Difference Between Dell P Series and Dell S Series

Difference Between Dell P Series and Dell S Series

Monitors provide a different level of comfort than laptops. Dell is a multinational computer technology firm that manufactures, repairs, and provides service for computers.

Dell introduces a new line of monitors with a variety of features. P indicates for professional series, while S stands for low-end gaming monitors. P stands for professional series, and S stands for S series. Dell sells its items through an online store that is independent from the Dell website.

Dell P Series Vs. Dell S Series

It is the functionality of the Dell P series and the Dell S series that distinguishes them from one another. Dell P series laptops are designed for professionals, whereas Dell S series monitors are designed for gamers who want a low-cost option.

Both the P series and the S series have their own set of characteristics. The P series benefits from the vertical and horizontal slits, which provide excellent comfort and support. The S series provides a small gaming experience with full HD quality.. The P series is the best choice for a working man, and the S series is the best choice for gamers.

With the P series monitors, you can easily manage your desktop across multiple screens at the same time. The 38 preset windows allow you to customise your screen up to 5 times. It has helped me to become more efficient at multitasking. Dell ensures that transitions are seamless. That forces you to return to the location where you were when you unplugged.

This built-in feature ensures that your information is never lost. An assent management system assists in the collection and analysis of data. It makes it easier for IT business managers to get up and running quickly.

The S series is designed for gamers. Dell has a S series of PCs, which are low-end gaming displays, after hundreds of goods have been released. The platinum silver hue provides the monitor a light and airy appearance while maintaining a basic appearance. At a low fee, you may watch the S series. As opposed to gaming computers, it doesn’t have an ultra-fast refresh rate. 27-inch 4K and 32-inch curved 4K models are both available for purchase. The recently improved monitors have the appearance of Alienware premium monitors.

What exactly is the Dell P Series?

The Dell P series is the key to achieving maximum comfort. Tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust are all available as choices. The emission of blue light shields your eyes from being exposed to great colour accuracy. The Dell Slim Sound bar (SB521A) provides a smooth audio experience while also expanding the listener’s listening capacity. The P series displays have an ultra bezel on each of their three sides, which makes managing multiple monitors much easier. By hiding chords and backdrops, it creates a clean desk environment. The thin and base profiles help to keep the desk clean on their own.

The desk is made by selecting the appropriate size that matches you. The In-Plant Switching (IPS) technology used in the P series ensures that the desk’s colour is continuous throughout. The use of sRGB coverage of 99 percent results in exceptional accuracy. Its RJ45 ethernet and wi-fi connectivity ensures that your connection is as productive as possible.

Multiple displays can be managed simultaneously thanks to technologies such as MAC Address pass-through 3, PXE Boot, and other similar ones. By connecting USB-C, you can lower the amount of space you need by up to 75%.

The jumpstart productivity provides a time-saving workaround by allowing you to switch your display. It includes a variety of input ports that allow it to connect to a variety of devices. It elevates the P series to the level of a professional monitor. Advanced functionality will be available on only a few P series machines.

It is simple to combine all of the workstations into a single monitor when using USB-C. Auto restoration is one of the features of the P series that allows you to pick up where you left off. Environment standards monitors are a good example of this.

What exactly is the Dell S Series?

The Dell S series is designed for gamers. S is an abbreviation for low-end monitors. It is compatible with AMD-free sync technology, which ensures that 99 percent of the s RGB correctness is achieved. It comes with built-in 5W speakers and a 60 Hz refresh rate that can be tuned with Waves Max studio software.

This model is equipped with In-plane switching technology and an anti-glare covering. The S series provides a high-definition entertainment experience. With edge-to-edge action and excellent resolution, it creates a true gamine experience for the player.

The S series offers built-in connectivity that allows you to disconnect your device while still connecting to a personal computer. Because of the flicker-free screen, you can see everything clearly and in high definition. The S series provides the most comfortable solution for eye comfort. You have the ability to rotate and adjust to your comfort.

The monitor is equipped with a moving stick that moves vertically and horizontally. It includes numerous input ports, including HDMI and audio line input, as well as connectivity connectors. It is made up of two cables, which are referred to as the power and HDMI cables. The S series consumes between 0.2 and 0.4 watts of power.

It has a quick response time, allowing you to continue working undisturbed. Because of the fast pixel technology, the screen provides a clean and blur-free view. The Timer, FPS Counter, and Dark Stabilizer all work together to stabilise the profile that you have created. The navigation, which has been improved with a joystick, provides an exhilarating game environment. Picture by picture (PIB) and Picture in Picture (PIC) are two techniques for improving your multitasking abilities.

Difference Between Dell P Series and Dell S Series

  1. PVA panels are used in the P series, whereas TN and IPS panels are used in the S series.
  2. In terms of colour volume, the P series has 83 percent, but the S series has 99 percent colour volume.
  3. The typical response time for the P series is 6-8 seconds (G2G), and the average response time for the S series is 5-25 seconds (G2G).
  4. The P series is available in sizes ranging from 17-20 inches, while the S series is available in sizes ranging from 19-20 inches.
  5. In the P series, LED backlighting is used, however in the S series, there is no LED backlighting.


Dell is a computer manufacturer that has introduced hundreds of different models to the market. Choosing the right desk for you in terms of size and comfort can help you avoid paying for extra features that you don’t need.

P series and S series both have their own set of features, and both are accessible through the Dell online store. Maintain order and participation by selecting the appropriate option.