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Difference Between Digital Marketing and Network Marketing

Difference Between Digital Marketing and Network Marketing

Marketing can be done in a variety of ways. Network marketing and digital marketing are two distinct marketing techniques. Marketing is a very important part of any company’s strategy for growth. Traditional marketing strategies often involve a lot of copywriting and sales calls. Some companies use traditional marketing strategies, while others market themselves based on digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Vs. Network Marketing

There are many similarities between digital marketing and network marketing, but there are also some significant differences that are worth noting. The major distinction between network marketing and digital marketing is that digital marketing refers to any internet marketing, whereas network marketing refers to individual sales done one-on-one.

What is Digital Marketing?

Any activity carried out online for the purpose of promoting a brand or generating leads is referred to as digital marketing. It comprises SEO, content creation, social media management, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising,  website redesign and maintenance, and mobile marketing, among other things.

It is done by both large and small businesses. Digital marketing doesn’t really necessitate a large labor or infrastructure investment. With the use of a computer and an internet connection, it can be done by anyone with good digital marketing skills. This industry of marketing is always changing and has a lot of potential in the future.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a type of person-to-person selling that involves expanding your network of contacts. The foundation of a successful network marketing program should be targeted first contacts and a strategy for maintaining those relationships. Affiliate marketing, referral marketing, multi-level marketing, and other terms have been used to describe it. Network marketing is a highly efficient and productive business concept focused on product sales and profit generation.

The sales generated by the salesperson’s network enable them to earn a higher commission. It cannot be classified as a standard marketing strategy in which a corporation sells goods through a distributor, retailer, or another intermediary. Only a few organizations use network marketing to sell financial products and services, as well as FMCG goods.

Difference Between Digital Marketing and Network Marketing

  • Marketing’s nature – Digital marketing is an extremely adaptable medium. It crosses borders to reach a wide range of customers and has a good impact on your company’s overall success. Users may use digital marketing to form deeper, more meaningful relationships with their prospective clients.
  • Offline vs. Online – Digital marketing is conducted entirely online, while network marketing is conducted entirely offline.
  • Personnel – When compared to network marketing, digital marketing demands less manpower.
  • Pull vs. Push marketing – Digital marketing is much more of a Pull marketing technique, where you strive to attract clients’ attention. Network marketing is a Push marketing technique in which you aim to reach out to customers in order to sell a product.
  • Effort and Time – Your digital marketing initiatives should yield immediate returns. Growing a network marketing business takes time. To build the business, the sales team must put in a lot of work.
  • Human touch – Human contact isn’t always required in digital marketing. While network strategies are developed on a one-on-one basis, it necessitates personal touch.
  • Learning – A person must study digital marketing abilities in order to carry out digital marketing tasks. It is possible to learn it at work or by enrolling in a training program. Learning about the products/services to be offered and developing a good sales network with your selling talents are both prerequisites for network marketing.
  • Money – You may tailor the digital marketing plan to fit your marketing budget. Network marketing isn’t as adaptable as other types of marketing. To expand the network, you’ll need to assemble a strong sales team.
  • Flexibility – A advertising campaign can be executed in a variety of ways. If outcomes are not obtained, the plan can be changed or stopped in the middle. There is a slew of internet tools for keeping track of the results. Once you’ve established a network marketing strategy, it’s difficult to change it. It’ll be more difficult to put an end to it totally.
  • Results monitoring – If you have a smartphone/computer and a connection to the internet, you can track the results of your digital marketing strategy at any time and from anywhere. You won’t be able to keep such a close eye on your network marketing effort.
  • Supply chain– In network marketing, the supply chain of items is critical. To market a product, you must show and exhibit its capabilities to the customers. As a result, when you wish to demonstrate the goods to customers, you must have them ready. In digital marketing, there is no such obligation. You can demonstrate the product’s capabilities with content, online videos, and brochures, among other things.
  • Support – Your network marketing approach might be aided by digital marketing. You can promote your products via digital platforms such as YouTube videos, social media, and your website. Your digital marketing activities will not be aided by network marketing.


Both network marketing and digital marketing are important marketing tactics that businesses can use. The decision to pursue a specific marketing approach is left to the discretion of the company’s senior management. Before implementing a digital marketing plan, a network marketing strategy, or both, the members must think through the ramifications.

As a result, the fate of your complete brand strategy may be determined by this. By developing a smart marketing plan, the organization may make better use of both of these marketing factors. Finally, remember that the ‘Customer is Always King,’ and any sales plan will fail if your organization does not subscribe to this idea.

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