Difference Between Epilator and Shaver

Difference Between Epilator and Shaver

Is it possible to permanently remove body hair? It’s the most often requested question by females online. It’s true that laser hair removal may be beneficial. However, the use of an Epilator and a Shaver is a less painful but more temporary way to suppress hair growth. There are a variety of additional ways for removing body hair, including waxing, depilatory, shaving, threading, plucking, epilating, etc.

Epilator Vs. Shaver

With an Epilator, you use tweezers to pluck out hairs from the root, whereas with an Epilator Shaver, you use a cutter to remove hairs from the skin’s surface. In addition, both are electric hair removal equipment. Men and women can both use shaver and epilator, although women are more likely to use an epilator.

The tweezers of the epilator are activated by the provision of electricity. It’s like having your hair waxed, but with the aid of electricity. In addition to preventing future hair growth, it aids in root removal. With the use of electricity, epilators may remove several hair follicles at once.

Shaver, on the other hand, may be electrical or not. Razor is the most common name given to it. Unlike epilators, a shaver uses batteries to remove hair from the body. They remove hair from the surface of the skin by snipping it with a razor. Furthermore, they are a quick fix for hair removal.

What is an Epilator?

Most women use an epilator to remove unwanted body hair. They come in the form of a battery and charger combo. It may take a long for epilators to remove all of the hair. The root is removed, thus it is quite effective. As a result, hair growth on the shaved area will take longer. Despite this, epilating one’s hair may be quite painful. Exactly like I said, it comes from the root.

When Israel combined a coil spring with a spring that is compressed while the other is open in 1986, they came up with ‘Epilady.’ The rotational coils over the skin pull the hairs out of the root via this technique. In addition, there are four kinds of epilators. The first one is named Spring, which is a reference to the device’s introduction.. Epilady is the one behind this message.

The second is a revolving disc kind, where instead of coils, metallic discs are installed. The tweezer made its debut and is still making waves in the industry today. Tweezers aid in the removal of unwanted body hair by continuously grasping, tugging, extracting, and removing it from the skin. It’s also worth noting that there are wet-type epilators, which use a rechargeable battery to remove hair.

What is a Shaver?

A shaver may be an electric or an ineffective instrument for shaving the skin’s surface, depending on your preference. They come as a rechargeable gadget with a tiny DC motor. It wasn’t until 1898 that the first electric shaver was invented by Colonel J Schick. However, Col. Jacob Schick discovered a valuable methodological tool.

It has been in use since since Phillips originally introduced their first shaver in 1930. Roland Ullman, on the other hand, pioneered the use of shavers with rubber and metal attachments.

In the interim, there are two kinds of shavers: Foil and Rotary. When compared to the first, the second contains three rotating rollers that gently remove hair from the root.

Lifting the razors between the clamps of the shaver cuts the hair on the surface. Wet shaving or dry shaving with a shaver results in freshly shaved skin. Hair may be removed from the surface rather than the root. In addition, it is a painless and speedy way of removing body hair.

Difference Between Epilator and Shaver

  1. When using an epilator, you’ll need to plug it into a power outlet, although a shaver is battery-operated and can be used anywhere.
  2. Epilators come in four varieties, including: In contrast to the Spring epilator, which utilises a coil spring, the Rotating Disc type makes use of a metal disc. Tweezer epilators are plucking epilators, whereas Wet Use epilators may be used on both wet and dry skin. But there are five distinct sorts of shavers.
  3. Cartridge Shaver comes with three or four razors connected to the shaver, and disposable shaver may be thrown away after use. As an example, a safety razor is a classic razor with a blade connected between two pieces of metal, an electric shaver is plugged in, and a straight razor is a metal blade that does not have any attachments.
  4. While the Shaver was first launched in 1915 by a German engineer, the Epilator was created in 1986 by Mepro business.
  5. Despite the fact that the Shaver has rechargeable batteries, the epilator is powered by the device when it is switched on.
  6. The development of body hair with an epilator is thin and takes three months, while shaving is versatile and takes three weeks to grow body hair.


Using an epilator is a painless method of removing unwanted hair from the body. A rechargeable battery powers the gadget. String epilator, Rotating Disc epilator, Tweezer epilator, and Wet Use epilator are all sorts of epilators.

However, the Shaver is an electrical and hand-made razor that removes body hair and has a rechargeable battery or DC motors that can be recharged. Disposable shaver, Cartridge shaver, Safety shaver, Electric shaver, and Straight shaver are the five varieties of Shaver.