Difference Between Dew and Fog

Difference Between Dew and Fog

Dew is a barometrical condition where water condenses within the frame of water beads on an uncovered question within the morning or evening. It can be seen as shiny drops on the surface of takes off, grass, and other objects during wintertime. Fog, on the opposite, may be a bulky cloud typifying water beads or ice precious stones suspended within the discuss or near to the surface of the soil.

Dew Vs. Fog

The contrast between dew and haze is that dew is shaped from the water beads that lead to the condensation on colder objects. In differentiate to that, haze is shaped due to light winds that stay on the earth’s surface.

Dew is characterized as the dampness that’s shaped at night when the warmth on the exterior cools down. Dew is for the most part shaped on metal surfaces. Additionally, dew can be shaped in any season, particularly when evenings are calm.

Fog is the low cloud of water beads that are shown at moo statures. Additionally, it could be a cloud that can touch the ground. Mist is diverse from the fog. Haze is much denser than fog. There are diverse sorts of fog that incorporate radiation mist, advection mist, etc.

What is Dew?

Dew is the characteristic shape of water that’s shaped when water condenses. The dew is the result of water changing from the arrangement of vapor to another fluid organization. This handle is known as condensation, where any fabric experiences alter from gas to fluid. The arrangement of dew happens when the temperature drops and the objects cool down. When the question cools down, the discussion that’s encompassed by the protest moreover cools down. This cool discussion encompassed by the question will be less able to hold the water vapors as compared to warm discussion. Usually how the method of condensation takes put and leads to the arrangement of little beads called dew.

The temperature at which the dew is shaped is called the dew point. This dew point changes depending on the area and different other parameters such as climate, any time of day, etc. The arrangement of dew for the most part happens at night because of the temperature drop. If the warm and sticky temperature condition is there, at that point the dew would frame in overwhelming sums, and the individuals collect this dew as a water source. The instrument that’s utilized to degree dew is called a drosometer.

What is Fog?

The fog could be a sort of cloud that touches the ground. It can be thick as well as lean moreover. In winters, individuals face difficulty in seeing through the haze. The method of the arrangement of fog happens when the water vapor within the vaporous shape condenses.

Amid the method of condensation, the water particles combine and make modest beads of water that are displayed within the discussion. The mist happens to be exceptionally muggy because there is a parcel of water vapors within the air that shape haze. Few sorts of fog exist in nature, which incorporates ice haze, radiation, etc.

Amid the summer season, the ground assimilates the earth’s surface retains the radiation from the sun, and discuss and gets to be warm and sodden, and when the season changes, this warm discuss combines with cooler discuss and condenses rapidly to create the fog. Another condition is when haze is shaped when the humidity reaches its greatest level that’s up to a hundred percent, these little beads get changed over to expansive beads. The fog can be measured through different sorts of strategies such as transmission strategy, forward scramble, backscatter, etc.

Difference Between Dew and Fog

  • Dew can frame in any season when evenings are calm and clear, while haze by and large shapes amid alter of season.
  • Dew is shaped on surfaces like railings. Bridges and other metal objects whereas the haze are shaped like a cloud close to the surface of the soil.
  • Dew vanishes as the sun sparkles or temperature rises, while mist may stay all through the day.
  • When the temperature drops encourage, the dewdrops alter into ice chips and are named ice, though the mist is shaped after the fog.
  • Dewdrops are not hurtful to people, while haze causes respiratory issues, bothering within the eyes, and numerous other wellbeing dangers. It also impacts the permeability within the discussion.


The fog and dew are two diverse marvels of the air that are based on dissipation and condensation. There are major components that influence the arrangement of both dew and fog, such as elevation, wind speed, temperature, and water bodies. Dew is shaped when water condenses, while mist may be a sort of cloud that shows up near the surface of the soil. The fog shapes when the water beads ended up greater due to the low temperature, though dew is shaped when the temperature drops and objects cool down. Both the marvel is common in cold seasons. But fog forms at night and is obvious generally within the morning, though dew moreover happens at night and is unmistakable on takes off, grass, and twigs.