Difference between DOS and UNIX

Difference between DOS and UNIX

Technology has been improving with every new day. This has seen the rise of gadgets that operates using different systems. Currently, we have lots of operating systems like DOS and UNIX, which are the commonly operating multitask operating systems used in computers.


The main difference that exists between DOS and UNIX is that DOS is an operating system for computers with hard disks. UNIX, on the other hand, refers to a multi-user or multi-tasking operating system, which was acquired from AT&T Unix. Originally AT&T Unix was developed in the 19th century. DOS is a single operating command system that cannot operate multiple commands.

MS-DOS is a well-known operating system, mainly used on X86-based computers. Thus, DOS stands for Disk Operating System and runs from the hard drive. The x86-based computers were designed by Microsoft to run the MS-DOS operating system. It was then renamed IBM PC DOS, where the operating system fit with MS-DOS and was called DOS.

On the other hand, the Unix operating system is perfect for computers and its development started back in the 19th century at Bell Labs Research. The initial Unix operating system was released in November 1971. UNIX is a system originally obtained from AT&T Unix.

What is DOS?

DOS refers to an operating system used in x86-based computers that Microsoft developed. This Disk Operating System was released in 1981 and featured a single operating system. X86-based computers, on the other hand, are computers that Microsoft Corporation expanded. DOS also runs from a hard disk device. The rebranding of MS-DOS was IBM PC DOS, whereby OS was featured with MS-DOS and named DOS.

Microsoft developed the x86-based computers and ran on a DOS operating system. The DOS also features a C programing language, x86-based language, and Assembly Language. The original developers of DOS were Microsoft Corporation and also Tim Paterson, who developed and released DOS IN 1981 and later released in 2000 for windows 8.0. The DOS features a close and open source for the selected versions from 2018.

DOS comes with mono-spaced font size and a raster typeface when compared to courier. This Front size type made use of cross zeros and was designed as an MS-DOS front. It also makes use of DELTREE as the external code command, while Dir was used as the internal code. DOS was previously applied in personal computers before the development of Windows. It features a single operating system command and cannot function on multi-commands.

DOS also works with other disk storage such as Floppy disk, hard disk, and an optical disk. As an operating disk drive, it assists in organizing the system files for proper reading and writing within the disk storage. DOS is still in use to various reasons, including:

  • It is convenient for the classic games
  • It offers support for legacy bus software
  • It can also run through embedded systems.

No commercial operating system has ever managed to build software such as DOS. It is very different from Windows as it contains a command-line operating system, whereas Windows is just a graphical operating system.

What is UNIX?

Unix refers to a multi-processor operating system that is used for computers. UNIX was initially obtained from the AT&T UNIX system developed in the 19th century. It was developed in Bell Lab Research center by Free BSD, Ken Thomson, Nokia Bell Labs, Brian Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie, Douglas Mcllroy, and Joe Ossanna. UNIX system also features OS versions such as Linux and Plan 9.

In terms of language, UNIX uses Assembly and C Programming language. It was released in 1971 on November 3, and it was awarded with a Turning Award. UNIX servers included Application Servers and the Database Severs, which are SUN, HP, IBM, among others. UNIX OS operates both medium-large computer scales systems with the aid of the servers.

UNIX makes use of an end line system as (“/n”). UNIX features environmental variables where some of the variables come with the system. Some operate by the users, while others work by a shell program. UNIX also came with regular expressions that have characters within the sequence matching the text. For UNIX OS, it had a multitasker and also a multiuser function. This is the reason why it is considered as a helpful multi-purpose within all computing form systems such as desktops, servers, and laptops.

UNIX features a graphical system that is similar to that of Windows. UNIX is also known as UNICS, with the abbreviation of UNICS being UNiplexed Information Computing System. It started working within the programing system in the 1960s and made a successful operation in 1971. However, it was majorly used in complex and critical applications for different companies that ran the apps. Data Enterprise Center mostly prefers UNIX system, macOS also made use of UNIX operating system.

Difference between DOS and UNIX

  • DOS refers to an operating system that was used in x86based computers, while UNIX refers to an operating system applied in every form of computer.
  • DOS was launched in 1981while the UNIX system was developed and launched in November 1971.
  • DOS is simply a single commanding line system, while UNIX offers multitasker and multi-user systems.
  • DOS runs from a hard disk device while UNIX operating system was developed from the original AT&T Unix.


DOS (Disk Operating System) refers to operating systems applied in x86-based computers. It was developed by Microsoft and launched in 1981. It features a single operating system.

UNIX, on the other hand, features a multi-processor operating system applied in computers. It was originally obtained from AT&T, a Unix system developed in the 19th century. However, it was expanded in Bell Lab Research center.

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