator and Vengeance Pro

Difference Between Corsair Dominator and Vengeance Pro

Vengeance is one RAM that’s very popular among computer enthusiasts, so much that it sometimes becomes difficult to decide between this and Corsair Dominator. Both have proven effective in their own rights, but the choices are up to you.

The Corsair dominator’s platinum memory modules are considered to be some of the most high-quality in the industry. The revenge series provides excellent performance for gaming applications. Anyone looking to have a fresh experience every time they log on can find the best option in the dominator memory kit. These are also some of the best memory cards on the market.

Corsair Dominator Vs. Vengeance Pro

Corsair released two gaming PCs with different specifications. One was the Corsair dominator and the other was the Vengeance RGB Pro. The most noticeable difference between these two computers is that the master module of the dominator was overclocked to provide a better experience for its users when gaming, whereas this same specification wasn’t provided in its sister PC, the vengeance RGB pro. The platinum edition of the dominator has a speed of up to 4800MHz, while the identical version of the Vengeance Pro has a speed of up to 4600MHz.

Corsair’s platinum memory modules are considered to be the best on the market and they make your gaming PC shine like never before! Corsair, a major consumer electronics brand, has been profitable and successful on the market since its inception. Its technology has remained at the top as well. Not only that but the dominator memory kit is often regarded as the best choice for any gamer’s demands.

Among gamers, the vengeance series is one of the most well-known. The vengeance pro SL was a game-changer for the entire module system when it was released to the market. The Vengeance series of titles is one of the most well-known in gaming. They were game-changers when they released their first title to the market and this is why they continue to be the benchmark in competitive gaming.

What is Corsair Dominator?

Corsair’s top-tier memory modules are great for all types of PCs, including gaming ones. Corsair has had a really great partnership with their hardware and the dominator memory kit is extremely popular. This usually means that it’s always in high demand and it stays on top of all your favorite authorities.

The design and appearance of the corsair dominator platinum are stunning. You’ll love the matte black accent it features. The Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB offers 12 individually addressable RGB LEDs that are compatible with your motherboard’s lighting control. The RAM speed is 3466MHz and it is 51mm tall.

What is Vengeance Pro?

Among gamers, the vengeance series is one of the most well-known. The Vengeance Pro SL has been the game-changing interface for the module system. It looks quite similar to other pro modules, but there are some differences. The price is not a good incentive for people to choose Vengeance Pro. They may choose this program if it was more inexpensive.

The RAM speed on the Vengeance Pro SL is 3600MHz and there is a latency of 18. In terms of height, the domination comes in at 51*mm and the vengeance pro is 44*mm. This might not be important for most people because it‘s rarely a concern but some sir coolers demand larger units than that.

Difference Between Corsair Dominator and Vengeance Pro

  • The biggest difference between the Corsair Dominator and the Vengeance Pro is their accents. The Corsair Dominator has an accent that’s black and matte, while the Vengeance Pro has a non-RGB lighting accent.
  • The Corsair Dominator RAM stick has a speed of 3466MHz, whilst the Vengeance Pro RAM has nearly twice as good a speed as this with 3600MHz.
  • The corsair stands 51 mm tall, while the Vengeance line stands at 5.1 inches. The Dominator line is 51 mm wide, while the Vengeance Pro is 44 mm wide.
  • The CAS latency of the dominator platinum RGB is 16, whereas the CAS latency of the corsair vengeance is around 18.
  • According to managers of revenge pro, the machine is cheaper and easier to use than past methods. The content quality is also not as low considering what cost-effective brand it is.


You can install both the Corsair dominator and the Corsair Vengeance Pro on your PC as they are both powerful, high-end gaming PCs. They have remained on top of technological trends since their inception & will continue to be popular for years.

Except for a few things, which are related to their own respective purposes, both the dominator and the vengeance feature nearly identical designs and appearances. They both run software from Corsair, so they are similar when it comes to software compatibility. Given that the cost-effectiveness of both kits is balanced out, vengeance pro is often chosen.

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