Difference Between Ego and Self Respect

Difference Between Ego and Self Respect

Self-respect and Ego are 2 distinct human behaviors with a razor-thin distinction between their meanings. Self-respect and ego are 2 words that have different meanings, at least in English, with an extremely similar appearance, sound to them, and both are synonyms. They also form a very close neighbor in the English language.

Ego Vs. Self Respect

The primary distinction between ego and self-respect is that ego is an unpleasant feeling that can lead to people making poor decisions. Self-respect, on the other hand, is a positive emotion that provides people strength and confidence over themselves.

Ego is a sort of human behavior in which a person exclusively cares about and thinks about oneself, making them selfish. These individuals are unconcerned about others and frequently attempt to make others feel inferior. In everything they do, they look for contrasts and competition.

Self-respect, on the other hand, is an understanding of one’s own value, as the word suggests. It instills self-assurance in people. Self-respecting people value other people’s thoughts and feelings just as much as their own.

What is Ego?

Ego is a type of human behavior in which a person exclusively thinks and cares about himself. They don’t think anyone is better than them, and they’re always striving to outdo each other.

These people despise losing, and in order to avoid it, they are willing to walk the wrong path and make incorrect decisions. They are unconcerned about other people’s feelings or opinions; all that concerns them would be that their ego is fed at all times.

Egoistic people develop a vivid image of themselves in their heads, but they never want it to alter. As a result, they are afraid of the outside community and the opinions of others.

Ego floods one’s head with bad thoughts and feelings against other people, such as jealousy, rage, and hatred, and leads them to believe that they are the only ones who are correct. It also makes people greedy, they are never happy with something, and they will always need more than others.

People with a lot of egos have a hard time dealing with criticism; they don’t like being judged, but it’s all they do with other individuals. This is one of the main reasons why egoistic persons are disliked.

What is Self-Respect?

Self-respect is defined as the recognition of one’s own worth and value. People that have self-respect regard themselves while also valuing others. They are not only concerned with their own desires and needs, but also with those of others. They respect but do not idolize themselves.

They don’t believe in evaluating and contending with others because it might lead to resentment between them and people, and they never make people feel inferior to them. Before doing something or making a decision, these folks always consider what is right and wrong.

Respect for oneself always leads to positive sensations and thoughts. They never damage somebody on purpose, never treat them with disrespect, and never do something wrong merely to prove a point.

These people aren’t obstinate, and they welcome criticism since it inspires them to be better people every day. They are constantly willing to offer their thoughts and listen to others since they believe in collaboration.

They have no fear of failure or the opinions of others since they see it as just another step on the path to success. They are always ecstatic and grateful for other people’s accomplishments and success. This is one of the reasons why others admire them.

Difference Between Ego and Self Respect

  • Persons with egos are just concerned with themselves, while people with self-respect are concerned with others as well.
  • People that are egoistic do not accept other people’s opinions or conclusions, believing that they are the only ones capable of making the best decisions. People who have self-respect respect and heed the opinions of others. They believe in working together as a group.
  • The only things that are important to an egoistic individual are success, comparisons, and competition since these help them feed their ego. People with self-respect, on the other hand, are unconcerned about such things. They are just concerned with improving themselves.
  • People with egos are afraid of failing and being judged by others. People with self-respect, on the other hand, are not afraid of them.
  • Self-respect guides one toward positive feelings and thoughts, whereas ego fills one with negative sentiments and thoughts.
  • People dislike people with egos, but they prefer to socialize with people who have self-respect.
  • People with self-respect, on the other hand, give equal attention to other person’s emotions as they do within their own. Egoistic people don’t mind injuring others in any way.


Self-doubt is frequently caused by ego. It generally makes a person think exclusively about himself and prioritize his or her own thoughts and feelings over the opinions and feelings of others. They constantly strive to battle with others in whatever they do, and they continue to compare themselves to others, which can lead to a sense of inferiority in others.

Ego creates a negative attitude in a person. It also makes the person afraid of failing and being judged by others, which is why people dislike criticism.

People who have self-respect, on the other hand, are aware of their own worth, which gives them self-assurance. They are also mindful of other people’s feelings and opinions, and they never purposefully offend someone.

It directs a person’s emotions and thoughts in a favorable direction. Comparisons aren’t something these folks believe in. Other people dislike egoists, but they enjoy spending time with self-respecting individuals.

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