Difference Between Dell Precision and Inspiron

Difference Between Dell Precision and Inspiron

Dell  Inspiron and Precision are two different sorts of laptops from Dell. Both laptops are well-known and come with a long list of features. Dell Inspiron and Precision are two of the company’s products. Both desktop and laptop computers have them. Both laptops were released in 1997, and they have distinct types of specifications.

Dell Precision Vs. Inspiron

The biggest distinction between the Dell Precision and the Dell Inspiron is that both devices have different specifications.  AMD Fire Pro, AMD Radeon, and NVidia Quadra are the graphics utilized in Dell Precision, and the same graphics are used in Dell Inspiron. Both models of laptops have been updated to the most recent version.

The Precision is a laptop that was created by the Dell business. This sort of laptop is known as a workstation laptop because it allows users to work more efficiently. Because these laptops are user-friendly, they are mostly marketed to business users. In this Precision series, Dell has introduced a variety of model numbers.

Before 1999, Dell debuted the Inspiron laptop, which was offered to the general public via the electronic and online store, as well as the Dell website. In this laptop series, there are a variety of models to choose from. A lot of adjustments were made to the early model. The laptop models were produced one by one, and each model has its own set of specifications.

What is Dell Precision?

Precision is a dell laptop type that was developed and built by the firm Dell. The Precision is a high-end model from Dell. You get 7 day replacement period if you purchase a Dell Precision from the Dell website. This model comes in a variety of series, each with its own set of specifications.

The Precision has a larger screen, measuring around 17.3 inches. It’s included in the Windows 10 Professional operating system. A touchpad is included in the Dell Precision’s human interface input. Intel is the manufacturer of the Central processing unit for this model. It has roughly 500 GB of hard disk capacity, but it can take up more.

The Precision has a single processor, and the very first CPU version is the 8032. This laptop model weighs only 7.3 pounds and maybe readily be transported from one location to another. The Dell Precision comes in a variety of series, each of which was developed one after the other.

The Intel 4th generation processor is featured in the Precision M6800 and M4800, as well as a vibrant OLED display. This form is great for workstations, and it’s also highly functional for business. Two ram slots can be added to the Dell Precision model. This Dell Precision model was first released in 1997.

What is Inspiron?

The Dell Inspiron is a model created by Dell, and it was introduced in the same year as the Dell Precision. Users can purchase the Inspiron model for both desktop and laptops PCs, and it is reasonably priced. The marketing campaign primarily targeted consumers and was intended for usage at home.

The screen of the Inspiron is around 15.60 inches in size, while the laptop’s height is approximately 23.75mm. This model’s width is approximately 260.40mm. The Inspiron is lightweight, weighing only 2.32kg, and can be readily transferred from one location to another. The weight varies depending on the arrangement and production process.

The non-touchscreen Inspiron 15 ′′ HD has a display of roughly 1366 pixels per inch and a pixel size of about 0.252mm. The battery life on the Inspiron models is up to a day, but they’re very pleasant to use at home. It operates at a 60Hz refresh rate. Dell  XPS and Dell Vostro are 2 of Inspiron’s similar products.

Inspiron offers laptops, desktops, and all-in-one computers. The Dell Inspiron Mini-Series debuted in 2008 and was discontinued in 2010. Inspirons are inexpensive computers that can be purchased by anyone. In the month of February 1984, Inspiron was formed.

Difference Between Dell Precision and Inspiron

  • The Dell Precision offers better resolution and graphics than the Inspiron, but the Inspiron has worse resolution and graphics.
  • The majority of corporate users favor Dell Precision, whereas Inspiron is primarily used at home.
  • The Dell Precision features a 17.3-inch screen, whereas the Dell Inspiron has a 15.60-inch screen.
  • Dell Precision is quite expensive, starting at 50,000 rupees, whereas Inspiron is cheaper, starting at 28,000 rupees.
  • The Dell Precision is equipped with an Intel Xeon CPU, whereas the Inspiron is equipped with a Dual-core t4200 2.00 GHz processor.


Dell  Inspiron and Precision are two of the best models the firm has ever created. Dell Precision and Inspiron laptops and desktops are both available. Both variants are distinct in terms of specifications, screen size, and other features. Both the Dell Precision and the Dell Inspiron are minimal weight and easy to transport. Dell is the website where both variants are offered, and this model may be purchased there.

The Dell Precision is more expensive than the Inspiron. Dell Precision is mostly targeted at corporate users because the specifications are more familiar to them, whereas Inspiron is primarily purchased for home usage. In comparison to the Dell Precision, the Inspiron is lighter and thinner. Dell Precision and Dell Inspiron both announced new series.

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