Difference Between Episcopal and Methodist

Difference Between Episcopal and Methodist

With over 2 billion followers, Christianity is the most widespread religion on the planet. It is a religion that considers God to be holy. Praise, worship, and petitions are directed to Him by believers. Catholicism and Protestantism are the two major Christian sects. These can be further broken down into different denominations. The two largest Catholic denominations are Episcopal and Methodist.

Episcopal Vs. Methodist

The fundamental distinction between Methodist and Episcopal practices is that Episcopal customs are governed by The Common Book of Prayer and obey the Nicene Creeds, whilst Methodist practices are governed by the Book of Worship and primarily focus on the Apostle’s Creed.

The connection between a church bishop and a Christian is known as episcopal. It also denotes Anglicanism-related associations. The Methodist Church arose from within the Church of England. The World Methodist Councils presently have control over it.

The Eucharist is central in the Episcopal Church, which implies that the altar, in which the communion is kept, is the sanctuary’s focal point. The Preaching is the focal area in the Methodist Church, the site, pulpit, where the pastor’s stand is erected and is frequently positioned in the church’s center.

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church is made up of two houses: deputies (also known as clergy and laity) and bishops, who convene every three years. The clergy and lay representatives make up the General Conference.

What is Episcopal?

The Episcopal Church is a member church of a worldwide communion known as the Anglican. It is centered in the United States. The Episcopal Church is a mainstream Christian church with nine provinces and dioceses divided into it.

Priests cross themselves in Episcopal Churches, like Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In comparison to other religions, Episcopalians are recognized to be progressive. In many aspects, Episcopal Churches reflect English Churches. For the Episcopal Church, the Eucharist is the central act of Sunday worship.

The Episcopal Church was founded on the basis of a constitution that established governance known as the General Convention. The Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral remains the criterion for full communion for Episcopalians, who only admit baptized congregations to the Communion.

What is Methodist?

The Methodist Church sprang out of the Church of England as well. It was the product of a reformation effort led by John Weasely in the Church of England. The movement, on the other hand, broke away from its parent organization and grew into its own church.

The Methodist Church sprang out of the Church of England as well. It was the product of a reformation effort led by John Weasely in the Church of England. The movement, on the other hand, broke away from its parent organization and grew into its own church.

The Methodist style of prayer is less formal, and it is administered mostly by Synods. Methodists follow Wesley’s ritual for full communion, albeit they do allow unbaptized worshippers to partake.

Difference Between Episcopal and Methodist

  • The Episcopal Church accepts the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds, which are acquired from the Church of England, while Methodist Churches are still only defined by their embrace of historical Christianity principles.
  • Methodists welcome unbaptized devotees to the Communion and perform communion with pure, non-fermented grape juice, but Episcopalians continue the Anglican tradition of confirmation and baptism preceding Holy Communion and still utilize wine at Holy Communion.
  • The Episcopal Church is managed by four orders: Laity, Deacons, Priests, and Bishops, whereas Methodist Churches are governed by only three orders: Laity, Deacons, and Elders.
  • The Text of Common Prayer is used by the Episcopal Churches to organize their worship services. The Episcopal Church applies the rule of Sunday worship, whilst Methodists follow the liturgical guidelines of The Book of Worships.
  • Same-sex marriage is legal in the Episcopal Church, and rites have been conducted since 2015, however, the Methodist Book forbids homosexuality and wedding between same-sex people among devotees.
  • The General Convention is the Episcopal Church’s highest legislative authority, and it is made up of two houses: deputies (laity and clergy) and bishops, whereas the Methodist Church’s highest legislative authority, is the General Conference, which is made up of clergy and lay delegates.


People who actually believe in a single god or divinity should be grouped together. Technically, both the Methodist and Episcopal churches are catholic communities. They are both reformed and evangelical Christians. Episcopalians adhere to teachings derived from English churches, which include the Apostle and Nicene Creeds.

Methodists, on the other hand, adhere to exclusively historical Christian beliefs. The Episcopal and Methodist worship systems are distinct in that the former uses the Book of Holy Orders while the latter uses the Book of Prayer. Both denominations have various ways of celebrating Holy Communion. The Episcopal and Methodist churches have quite diverse perspectives on LGBTQI people, marriages, and ordinations.

Same-sex marriage is permitted in Episcopal communities, but it is prohibited in Methodist ones. Both are controlled by separate ministry orders; the General Convention of the Episcopal Church is the highest legislative authority, while the General Conference of the Methodist Church is the top legislative body.

Creeds,  scriptures, an episcopate, sacraments, and dedication to the Christian life of holiness are shared by Episcopalians and Methodists. Both are committed to the same mission, worship, witness, and service.

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