Difference between Essay and Composition

Difference between Essay and Composition

There are students who make the big mistake of thinking that essays and compositions are the same. While these two are completely different on one side, they have a few features that make them almost similar. Quite a contradiction. Essays though have a simple structure that allows the author to express himself while compositions are more detailed in information and in volume.

Essay Vs. Composition

While the essay must express the personal thoughts and judgment of the author, compositions just follow these thoughts and judgment without explaining or altering what the author’s opinion is.

An essay’s context is a small volume of not more than three pages. There are instances though, that the volume of words is more and the pages could go up to seven. The author expresses his personal opinion in an essay. He has the freedom to express his vision freely.

While gathering specific relevant information to the essay, you are also required to add your own thoughts and arguments on the subject matter. This job cannot be done within a day and that is why students often look for writing help from professional essay writing services.

The skilled professional writers in these essay-writing services guide students and teach them how to explain their thoughts and correctly structure their essays. Any task accomplished through the help of a professional writing service can confidently be termed as an essay.

Compositions are creative writing where the author’s thoughts are expressed without explaining their own opinion.

Comparison between an Essay and a Composition

  • An essay is meant to help the reader focus their thoughts on a particular topic while declaring the author’s opinion. Composition on the other hand describes a topic while expressing the author’s thoughts and feelings.
  • The author of the essay needs to have their thoughts and opinions understood throughout the essay. In compositions, the author is free to follow the thoughts of another author without necessarily adding his own thoughts or opinions on the subject matter.
  • The essay does not have a strong structure as it may keep changing depending on the topic. Compositions on the other hand follow a specific outline, which includes an introduction, the body, and a conclusion.
  • An essay volume is two to three pages and at least 1500 words while a composition can be longer, with up to 1500 words.
  • An essay needs to state an author’s position on a particular topic. That is, reveal their mindset, opinions, impressions, and opinions. Composition on the other hand expresses an author’s thoughts and compares them to another author’s opinions.

What is an Essay?

Essays trace their existence back to the 16th century. They are often offered as assignments to students in college today. It is a type of work that is meant to revolve around a particular topic. The essay’s main purpose is to strike a reflection in the mind of the reader regarding the subject matter.

While writing an essay, you can formulate your thoughts, structure your information, find valid arguments and express individual impressions and opinions. Writing an essay requires just a small volume of words. At least two to three pages. The author should build a good relationship with the reader throughout the essay context. This makes writing an essay more difficult than writing a composition.

What is a composition?

This is a creative piece of writing. Its presentation structure is clear. In composition, you have the freedom to agree or to disagree with the opinions of author authors and to express your own. You can compare the work of different authors and make a conclusion on what their visions will be.

A composition is supposed to bring out all the information regarding a particular topic. This is made possible by the set composition structure that includes an introduction that explains the topic in brief, a body whose main work is to explore the whole idea of the composition, and a conclusion that sums up both the introduction and body, in brief. This is the reason composition is larger in volume, compared to the essay.

Difference between Essay and Composition

  • The writing style is different. An essay has the author express his own position clearly. In composition, there is majorly an analysis of the main topic.
  • Essays are small in volume as they focus mainly on the thoughts and opinions of the author. Compositions on the other hand are large in volume as they follow a specific and defined structure.
  • An essay allows the author to be more creative as they can express their own thoughts and opinions. Composition is mainly meant to explain the subject matter in detail without getting extra thoughts and opinions.
  • An essay is made successful by finding an original idea and then writing what your thoughts and opinions are regarding that idea. The composition requires you to read the topic, understand it and then write about it creatively.


In conclusion, we confirm that essays and compositions are not the same but have a lot of differences ranging from structure and author opinions. Their differences are what help them define their purpose, that is; helping the reader feel provoked to think more in an essay and giving the information the readers are looking for in a composition.

To write a good composition, you need to completely understand the topic. Understand how different authors have explained this particular topic you are about to write on. To successfully write an essay, understand the problem to the core and share what your thoughts and opinions are towards that particular topic.

One final difference would be that compositions need research that is more extensive. This is because you need to provide information to the reader, and answers to the questions your reader may pose. An essay on the other hand requires minimal research. Its main purpose is to put the reader in a position of understanding why you chose to stick with your thoughts and opinions.

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