Difference Between Draft Beer and Bottle Beer

Difference Between Draft Beer and Bottle Beer

Alcohol consumption and production have become one of the most important sources of revenue in many parts of the world. This has become the key business magnet, resulting in the development of numerous ways for brewing and storing these alcohols in recent years.

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage. Beer is one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages, and it’s the third most popular beverage after water and tea. Bottled beer and Draft beer are two different varieties of beer that are stored differently.

Draft Beer Vs. Bottle Beer

Because sunlight cannot permeate kegs, draft beers can keep their scent and enhance their flavor, while bottle beers shed their aroma because sunlight may easily infiltrate these bottles.

Unpasteurized and unfiltered beer is known as draft beer or draught beer. They are kept in barrels and kegs that don’t allow light to pass through. This is the source of their odor.

Bottle beer, as the name implies, is kept in bottles and does not have to be brewed in breweries. They are kept in dark-colored bottles to keep the aroma from fading in the sunlight. Crown caps are commonly used on bottles.

What is Draft Beer?

Draught beer is another name for draft beer. Draft beer is a beer that is held in barrels and kegs within a pub or brewery and served through tap openings. They have a pleasant scent and a silky texture.

Draft beer is also known as draught beer. Draft beer is a beer that is kept in kegs and barrels and supplied through tap openings in a pub or brewery. They have a velvety texture and a lovely smell.

They keep the fragrant flavor of the beer together with the gases because they really do not permit sunlight to pass through. However, when these beers are poured into glasses, the carbon content may be adjusted and maintained.

Beer gas is sometimes used to further increase the scent and flavor of certain beers. Because the barrels wherein the draft beers are housed are not easily movable, they must be consumed on the premises.

What is Bottle Beer?

Beer that is preserved in bottles is known as bottle beer. They don’t have to be consumed in a bar or brewery, and they can be produced by manufacturers, unlike draft beers, which must be produced at breweries and bars.

They are easily transportable and can also be found at grocery stores. To prevent sunlight from reaching the bottles, they are preserved in distinct bottles and put within containers.

They’re easy to transport and can even be obtained in supermarkets. To keep the bottles from being damaged by sunlight, they are kept in separate bottles and placed in containers.

Bottled beers come with a variety of bottle caps, but the crown top is the most frequent and widely used. The royal seal is another name for this headgear. These caps can’t be opened without a bottle cap opener, so you’ll need one.

Difference Between Draft Beer and Bottle Beer

  • Draft beers are kept in barrels or kegs and delivered through taps, whereas bottled beers are kept in bottles, as the name implies. Typically, dark-colored bottles are used.
  • Because draft beers are preserved in barrels, they are not exposed to sunshine or external gas. Bottle beer bottles, on the other hand, especially light-colored bottles, are extremely susceptible to sunlight.
  • Because draft beers don’t really permit sunlight to get through, they retain their flavor and are highly fragrant. Bottled beers, on the other hand, tend to be less aromatic and flavorful than draft beers due to sunlight penetration.
  • Draft beers are served from kegs that are not transportable and must be drunk at the location where they are brewed. However, because bottles are portable, they can be brought home from local grocery stores and pubs and drank there.
  • The taps that serve draft beer are left open. As a result, they are easily polluted. Bottle beer, on the other hand, is sanitized on a regular basis to keep the alcohol safe.
  • When the taps for draft beers are opened, carbon dioxide is released as well. These bottles’ carbonation may be maintained and modified. However, this is impossible to manage with bottled beer since the carbon dioxide held within the bottle is expelled as soon as the container is opened.


Beer is the world’s oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage, as well as the third most popular liquid beverage. They have distinct flavors, and each style of beer is preserved in a unique way.

Draft beers are held in kegs and have a smooth texture as well as a rich flavor. They’re served through tap apertures and tubing connecting the beer to the tap. These taps can be adjusted to keep the amount of carbon dioxide flowing.

Bottle beers come in dark-colored containers and can be obtained at a variety of local grocery stores and taverns. They’re convenient to transport, but they’re not as aromatic as draft beer. They’re also sterilized because alcohol use requires a high level of hygiene.

Because of the sunshine and carbonation, the flavors and aromas of draft and bottle beer differ.

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